Playing as the best specialist in Battlefield 2042 will not be enough. You must also use good weapons and learn how to choose their attachments.

When it comes to Assault Rifles, the AK-24 is the closest one to a traditional Assault Rifle that you’d see in most First Person Shooters.

If you want a weapon that you can control and rely on in both close-quarters and long-distance combat, go with the AK-24.

It has an amazing time to kill, quite a decent range, its recoil is manageable, and there are many attachments that make the weapon behave in several different ways.

So if you are looking for a guide that will tell you which are the best AK-24 Attachments in Battlefield 2042, you found it!

The Best AK-24 Attachments

When it comes to using Assault Rifles, you want to take advantage of their firepower, but most weapons of this kind will need something to make them unstable.

In the case of the AK-24, it seems to have significant vertical recoil. Even if you know how to control recoil in Battlefield 2042, you might need an attachment to make this weapon more reliable when you are strafing or aiming at a target at a long distance.

  • Sights: XDR HOLO, BRAVO 3X, M11 6X

Best AK-24 Sights

The recommendation is to use each Sights slot for a different distance so you will always have an optimal way to aim at your target.


This one works just fine for short and medium ranges. It is pretty accurate and clean on the eyes. On top of that, the XDR enhances target visibility.


This attachment is recommended for mid and long-range. Use this one if you reach an advantageous position or the high ground — something you will frequently be doing if you learn how to play as Mackay or how to play as Sundance.

M11 6X

This one is for when you find that hidden spot or really high tower and you are trying to take down enemies you would barely see without the sight magnification of the scope.

Best AK-24 Barrels

These attachments are pretty easy to choose from. One for extra range, one for stealthy approaches, and one to help you aim.


This is the go-to attachment if you need more range. This Barrel will increase the projectile’s speed, but it causes the rate of fire to diminish a little.


This is an often recommended attachment. This Barrel makes it much harder for enemies to find out where your shots are coming from. While this is equipped, you should be invisible in the enemy’s minimap.

Best AK-24 Underbarrels

Also, a simple choice here. We are going with one to control the gun, one for strafing and shooting, and the last one for when you want to snipe people.


This is the attachment that makes your life so much easier when it comes to walking and aiming. When you are moving and firing, this Underbarrel light grip makes it much easier to control the recoil.


This is the attachment that grants you a better aim and stability when you are stationary.


This attachment seems to be a shotgun that will be strapped in your weapon. For closed quarters, a shotgun can help you quickly take down enemies.

Best AK-27 Ammunition 

Ammo AK24

Ammunition should have a clear purpose, and that’s precisely how we’ve chosen them.


If you don’t want any downside, just use the standard issue.


This is great to take down drivers and hovercraft pilots. Armor-piercing weapons might be pretty helpful when you have to deal with a vehicle.


This Ammo Type grants you more damage and accuracy. However, you lose Recoil Control, Reload Speed, and Rate of Fire.

Final Thoughts

The HIGH POWER bullets with the 6KU SUPPRESSOR make you very deadly when ambushing your enemy, but that’s only one of the many ways you can use these attachments.

You can use the COBRA GRIP, the CHAMPION MUZZLE BRAKE, and the M11 6X for really long-range effectiveness.

Mastering the AK-24 is very much a matter of knowing how to build the weapon and when to use each attachment on the fly based on your needs.

With time, you will be used to changing the attachments, and you might find even better combinations.

Now that you know what are the best AK-24 attachments in Battlefield, now you know. Now go have fun!

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