Elite Eight is the third Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in the Hybrid Nations section of advanced challenges in FIFA 23.

For completing Elite Eight, you’ll receive an untradeable Rare Players Pack, which has a coin value of 50,000 and gives you 12 rare gold players.

To get to this point, you’ve hopefully already completed The Final Four and the Six of the Best SBC.

Here is a working Elite Eight SBC solution for FIFA 23, along with an explanation of how to complete it and alternative players to look for.


  • Exactly 8 nationalities in squad
  • Max 2 players from the same nation
  • Max 3 players from the same club
  • Min 5 players: rare
  • All 11 players must be gold
  • Minimum of 21 total chemistry required

Let’s break this down.

Based on the requirements, we can see that we need to include lots of different nationalities. However, because we need at least 21 chemistry, we need the majority of players to be from the same league.

The easiest, hassle-free way to do this, in my opinion, is to prepare a full chemistry squad.

We can easily complete the Elite Eight SBC by using a La Liga-heavy team.


elite eight solution
Source: FUTBIN
  • GK: David Soria (Getafe)
  • RB: Lucas Vazquez (Real Madrid)
  • CB: Andreas Christensen (Barcelona)
  • CB: Felipe (Atletico Madrid)
  • LB: Alex Telles (Sevilla)
  • CM: Geoffrey Kondogbia (Atletico Madrid)
  • CM: Nemanja Maksimovic (Getafe)
  • CM: Ivan Rakitic (Sevilla)
  • RW: Erik Lamela (Sevilla)
  • ST: Javier Hernandez (LA Galaxy)
  • LW: Lucas Ocampos (Ajax)

Please pay close attention to the position and the club of every player. You shouldn’t need to use any positional modifiers to complete the Elite Eight SBC in FIFA 23 with the solution above, but there is always a chance that you accidentally purchase a different version of the player’s card that is listed above.

The most important thing to check, especially if you’re completing this later in the season, is the club of the player. If a player transfers to a different league then it may no longer work if you buy the player’s new club card. The original club card will still be available, so ensure you’re always purchasing the correct player at the correct club.

Why does La Liga work so well?

The reason is because La Liga has a lot of gold players, a lot of rare players, and a lot of high-level players of different nationalities spread across lots of teams – but not so high that they’re incredibly expensive. There are a good number in the 79-82 range that aren’t particularly pacey either, so they’re not meta and therefore are cheap.

Please note, you can use almost any two common gold players in the forward positions, where I used Ocampos and Hernandez. You just need to ensure that one of the players matches the nationality of one other player in the squad, for example Ocampos matches Lamela.

There are so many ways you can actually complete this but it can get messy with the nationalities due to requiring exactly 8, so it’s best to simplify it by sticking with players that are predominantly from one league.

Alternative Solutions

There are lots of different ways you can approach Elite Eight.

Within the new FIFA 23 chemistry system, you actually only need to get 6-7 of the correct players from the solution in this post.

Then, simply fill the remaining positions with players that fit the criteria.

For example, this solution has 8 different nationalities and meets all criteria, including the 21 chemistry points (it has 24/33 chemistry):

elite eight alternative solution

I don’t recommend submitting this solution because there are likely cheaper options available.

You also probably have some untradeable rare gold players that you could put into this that will really help you complete the SBC more easily. Look for players of slightly more obscure nationalities compared to players that are already in your SBC.

For example, in the squad recommended above, there are no Portuguese players. There are no English players. There is no one from France, Germany or Italy. Hey, it turns out this is a pretty easy SBC to complete once you have the basic foundation of players!

Just remember that you must have exactly 8 different nationalities in the squad and you should be good.

Here’s what I personally submitted with exactly 21 chemistry, which even included two players that had 0 chemistry points:

elite eight alternative solution2

I highlighted the players that weren’t Serie A players (the rest were all from Serie A).

This is a nice, easy SBC to submit because there are so many different options for getting it completed.

Next up is the FIFA 23 Around the World SBC!