The XM4 is the first main assault rifle in Call of Duty Cold War. It excels in all ranges of combat depending on the attachments you use.

The XM4 has a decent amount of bullets to work with and is usually paired with the Gunfighter perk that gives you seven additional attachments.

This guide will focus solely on the best XM4 loadout in Call of Duty Cold War.

Attachments for XM4

  • Any optics you prefer to use
  • Sound Suppressor
  • 13.5″ Task Force
  • Steady Aim Laser
  • SFOD Speedgrip
  • Jungle-Style Mag
  • Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Raider Pad

Kobra Red Dot optics is my preference for an XM4 build with added accuracy and range. Millstop Reflex is a more clear optic but is better used for a close-range loadout build for the XM4.

These are the best attachments for my close range XM4 loadout build. It is more powerful than a full MP5 loadout for close range with a slightly slower fire rate.

The Sound Suppressor is great for assault rifles as you have the ability to even shoot snipers with incredible range. While it does decrease your overall effective range, the 13.5″ Task Force attachment will help with that. It is great to hide and mask yourself from the enemy’s minimap if you do fire at a long distance.

The 13.5″ Task Force is a staple attachment for the XM4. It is already low on firepower and it gives it that much needed boost. It has different playstyle if you choose to use at for point blank fights which is possible with the XM4. It has a fast fire rate and accurate enough in close-range quarters.

The Jungle-Style Mag attachment complements the close-range build more as 30 rounds are already decent to get at least 2 or 3 kills depending on the situation. The playstyle is to always run but also hug corners and walls that can be used to easily cover up and re-engage when you know where the enemy is.

The SFOD Speedgrip adds more mobility to sprint speed which is good for the XM4 since you will be playing a fast-paced match with this weapon.

The Airborne Elastic Wrap for significantly faster ADS time and adds flinch resistance for sprint to fire time reduction. Good swap and the Raider Pad attachment will help negate the sprint to fire time reduction because it is also an important attribute to have for the XM4.

Use frag grenades and stun grenades for a faster pace with the build. The wildcard used will always be the Gunfighter wildcard.

Perks Loadout

The first set of perks are quite underwhelming but with this run and gun playstyle, the Flak Jacket perk will be the best option to reduce incoming damage from any equipment such as explosives.

Scavenger is the second perk to equip because you will be spraying a lot. You will always play for getting multiple kills and you will run out of ammo quickly as long as you survive.

Replenishing ammo will be a great perk to have and the Tracker perk can be a secondary option if you are fine with switching weapons when you run out of ammo.

The third perk can either be the Ninja or the Cold Blooded. The Ninja perk allows you to sprint more quietly but good players, especially those using a headset, can still hear this clearly and with your playstyle, you will be running 90% of the time.

Personally, I use the classic COD perk which is the Cold-Blooded where you are undetectable by killstreaks and hide your nameplate.


XM4 can have multiple builds because it is an assault rifle after all. Most COD titles allow assault rifles to have more flexibility. The close-range build is great as it deals more damage than your typical SMG when used with the right attachments. The fast playstyle is exhilarating and you should try this out in small maps with closed spaces.