In this guide, I’m going to give you a list of the first things to do in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

I assume you’ve already picked your starter pack and got set up with the basics like your team’s name.

What I’m going to provide is essentially the best way to cheese all of the opening objectives and milestones in order to earn rewards quickly.

Here are all the things to do first on FUT 23:

Buy & List Players in Bulk

This isn’t something you can do immediately after loading up FIFA 23 for the first time, but it’s definitely worth mentioning as something to do when not playing games.

I recommend that whenever you’re not actively playing a match, you should be looking to invest in the Bronze Pack Method.

This can produce a good amount of profit directly, but it can also earn you up to 6,000 coins from objectives for listing 500 players. You’ll be given 1,500 coins for listing your first 50, 100, 250, and 500 players on the transfer market and this only takes 1-2 days of grinding bronze packs.

You can also bid to purchase a lot of bronze players at a maximum of 150 coins per time if you have a few thousand coins spare.

When you win your bronze players, simply relist them at a 150 start price and 200 buy-it-now. Hopefully, a lot will sell – some might need to be discarded after relisting multiple times – but you’ll get an untradeable Gold Players Pack for purchasing 100 players on the transfer market.

Potential reward: Up to 6,000 coins and a Gold Players Pack (untradeable).

Do Foundational SBCs & Easy Advanced Options

You should start by completing the basic level ‘Foundations’ Squad Building Challenges to get a few players in your squad.

You can complete Foundations 1 quite easily and you’ll only need to buy the odd bronze player for it.

Then, complete the easiest advanced SBCs like Give Me Five and The Challenger to hopefully pack some highly-rated gold players.

Importantly, you don’t want to spend too many coins on these – avoid spending anything more than 2k-3k coins if you can.

Head to Moments, Earn 64 Stars

Navigate to the new ‘Moments’ feature and start to work your way through these.

If you go to the Moments Star Gallery, you’ll get a free one-match Mbappe loan. Contracts aren’t used throughout Moments challenges, so you’ll be able to utilize this card throughout.

You’ll want to work your way up to 64 stars so that you can purchase the best pack in the Star Gallery.

This should take you approximately one hour.

You don’t need to do any of the Moments challenges that require squad-building elements, just back out and complete other challenges instead.

Potential reward: A tradeable Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (24 gold players, 1 rare).

Get an 80+ Rated Squad, Head to Squad Battles

You’ll ideally want to be using 11 first-owned players for your first matches, with a squad rating of 80+.

If you can’t get your players to be first owned then purchase them on the transfer market. Regular, common gold players will be fine for this.

Now, head to Squad Battles and absolutely demolish the easiest difficulty setting over and over again until you’ve scored 500 goals and claimed 500 assists.

To do this most efficiently, make sure you always pass to another player before scoring, rather than just tackling the opponent and scoring without an assist. Also, score plenty of finesse goals.

If you do this in co-op, you’ll gain a small additional reward.

Potential rewards (all are untradeable):

  • A Jumbo Rare Players Pack for scoring 500 goals with an 80+ rated squad
  • A Jumbo Rare Players Pack for assisting 500 times with a 75+ rated squad
  • A Rare Players Pack for scoring 100 finesse goals
  • A Gold Pack for winning 3 games with 11 first-owned players
  • A 2x 75-83 Rated Rare Player Pack for scoring 50 goals
  • A 2x 75-83 Rated Rare Player Pack for assisting 100 times with midfielders rated 75+
  • A 2x 75-83 Rated Rare Player Pack for assisting 25 times with gold players
  • A 2x 75-83 Rated Rare Player Pack for assisting with a 75+ player in 10 matches
  • A 2x 75-83 Rated Rare Player Pack for scoring 2 goals in 10 separate matches
  • A Premium Gold Players Pack, a 2x Rare Gold Players Pack, and a 2x 75-83 Players Pack for winning 25 times on co-op (if done on co-op)

Upgrade to Professional Squad Battles Difficulty

You can get an additional Two Players Pack if you assist 25 goals with first-owned players on professional-difficulty Squad Battles (or Rivals).

If you can stomach the game mode, it could be worth playing Squad Battles early on with a slightly higher difficulty than the easiest difficulty. This is so you can maximize the weekly Squad Battles rewards that you receive.


  1. Start buying and listing players in bulk
  2. Complete the Foundation SBCs and the easiest Advanced SBCs
  3. Earn 64 stars in Moments for a high-value, tradeable pack
  4. Get an 80+ rated squad together as quickly as you can, ideally first-owned
  5. Score and assist 500 times on the easiest difficulty on Squad Battles

You’re also going to complete loads of little foundation objectives for doing the above too, giving you small amounts of coins, consumables, and cosmetic items, as well as season progress XP.

Meanwhile, check out the best starter pack to pick in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to get your squad off to a good start.