Known for his fantastic Astra play, Zombs is one of the most interesting Valorant pro players to watch on stream right now. Apart from being a content creator on Twitch and YouTube, he is also a player for Sentinels.

Zombs’ journey as a professional esports player is rather interesting. Though every player on Sentinels came from another esports title, Zombs arguably had the longest route and the most different one. While others came from the well-known scene of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Zombs began first with Overwatch then to Apex Legends.

Regardless of what game he is in, Zombs always seems to be at the top. Now at Valorant with the Sentinels team, the story of being a top player has definitely repeated.

Without a doubt, Zombs is one of the most talented Valorant players around. If you are keen to know the secrets of his success, then the first thing you ought to know are his settings and sensitivity. A large part of his success is definitely attributed to his talent but being in the best technical situation will give you an advantage.

In this article, we’ve compiled Zombs’ Valorant settings & sensitivity. Not only that, we’ve included his PC setup, peripherals, and we’ve also shared our thoughts as to why Zombs does things the way he does. We hope that by the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of how to improve your own game.

Zombs Valorant Video Settings

Settings NameZombs Video Settings
Material QualityLow
Texture QualityLow
Detail QualityLow
UI QualityLow
Anistropic Filtering1x
Improve ClarityOff
Cast ShadowsOff

Like most pro players who value each framerate, Zombs also keeps all his graphic settings low. Keeping things like this enables his computer to concentrate on providing the best possible performance for the game.

What makes his video settings a tad bit different is his resolution. Unlike the usual 16:9 aspect ratio of his teammates ShahZaM and Dapr, he has a 4:3 resolution. Despite having the same monitor which is a BenQ XL2546, Zombs stretches his display to 4:3 because this results in bigger character models which also means it’s easier to target your enemies.

Zombs Valorant Crosshair Settings

Settings NameZombs’ Crosshair Settings
Crosshair ColorRed
Outline Opacity0
Outline Thickness 0
Center DotOff
Center Dot Opacity0
Center Dot Thickness0
Show Inner LinesOff
Inner Line Opacity1
Inner Line Length3
Inner Line Thickness2
Inner Line Offset2

A lot of professional fps players really prefer to have smaller crosshair. This allows for a more precise pointing and shooting. We reckon Zombs decided to use a red color so that his crosshair can always be seen regardless of what the situation is on his screen.

We do recommend Zombs’ crosshair settings because they’re pretty good, especially when it comes to accuracy. The only things we would change is to increase the inner line length to 4 and enable the center dot.

At the end of the day, the crosshair settings that you should use should be aligned with your graphic settings, your mouse, and also your level of comfort.

Zombs Valorant Mouse Settings

Settings NameZombs’ Mouse Settings
Polling Rate Hz1000
Scope Sensitivity1.0
Windows Sensitivity 6

Zombs Valorant Keybinds

Settings NameZomb’s Key Bindings
JumpWheel Down
Use ObjectF
Equip Primary Weapon1
Equip Secondary Weapon 2
Equip Melee Weapon 3
Equip Spike4
Use/Equip Ability: 1A
Use/Equip Ability: 2Q
Use/Equip Ability: 3E
Use/Equip Ability: UltimateX

Zombs Valorant Radar Settings

Settings NameZombs’ Radar Settings
Rotate/Fixed OrientationRotate/Based on Side
Minimap Zoom0.9
Keep Player CenteredOff
Minimap Vision ConesOn
Minimap Size1.1
Show Map Region NamesAlways

Zombs Gaming PC

Zombs has an Intel Core i7-10700K and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. The i7-10700K has often been dubbed as one of the top-performing CPUs with its octacore hyperthreaded build. Its performance as a gaming chip is an extreme value for money and any PC setup built around it is already considered high-end.

As for Zombs’ gears, he has a similar setup with his Sentinels teammates given the fact that they are sponsored. He uses a Logitech G Pro X Superlight for his mouse supported by a G640 mousepad. The G Pro X is a wireless superlight gaming mouse with the signature Logitech Lightspeed, advanced precision, and it is also very lightweight at 63 grams. Another great thing about the Logitech G Pro X Superlight is that it’s chargeable, so heavy batteries or expensive lithium batteries will not hamper your gaming or setup.

Zombs’ keyboard is the Ducky One 2 Mini which is a true thing of beauty. Its design is really geared towards comfort and performance.


There are two things that you can take away from Zombs’ settings. First is his use of a different aspect ratio to effectively stretch the character models. Though this isn’t an industry secret, this is something that not a lot of players do because the game really does look stretched and quite odd. If the aesthetics don’t bother you, then you ought to try it out.

The second thing we’d like to note is his crosshair which is stable and can really give you high precision.