Gold is a much more important resource in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands than in previous Borderlands or even Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragonkeep.

Whether you’re looking to earn some quick cash or save up some money, you’ll need to learn how to farm gold in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

This is most likely the best way to get good epic items from the vending machines. Gold is also important because using it is how you increase your ammo capacity in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Not only your the number of bullets you carry can be increased by spending gold, but also your backpack capacity, which, ironically, is very important for farming purposes, even.

On top of that, more bullets are a must in some builds, depending on the class and passive abilities you choose when you level up.

For instance, Spellshots have an ability that grants a chance of recasting a spell when they shoot a polymorphed enemy, so it is good for them to hold down an SMG’s trigger in that situation.

While there are several ways to earn gold in the game, some have proven to be the most effective ways over the long term.

The good news is that you can start farming gold pretty early on in the game. So, if you want to earn a lot of cash, there are plenty of opportunities available. We will teach you a few different methods that will let you do it efficiently.

So, without further ado, here’s how to farm gold in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Farm a Boss and Sell the Loot

Boss Farming

Much like when farming experience points, you can repeatedly defeat the same boss and sell the loot you gain.

This is a classic way of gathering currency and works in most loot games, including Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. I managed to get to 300 thousand gold at level 21 just by doing this for a couple of hours.

The idea behind this method is quite simple. Find a boss you had no difficulty defeating — as long as you have a respawn point close to it — and defeat that boss for its loot.

However, you must have the tools and knowledge to make the fight much easier than it usually is. Otherwise, it might not be worth the time since dying when farming a boss will be a significant setback.

It’s also essential to make sure that you are fighting a boss who has a respawn point near it, so you can quickly fast travel back to Brighthoof and use the portal in town to return to the boss fight.

If there is no quick travel spot or respawn point near the boss battle, this whole process will take way too much time to be effective.

This is basically the same thing I did to level up fast in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Yet, there’s a difference. Beating the same boss over and over to level up will eventually become more of a chore.

That’s because it does become increasingly slower the more you do it. The number of experience points needed to level up eventually scales higher than what you receive for defeating a boss.

When it comes to selling loot, though, it doesn’t really matter. You will always be getting items that are appropriate to your level. Therefore, the amount of gold you earn will continue increasing and scaling.

Use a Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering

Fight Pigwart

This legendary item is a bit hard to get because it needs you to defeat a very annoying boss until he drops it.

The Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering grants you gold every time you land a hit, significantly helping you in this gold gathering endeavor.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as valuable during the early game since the gold dropped by enemies on each hit isn’t a lot. Still, it definitely helps as you level up and approach the late game in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Besides the obvious advantage of generating gold, this item has effects that boost your movement speed and lower your active ability cooldown on each hit.

There is a chance you will get the Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering from a random world drop, but it is quite improbable. This is a very rare drop, and most players won’t find it until they reach level 40. Luckily, there’s a trick to get it a bit earlier.

The best way to get this item is by fighting Pigwart and hoping he drops it. Although the drop rate isn’t that high, this is a far more effective method than just hoping that you will get the pickaxe from a random goblin.

Pigwart can be found in the Chaos Chamber later on in the game, but if you want to go for the Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering early, you will have to fight him at the Ancient Obelisk area in Mount Craw.

Acient Obelisk

Don’t go straight to the boss battle when you reach this area. Make sure to go near the spawn point first. Also, be careful since you will meet many legged sharks and fire-breathing wyverns on your way there.

Remember, you will have to load your game until you manage to get the item you want. Otherwise, you will have to reach the Chaos Chamber to have a more reliable way to get your Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering.

Also, be prepared to fight Pigwart. He is one of the most annoying creatures to defeat in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Pigwart has three “health” bars: the first a ward and the second an armor bar. The third is a regular red bar indicating the enemy is made of flesh.

This means that if you don’t want to last forever fighting this battle, you better have consistent ways to deal electric, acid, and fire damage to him.

Do All Side Quests

Side Quest

Shooting random enemies and collecting gold from chests is far from the best way to farm gold in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

That being said, side quests often have good rewards that either come in the form of gold and experience points, rare and epic items, or even both.

Many side quests will put players against several enemies that drop unique or powerful items, and those items are often worth a decent amount of gold.

This tactic is especially effective if you do the side quests while hitting your enemies with your Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering. That way, you are sort of combining three things to farm gold.

You will be defeating bosses and selling their items, hitting enemies with melee attacks to generate gold, and collecting your rewards for completing side quests.

If you think about it, this might not be the fastest way to farm gold, but it is the most time-effective way to complete the game and gather gold simultaneously.

Why Is Gold So Important?

Vending Machines

One of the reasons behind the value of gold was already stated; you get to buy good purple and blue items and therefore have more power overall.

If you don’t buy items, there is a good chance you will be limiting yourself and won’t be ready to face stronger foes.

However, that’s far from all there is to it. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, vending machines will often have quest-related weapons and gear.

Meaning, once you finish a quest with a unique item, that item might show up in any vending machine you visit. Some of those items might only show up in side quests, while others will appear during the main quest.

Once those items appear, you can expect them to show up in vending machines from time to time. Besides, the item might appear at a higher level and with slight variations that can make it more interesting.

As you might have noticed by now, the best items in vending machines are way too expensive. Once you buy a good gun, even if it’s just from keeping yourself from being too handicapped throughout the main quest, you are probably broke already.

There’s more to gold than purchasing items, though. The upgrades make a huge difference in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

I often want to keep some extra gear depending on what I’m doing.

I like having SMGs with different elemental damage, items that grant me extra experience for farming, and even some melee weapons that regenerate my health for when things get rough.

Unfortunately, you can only carry so many items in your backpack. The upgrades you buy from the blacksmith are helpful, but they quickly become expensive once you buy three or four upgrades.

Final Thoughts

Farming bosses, selling items, and beating the enemies with a pickaxe are practical, useful ways of getting some gold.

Just make sure that you choose the easiest one at first, upgrade your ammo and backpack capacity, and get ready to do it over and over again for a while.

I know it might be a chore, and sometimes it’s tempting to try and exploit, but don’t do it. Gearbox and EA have a long history of banning players who cheat at their games, and these methods provided above are more than enough to make you swim in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.

With a bit of effort, dedication, and repetition, you will feel much more powerful and with a lot more room in your backpack without breaking the game. Fighting the enemies will be equally fun and challenging, but you will feel much stronger while doing so.