Battlestaves in OSRS are versatile Magic based equipment that provide Magic stats and the ability to autocast certain spells. They require 30 Attack and 30 Magic to equip, and offer better melee stats than basic elemental staves. 

You can purchase these staves in a number of ways, such as the discounted bundle provided by Zaff after completing various tiers of the Varrock Achievement Diary, or in shops found in Varrock, Lunar Isle, the Wizards’ Guild, and Prifddinas. 

That being said, it’s also possible to create a battlestaff yourself in several simple steps. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make a battlestaff in OSRS. 

Battlestaff Fletching

You can make a battlestaff in Old School RuneScape by following these steps. First, you need a knife, 40 Fletching, and a piece of Celastrus bark. You can get the Celastrus bark by planting a Celastrus tree and waiting for it to grow, or buy it from the Grand Exchange.

Growing Celastrus

First, take a celastrus seed and an empty plant pot. Use a gardening trowel on an empty Farming patch. Then, sow the seed into the pot and water it with a watering can. Wait a few minutes, and a celastrus sapling should sprout. This is what you plant in the celastrus patch. 

Sowing, planting and growing the sapling requires 85 Farming, and it will take thirteen hours and twenty minutes of real world time to grow into a tree. There’s only one patch where it can grow, in the highest tier of the Farming Guild. You need 85 Farming to get here, which is the same level needed for the tree. 


You’ll also need at least sixty percent favor with the Hosidius house on Kourend to enter the Farming Guild at all. This favor is also necessary for the best place to cut yews.

Additionally, there is an NPC named Taylor who can guarantee the successful growth of your tree, if you pay him 8 potato cacti. 

Fletching Celastrus

When your celastrus tree is fully grown, you can chop it with an axe to harvest celastrus bark. Each fully grown tree will give you at least three bark, and you can increase this yield through various means including super/ultracompost and the magic secateurs. 

From here, simply use your knife on a piece of celastrus bark to fletch it into a basic battlestaff. As mentioned before, this requires 40 Fletching. 


Moreover, you may want to save time by buying the celastrus bark from the Grand Exchange. Always make sure to check prices before going through with this, as you incur a significant loss when fletching the celastrus into staves. 

Charging Elemental Orbs

You can also upgrade a basic battlestaff into an elemental battlestaff, including air, water, fire, earth. To do this, you need to first craft an unpowered orb with 46 Crafting, molten glass, and a glassblowing pipe. 


Then, you need to bring the unpowered orb to the obelisk corresponding to the element you want, and cast the charge (element) orb spell. These obelisks are located throughout the world. 

Obelisk Locations

The Obelisk of Water can be found on a small island just off the coast of Catherby. You’ll need to traverse the Taverly Dungeon to access a ladder leading up to this island. To cast Charge Water Orb, you need 56 Magic as well as 30 water runes and 3 cosmic runes. 

The Obelisk of Earth can be found in the Wilderness section of the Edgeville Dungeon, south of the Black Demons. You should still prepare for the Wilderness, but few pk’ers come here. To cast Charge Earth Orb, you need 60 Magic, 30 Earth runes, and 3 cosmic runes. 


The Obelisk of Fire can also be found in the Taverly Dungeon, west of the Black Dragon area. I’d recommend bringing some sort of dragonfire protection, such as the anti-dragon shield. To cast Charge Fire Orb, you need 63 Magic, 30 fire runes, and 3 cosmic runes. 

Finally, the Obelisk of Air can also be found in low-level Wilderness. Therefore, you should be prepared to run into player killers, more so than at the Earth Obelisk. To cast Charge Air Orb, you need 66 Magic, 30 air runes, and 3 cosmic runes. 

Elemental Battlestaff Crafting

With a basic battlestaff and a charged elemental orb in your inventory, you can combine them to make the elemental battlestaff of your choosing. This uses your Crafting level. You need 54 for a water battlestaff, 58 for an earth battlestaff, 62 for fire, and 66 for air. 


There is another type of battlestaff you can make in OSRS: the Bryophyta Staff. You can make this by combining a basic battlestaff with Bryophyta’s Essence, which is a semi-rare drop from the Moss Giant Boss, Bryophyta. You need 62 Crafting to make the Bryophyta Staff. 

Final Thoughts

You can make a battlestaff in OSRS by following several simple steps. First, you need to harvest or buy celastrus bark. Then, fletch the bark into a basic battlestaff with a knife and 40 Fletching. 

If you’d like to make an elemental staff, you’ll need to charge an unpowered orb with a corresponding Magic spell at one of the obelisks located throughout the world. Then, you can attach the charged orb to a basic battlestaff using your Crafting level.