When you begin your journey on NBA 2K23, you might not think too much about specific post moves. However, as you work your way through your chosen game mode and the competition starts to improve, you will quickly find that implementing the best post moves is essential to competing effectively.

Any successful team in NBA 2K23 must be reliable in the paint. It can be the difference between winning or losing a tight game, and it will open up plenty of scoring opportunities from the outside, as your opponent has to focus on your post moves.

This article will discuss the most effective post moves in NBA 2K23, how to use them, and when they are the most successful.

Please note that the steps to complete each move are highlighted for a PlayStation controller and can be applied on Xbox and PC with the equivalent controls.

Inside Pivot Into a Hook Shot

Best Post Moves

First on this list is the inside pivot into a hook shot.

This post move is fantastic if you are up against a smaller defender. Even if the defender has a strength advantage over your player, the inside pivot into a hook shot is very effective, and it is ideal for any defenders you can’t back down.

Ideally, your chosen player for this move will be tall, but the good news is that you do not need a fast player to be effective with this play. So, for example, big guys like Rik Smits and Shaquille O’Neal are perfect players for an inside pivot into a hook shot.

When used correctly, this move can almost guarantee points in the paint, which is fantastic for tight matches, or games where you are not hitting your threes. 

Having a reliable post move like an inside pivot into hook will help get you off the hook repeatedly.

It is also a helpful move if you are implementing a tall power forward in your starting roster. There are some excellent power forwards that could use this move on our list of the best power forwards in 2K23 MyTEAM.

How to do an inside pivot into a hook shot: LS up, hold down R2, and move RS toward the rim.

Aggressive Backdown into Hook Shot

Another excellent post move if your players have a height advantage over the opposition is the aggressive backdown into a hook shot. However, a height advantage is not necessary for this to be a practical move, and it is excellent for creating just enough space to slip in a hook shot with minimal contact.

One of the reasons this move made the list of top post moves is its adaptability. Almost any center or power forward with a decent hook shot can implement this move. That makes it extremely valuable, as you can continue using it, no matter player is at center or power forward. It is an ideal move to learn if you enjoy playing MyTEAM, as you continue to improve your roster and change players quite regularly.

How to do an aggressive backdown into hook shot: Hold down R2 and move LS toward the rim. Move RS up at a 45-degree angle towards the basket.

Spin Fake Into Turnaround Jumper

Best Post Moves

The next post move on this list is a little trickier to master, so I would recommend you get comfortable with the other moves on this list first. However, once you master the spin fake into a turnaround jumper, it is a great post move that significantly improves your scoring percentages.

This move is brilliant as a ‘get out of jail’ move if you have already used your dribble and time is running out on the shot clock.

If you enjoy playing online, this move is particularly effective, especially when you notice your opponent gets too close when they guard you. This action shows you the opposition is much more likely to fall for your spin fake and leave you wide open to execute the shot.

How to do a spin fake into turnaround jumper: Hold down R2 and move LS towards the left or right. Keep R2 held down, and press RS left or right.

Face-Up Into Drop Step

Next up, we have the face up into the drop step. This move is a solid option on its own, but it becomes even more effective when you manage to disguise it and become unpredictable with it.

If you ever find yourself getting double-teamed by the opposition defense, the face-up into the drop step is perfect.

The face-up aspect slows the move down and offers you plenty of time to establish where the defender is, and ensures you take the easiest lane into the paint for a quick score.

If a defender is jamming you, the face-up into drop step is awesome as you bounce straight off them and create space for a layup or dunk. 

Whether you execute a layup or dunk will depend on where you are in comparison to the basket and which player you are using.

This post move is excellent if your opponent has a height advantage on you, but you have a speed or strength advantage. Therefore, it is ideal if you ever have a power forward playing at center, such as Kevin Love or Blake Griffin.

How to face-up into drop step: Keep L2 held down and flick up LS. Then, press square and move LS towards the rim to execute the drop step.

Face Up, Step Back

Best Post Moves

If you have a height advantage over your opposition, but you want to execute other moves that are not post-hooks, the face-up and step-back post-move is a great alternative.

If you choose to execute this post move, you should do it quickly. You don’t want to spend time waiting once you have executed the face-up. You need to act quickly with the step back for the most success.

This post move is fantastic for mid-range shootings, so if your player is only effective under the basket, you might want to avoid this option. However, for dynamic power forwards, this move is a game-changer.

How to face up, step back: Hold down L2 and move LS up. While LS is up, hold down R2 and press down on RS.

Final Thoughts

Now you have five brilliant post moves that you can implement with your team to increase your scoring potential in and around the basket. 

I recommend you practice these moves with your players first, as every player operates differently in-game. You might expect a player to use one of these moves well, only to discover that they move too slowly and miss frequently.

Alternatively, you might not expect a post move to work with a particular player, only to find it is highly effective. Check out this list of the top centers in NBA 2K23 that you can use to implement these post moves.