Most Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands players know about the existence of the Chaos Chamber.

The Chaos Chamber consists of procedurally generated dungeons — if you can even define them as such — which work a lot like the game’s random encounters.

Once you go through the Chaos Chambers, you fight a bunch of enemies until the encounter is over and collect the treasure for it. However, there are things you must do before you have access to it.

Although it’s widely known that you must beat the game in order to access the Chaos Chambers, doing so is not enough. In fact, you have to wait until all the credits roll, and it can take a while.

Then, you have to visit some characters and go to a specific location.

If you find yourself wondering how to gain access to the Chaos Chamber, The answer lies in this guide. We will help you with everything from unlocking the chamber to tips on what to do when you get there.

The Chaos Chamber is pretty much the game’s late-game content, and it works decently well as a distraction after you have beaten the main storyline. It is fun, action-packed, and enemies drop a lot of loot.

This guide has been designed to help players easily understand where to find the Chaos Chamber and how it works. So if you have any doubts, make sure to read our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Chaos Chamber guide entirely.

How to Access the Chaos Chamber

Chaos Chamber Location 1

Obviously, the first thing you must do is defeat the last boss of the game.

The Dragon Knight will be a formidable enemy, but it is far from one of the toughest creatures you have faced if you come from Borderlands.

Once the Dragon Lord is defeated, wait for the credits to roll. Grab some water and go to the bathroom if you have to, cause this can take a while.

After the credits roll, talk to the Dragon Lord, fall down through the hole in the middle of the platform, and go through the portal to reach Brighthoof.

Go to the main gates, the ones that lead to the castle, and talk to the weird Paladin who you met when you first arrived in Brighthoof.

The Paladin will take you to the beautiful queen Butt Stallion, and then the Fatemaker will finally be knighted.

After that, you will be told to talk to the blacksmith and return to this area. Just keep following the Paladin’s orders until you are granted access to queen Butt Stallion’s castle. Once that happens, head inside the castle.

There you will find the Dragon Lord. Talk to him to be granted access to the Chaos Chamber and receive a brief explanation of how it works.

How Does the Chaos Chamber Work?

Active Chaos Chamber 1

The Chaos Chamber is pretty much a rogue-like series of challenges that work as about three interconnected random encounter scenarios. That’s because you face random enemy groups in randomized locations, and those can change in every one of the two or three rounds you have to go through. 

There is a twist, though. The better you perform, the better your loot. In the Chaos Chamber, you will find D20s that you can smash and d20 shards.

You can trade those shards for power-ups throughout the dungeons or save them until the end and spend them in exchange for better gear.

When inside the Chaos Chamber, you get to choose a curse every time you advance to the next session. These curses are the modifiers that give you some kind of penalty in exchange for greater rewards in the end. They also help keep the game mode fresh since there are many different things for you to handle.

The Chaos Chamber is great for collecting gear, but it is especially useful for those who have reached the maximum level. After all, they will be max-level gear while doing all they need to do.

Final Thoughts

Chaos Chamber in Action

The Chaos Chamber is a great farming place, but it is mostly indicated for fun and for gear. If you are looking for a way to level up fast in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, this is not the best way to do it.

Still, there are plenty of rare and legendary items to be found. It might help you farm gold to increase your ammo capacity and become much stronger in the game. I know that, at least in my case, having more SMG bullets made all the difference.