For those who have acquired the Chekannaya 15 Apartment Key in Escape From Tarkov, you might be wondering where to find the Chekannaya 15 Room in order to use it.

First of all, congratulations on getting one of the best keys in the Streets of Tarkov map. It’s a great key, but finding the room can be quite tricky. Each room in the Chekannaya apartments is marked from 1 to 14, and the 15th room doesn’t have a number on it.

In this guide, we will show you how to get to the Chekannaya apartment buildings, show you where the room is, and tell you all the possible loot you can get, too.

Here’s where to find the Chekannaya 15 room in Escape from Tarkov.

What is the Chekannaya 15 Apartment Key?

The Chekannaya 15 Apartment Key is a typical rare key with a purple background. It has a low spawn rate and it only has 20 uses.

The key is used to open the Chekannaya 15 room in the Chekannaya apartment building.

Where is the Chekannaya Apartment Building?

Chekannaya 15 Apartment Building

Credits to Jindouz for this amazing scaled Streets of Tarkov map. You can check Jindouz’s Reddit post of the map here.

Chekannaya 15 Apartment Building 1

The building is located beside Chekannaya Street. You have to go around the street inside the residential zone to go inside the apartment.

There are a ton of Scavs near the construction area, Sparja grocery store, and inside the residential zone, so be careful.

PMCs will also frequent the area because of the incredible loot spawns.

There are also quests such as The Delicious Sausage, Urban Medicine, Population Census, You’ve Got Mail, Ballet Lover, and a lot more that take place nearby.

I doubt that every raid will have PMCs that have the key to open the apartment, so you could try to go a few minutes after the start of the raid to wait for other PMCs to extract or die.

How to Get to Chekannaya Apartment Room 15

Chekannaya Main Door

Once you enter the building, head for the broken wall on the left side. Keep going through the rooms until you see the piano room and the kitchen.

Hole in the Door

Inside the piano room, there is some loot, such as food spawns and tech spawns.

The kitchen has a door to the right of the entrance, and you can go through there.

Go right through the hallway and open the room to the Western staircase.

Debris to Crawl

Go up to the second floor and you will see a big piece of debris blocking the hallway.

Crawl through the upper-right corner of the debris. This is the only way to get to the Chekannaya apartment room 15.

Chekannaya 15 Door

Look for the last door on the right and unlock it with the Chekannaya 15 Apartment Room Key.

What Possible Loot is in Chekannaya Apartment Room 15?

After running around 10+ offline raids and opening the room around eight times at the time of writing, I think it’s fair to say that this room has so much loot that you could compare it to the pre-nerfed Hillside House in Lighthouse.

The loot inside the room are electronic spawns, stimulants, and valuables.

Electronic spawns are mostly Nixxors. Stims are completely random, so it is a good way to finish the Samples quest from Peacekeeper.

Valuables can spawn Rolers, Chainlets, Gold Skull Rings, Golden Neck Chains, and Bitcoins.

Bedroom Bed

Room 15 in the Chekannaya Apartment building has a living room and a bedroom. In the bedroom, valuables can spawn on the desk and on the bed.

Stims spawn on the chair next to the bed.

Long Table and Drawers

In the living room, the electronic spawn is on the long table/counter. Valuables can also spawn inside the drawer. Check behind the chair on the floor for a valuable spawn.

L Shaped Couch

The L-shaped couch can spawn multiple valuable items.

The best loot I got from one raid in the room was a Bitcoin on the counter next to the bed, a Bitcoin inside the drawer, Obdolbos 2 on the chair, two Gold Skull Rings and a Silver Badge on the L-shaped couch, and a Roler behind the chair on the floor.

The loot inside this room is insane because of the number of good quality spawn points it has.

You might encounter a problem when getting outside the room if someone hears you inside. The only way out is by crawling out of the debris again. They can camp you because you are basically stuck forever until you crawl out, which also means that you are an easy target.

If you have the Stair Landing Key, you can open the door next to Chekannaya apartment room 15. It opens a door where you can drop down the staircase for a shortcut. That is the only use for the Stair Landing Key.

What to Do Next

If you ever get the Chekannaya 15 Apartment Key, you should spam Streets of Tarkov to make money. Looting locked high-value rooms is one of the fastest ways to make money.

After running out of uses for the key, you can start farming keys again until you get a good key to farm.

Make sure to check items you can barter for equipment, weapons, and armor every time you go for these loot runs, as those prices will go higher as the wipe lasts longer.