Shilo Village in OSRS provides a unique, important hub area for players, with a variety of skilling features such as fly fishing spots, gem mining, and a Slayer master. It also contains a bank, and a smelting furnace in very close proximity. 

Moreover, many players train their Ranged and Magic by attacking the undead ones over the village’s gates. These features make the Shilo Village an excellent destination for players looking to progress their accounts.

It is an even better destination for players with 100 Combat and 70 Slayer, since the highest level Slayer master, Duradel, is located here. He gives the best tasks for these levels, so any players looking to train these skills should learn how to get to Shilo Village in OSRS. 

“Shilo Village” Quest

You can get to Shilo Village in OSRS in a number of simple steps, and they are pretty self-explanatory. To gain access to Shilo Village, you need to complete the aptly-named quest, “Shilo Village.”


Before you can start the quest, you must complete the quest “Jungle Potion,” and have at least 20 Crafting, as well as 32 Agility. You also must be able to survive attacks from several level 61-73 undead ones, and defeat three monsters around level 90. 

While you are in the area, consider learning how to get Trading Sticks in OSRS, since this engaging content is in very close proximity.

You can start the “Shilo Village” quest by speaking to Mosol Rei at the entrance to the Village, outside the gate with all the undead ones. It is a medium-length, experienced-level quest that shouldn’t take too long to complete.


In order to complete the quest even faster, I would recommend playing on the RuneLite client and downloading “Quest Helper” from the Plugin Hub. Quest Helper will highlight items you need, people you must talk to, and even which exact tiles to click on. 

Once you have completed the “Shilo Village” quest, you can access the Village itself. Additionally, there are several methods of traveling there that unlock when you finish the quest. 

Travel Methods

There are two NPCs, Hajedy in Brimhaven, and Vigroy in Shilo Village, just west of the bank. They have a cart, and will use it to ferry you between their two locations for a fee of 200 coins. For quicker access to Shilo Village, check out how to get to Brimhaven in OSRS


If you have started “Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen” you can use the Fairy Ring teleport system to get to Shilo Village. Code CKR will take you west of the Shilo Village, but you will have to run the length of the Village to the eastern gate (where you started the quest). 

Finally, if you have the Karamja Hard or Elite Achievement Diaries completed, you can use your Karamja gloves to teleport directly to Shilo Village. The Karamja Gloves 3 will take you to the underground gem mine, while Karamja Gloves 4 can take you right to Duradel. 


Learning how to get to Shilo Village in OSRS is pretty simple and self-explanatory.

First, you must complete the quest “Shilo Village.”

Then, there are a variety of transportation methods for you to get there, such as Hajedy/Vigroy’s cart, the Fairy Rings, and Diary rewards.