How to Make an AFK Fish Farm in Minecraft

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Fishing is a great way to gain Experience, food, and all kinds of other loot. It’s a simple and rather relaxing activity that I enjoy quite thoroughly.

Fishing can grant such versatile rewards and Experience that for some people it’s the best way to quickly level up or get some really good items. If you wish to do a speed run of the game or quickly build up levels, fishing might just be the way to do it.

However, fishing can take quite a bit of time. Having to throw the line and waiting anywhere between 5 to 15 seconds can take quite a bit when you have a big goal to reach.

Because of this there’s crafty ways to farm Fish fast and effectively, without even having to be by your keyboard while doing so.

Fishing Basics

Fishing is an activity that can be done pretty early on in the game with just the use of a single tool and any body of still Water. Even a single block of Water will do.

To fish you have to craft a Fishing Rod, which is simple enough. All you need is 3 Sticks and 2 String which can be harvested by killing Spiders.

On a Crafting Table arrange your items like so:

Now you have your Fishing Rod!

A Fishing Rod can be used anywhere by simply right clicking. This will toss the line of the Rod in the direction you are looking at. If it hits a solid block like Dirt or Stone it will simply stick to it until you right click again to reel it back in.

If it hits Mobs or other Players it will stick to them. When you go to reel the line back in it’ll actually deal a small amount of damage and pull them toward you.

But when the line lands on Water is when you start the fishing activity.

The lure of the Fishing Rod will be seen floating on top of the Water block, followed by the sound of splashing. After a few seconds you will be able to see a line of Water particles splashing in the direction of the Fishing Rod.

Once it reaches the Fishing Rod the lure will dip underwater for a quick second. This is when you have to reel the line back in by right clicking.

If you timed it right you get a Fish or loot.

Depending on your Experience level as well as possible Enchantments you might have on your Fishing Rod you can increase your chances of getting more loot than Fish.

Fishing Loot in Minecraft

Like I mentioned before, fishing is a good method of getting all kinds of loot, not just Fish.

The types of additional loot you can gain from fishing is usually separated into Junk and Treasure.

Treasure is usually why people fish in game, because some of these items are rather hard to find in the game by simply exploring:

  • Bow
  • Fishing Rod
  • Enchanted Book
  • Saddle
  • Name Tag
  • Nautilus Shell

There’s a certain chance that the Bows and Fishing Rods you fish out can be enchanted themselves.

I find this to be the best way to get a hold of some of the best Enchantments for the Bow and other weapons and tools, as well as Name Tags for your pets. Name Tags help with preventing certain untamable Mobs from despawning.

The Junk loot isn’t so bad either and some of the other items you can fish out can still be as useful, though they aren’t so sought after or rare.

  • Lily Pad
  • Bowl
  • Leather
  • Leather Boots
  • Stick
  • String
  • Water Bottle
  • Bone
  • Ink Sac
  • Tripwire Hook

You can probably spot some items which are usually used in crafting and Potion making. So it’s not entirely useless, which makes fishing always worth the time in my opinion!

In certain Biomes there’s a chance of getting different items. If you are fishing in the Jungle Biome there’s a chance to either fish out Bamboo or Cocoa Beans.

How to Build an AFK Fishing Farm

Now if you are wanting to just gather up Fish and the Items from the junk category you can build a straight forward and small fishing farm. This will be a good way to just build up Experience and Levels if you need them quickly and gather a few stacks of Fish.

However, if you are on a particular search for Items from the treasure category you will need something a little more complex. There are several requirements that need to be made before this is possible.

The Redstone community of Minecraft is still trying to figure out the most efficient way to get around these requirements.

Luckily, a simple AFK fishing farm can still be built and utilized for Experience and food Item build up.

Start off by digging a 1×4 hole in the ground. On one end place down a double Chest and a Hopper connecting into it. Leave the final block empty.

Place a single Fence block on the Hopper. To do so without accessing the Hopper’s Inventory hold the crouch button (SHIFT by default). Place a Bucket of Water directly onto the Fence and the Water should flow right into the empty block in the ground, rather than spreading around.

At the end of the hole you will place a Note Block with a any regular solid block on top, just to stop it from playing. On top of the Fence place an Iron Pressure Plate.

Now your small farm should look something like this.

The final step is adding an Iron Trap Door above the flowing Water block, between the Pressure Plate and the Note Block.

The way this farm works is by allowing you to throw the lure of your Rod onto the Water block under the Pressure Plate. This immediately also presses the Plate down, which automates the Trap Door.

You can then continuously click on the Note Block in front of you, without pulling back the lure. Yet, when the lure bobs under the Water you will immediately pull it back and catch whatever got caught on it.

The loot will immediately drop into the Hopper beneath and into the Chest beneath you. That way this is set up allows you to simply hold down your right-click button and never miss a catch.

To use it on larger bodies of water for a chance at fishing out Treasure loot I just apply the same schematic.

However, holding onto a button isn’t really AFK farming, is it? Luckily, there’s a way around this.

Using an Auto Clicker

An auto clicker is an app that can be downloaded on your PC that is programmed to make your cursor click on your screen without you needing to touch your mouse.

This is a key component in making an effective AFK fishing farm since this is what allows you to step away from your keyboard.

AutoClicker by mousetool is a reliable auto clicker that I used and that worked perfectly for me. If you want to download any other auto clicker make sure it comes from a reliable source.

Once you download the auto clicker you won’t really need to do much other than start it as everything is already set up.


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