Though Escape from Tarkov is fun to play with friends, there are some aspects of the game that are a challenge no matter what. For example, Gas Analyzers are extremely rare to find because of the number of general tech and barter items that can spawn in Escape from Tarkov.

However, this guide will show you tips on where to find Gas Analyzers in Escape from Tarkov. This includes the best route (in my opinion) and other possible strategies on how to find Gas Analyzers.

Best Place to Get Gas Analyzers

Gas Analyzer Spawn in TT
TT Store

In my opinion, the best way to farm Gas Analyzers is by doing Interchange. The loot areas are all close together and it will be easier to get around tech stores. While moving around the area in Interchange is quite scary and takes a lot of risks, it is also a misconception.

If you think about it, the map is insanely big and the spawn locations are all spread outside the mall. Going inside for the first minute or two will give you a little more freedom as long as you avoid Killa’s spawn where other players rush to.

These are the stores you need to visit and look for.

  • TT
  • Emercom Medical Unit (key required)
  • German
  • Texho
  • Rasmussen
  • Doms/Furniture Store
  • National (shelves near the single blue jacket)
  • Techlight

You can use this interactive map by to check where these stores are if you are not familiar with them yet.

If you see all these stores on the interactive map, Techlight, Texho, Doms, Rasmussen, and National are close. While TT, Emercom Medical Unit, and German are all close together.

Gas Analyzer Spawn in German
German Store

Going to these places will depend on your spawn location. If you spawn near IDEA side, go for TT, Emercom Medical Unit, and German. If you spawn near OLI side, go for Texho, Techlight, Doms, Rasmussen, and National.

There are times when you spawn in the middle and it is up to you to choose which side to go for. OLI side will be x5 hotter than the other side of Interchange (IDEA) just because the OLI/Goshan side has better loot, and Killa also spawns on that side.

Just make sure to listen to footsteps or any sounds, but do not let it slow you down as false alarms might let other players catch up. It is a risk vs reward kind of thing and it is up to you on what kind of player you want to be.

A sample scenario would be spawning outside the IDEA main entrance. Run inside and head straight to TT first. Check the whole store, including the toolbox, and go to Emercom Medical Unit (if you have the key). You will probably not have the key, as this quest is quite early in the wipe.

If you do not have the key, just go to German and find Gas Analyzers. In this case, you can check National as Texho, Techlight, and Rasmussen might already have been looted. It is up to you if you want to check it still and fight other players.

These Gas Ans are a pain as some raids might spawn 3 right off the bat while some might take 5 raids to spawn find just one. Luck is heavily a factor here but I always go for Interchange to find a Gas An. You need it early in the wipe and everyone is going for Customs.

Possible Gas Analyzer Locations

Customs Gas An
Possible Gas An spawn in Customs

If you want to do other quests, here is how you can find Gas Analyzers on any map. You need to loot all of the following every time you see them.

  • Jackets
  • Hidden stashes
  • Scavs
  • Drawers
  • Sport bags
  • Technical supply crates
  • Tech shelves
  • Toolboxes

For things like sports bags and supply crates, you can check the upper right portion of your screen when you loot them. It will say “Technical” which means it contains tech items.

These are all fixed and Gas Ans will never spawn inside ration supply crates.

Where Do You Need Gas Analyzers For?

Sanitary Standards Part 1

These Gas Ans are used for Therapist’s quests early in the wipe. It is called Sanitary Standards – Part 1 and Part 2. The first one needs one Gas Analyzer while part 2 needs two of them.

You will need a total of 3 Gas Ans and they need to be marked “found in raid”. Other than the quest requirement, you can also barter it to traders.

The Therapist will trade a Grizzly First Aid Kit for a Gas Analyzer and an Ultraviolet Lamp. Peacekeeper will give you a 30-round MP9 magazine for one Gas An. You can get a Gas An (not found in raid) from Mechanic by trading a CPU Fan.

You can also craft 2 Printed Circuit Boards for one Gas and one Screwdriver on the Workbench (level 1) in your Hideout. With a level 2 Workbench, you can craft a Geiger-Muller Counter (GM Count) with 1 Gas An, 1 Wire, 1 Capacitor, and 1 AA Battery.


Some people might find themselves without any Gas Analyzers after 10-15 raids (not the Interchange raid above). You can consider yourself very unlucky because that is such a low probability of happening.

You can still find Gas Analyzers on other maps and do your quests will finding them. Soon enough, you’ll get these Gas Analyzers and you might have done two to three other quests while looking for them.

I suggest looking for tech spawns on each map, whichever you have another quest on. At this point, it would be Customs. There are a lot of tech/PC spawns near the factory area, which can give you one or two Gas Ans if lucky.