The Recall ability is one of the most interesting abilities in Tears of the Kingdom.

It gives Link the power to pause and rewind time for a select moment, which can be invaluable when solving puzzles in Shrines and in the open world.

While there isn’t a set path for players to follow in Tears of the Kingdom, Nachoyah Shrine is normally the fourth Shrine that people will come across. It’s a little tricky to reach, but the effort is well worth it as this Shrine adds a lot more to the story.

Here’s how to beat Nachoyah Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, along with how to get to the fourth Shrine in the first place.

How to Get to the Fourth Shrine

Before you start, you’ll need to make sure that you have beaten the In-isa Shrine, the Gutanbac Shrine, and the quest ‘The Closed Door’ too.

Once you’ve been to the Temple of Time for the aforementioned quest, you’ll need to fast travel to the Room of Awakening via your map.

Then, you’ll need to use the Recall ability to climb the two nearby wheels up to the higher platform.

This can take a little practice. I found I needed to use the Recall ability twice, but some players have reported being able to do it in one go.

Follow the path along and you’ll soon reach the Nachoyah Shrine.

How to Solve Nachoyah Shrine

To begin, interact with the Shrine. An introductory animation will play, then you’ll be able to walk into the first room and start.

In the first room, you’ll find a fast-flowing river going in the opposite direction to you. Rafts will periodically appear and travel along the water.

You need to use the Recall ability to catch the raft and reverse it so you can travel along to the next platform.

The next step is to do the same thing with the next raft you see.

This raft will take you up a waterfall and to the next step of the Shrine.

Entering the next room, you will see a large wheel to your left and a gate to your right.

Going to the left is optional, but it’s worthwhile if you want to get more arrows.

Use Recall to slow down the wheel and jump onto it. There’s a chest atop the platform with 10 arrows inside, and you’ll be able to jump safely down into the water after getting it.

Going to the right will take you to a gate with a clock of sorts at the top of it. The gate opens when the two clock hands are on top of each other.

Use Recall to stop the clock hands at the correct time so you can proceed.

Then, you’ll be able to head to the Shrine exit and continue with your journey.

What to Do Next

Now that you’ve completed Ukouh, In-isa, and Gutanbac, you will be able to head back to the Temple of Time and continue with the main quest in order to get another heart.

Make sure to use the Zonai Wing device to get back, as this will make the process a lot quicker and easier for you.

These devices are incredibly handy for getting around the various Sky Islands, and they even have a chance of showing up in some Zonai Device dispensers. It’s always worth having one or two on you at all times.