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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, previously known as mEclipse, is a Canadian variety streamer. He is widely known for his professional gaming career in CS: GO, which he retired from in 2017. 

Nowadays his main activity is streaming, which is also extremely successful. He is one of the most-watched variety streamers on Twitch. He plays games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov, Valorant, and more.

In Valorant, he formed a team to participate in VCT, the first time he returned to official eSports after he retired from competitive CS: GO, and even had a stint on one of the top teams Sentinels, though many would argue this was for marketing purposes.

If you’re on this page, chances are that you know who Shroud is. So, let’s take a look at Shroud’s settings and the gear that he is currently using.

Mouse Settings

Settings NameShroud’s Mouse Settings
Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier1
Windows Sensitivity6

One thing is of note when it comes to Shroud’s mouse settings: his eDPI is significantly higher than the average for pros in general, which is 278. When it comes to Shroud’s sensitivity, I personally think that it is pretty standard. If you think that Shroud’s sens is a little low or high, it’s no big deal if you adjust it to your own liking.


Setting NameShroud’s Keybinds
JumpSpace Bar/Mouse Down
Use ObjectF
Equip Primary Weapon1
Equip Secondary Weapon2
Equip Melee Weapon3
Equip Spike4
Use/Equip Ability: 1E
Use/Equip Ability: 2Q
Use/Equip Ability: 3C
Use/Equip Ability: UltimateX


Setting NameShroud’s Crosshair Settings
Center DotOn/1/1
Inner Lines1/2/8/4
Outer Lines1/2/2/34
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff/Off/On


Setting NameShroud’s Radar Settings
Rotate/Fixed OrientationRotate/Based On Side
Keep Player CenteredOff
Minimap Size1.004
Minimap Zoom0.951
Minimap Vision ConesOn
Show Map Region NamesNever

Video Settings

Setting NameShroud’s Video Settings
Display ModeFullscreen
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS

Graphics Quality

Setting NameShroud’s Graphics Settings
Material QualityHigh
Texture QualityHigh
Detail QualityHigh
UI QualityLow
Anti-AliasingMSAA 4x
Anisotropic Filtering8x
Improve ClarityOn
First Person ShadowsOn

Besides game settings, another and maybe more important aspect of pro gaming is your gaming gear. While pro gaming requires a very powerful PC, other pieces of equipment also play a role, such as your mouse, keyboard, monitor, headset, and more. But Shroud isn’t just a pro gamer. He is a streamer as well, so the microphone and the microphone stand are also important for his success.

Now let’s take a look at the gear Shroud uses that allows him to perform to his best across a range of FPS games.

Setup & Peripherals

Mouse & Keyboard

Similar to Hiko, Shroud uses the Logitech G Pro X Superlight.

For his keyboard, Shroud makes use of the Logitech G Pro X Keyboard SE. This keyboard was built to eSports tournament specifications and delivers about 25% faster actuation than usual mechanical keyboards.


For a pro gamer such as Shroud, only a top-of-the-line monitor is enough, such as the Alienware 2721D of the Alienware 27 series. It combines a 240Hz refresh rate with a 1 ms response time and 1440p resolution.


At the time of writing, Shroud uses Logitech G Pro X Headset SE.

Your headset is important even if you don’t want to become a streamer: it ensures better communication with teammates, better hearing of in-game sounds, and more. For Shroud it’s even more important, however, as he is one of the most popular people on Twitch and needs to entertain his audience at all times.

Microphone & Stand

Shroud’s microphone choice is highly unusual among popular content creators: it’s the Blue Microphones Mouse, which has an unusual round diaphragm capsule. This is an extremely expensive microphone when compared to the mics that other streamers use.

In contrast to the microphone itself, his microphone stand is popular among content creators: it’s the Rode PSA 1, used by people such as Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye in their YouTube videos.


Even in his choice of gaming chair, Shroud is a Logitech fan: he uses Herman Miller X Logitech Embody. This chair is popular among the gaming community due to its comfortable design and premium materials.