Yanille in OSRS is a walled off town that is very quaint for the amount of action going on around it. The area is surrounded by the Khazard Battlefield and Fight Arena to the north, the Ogre homelands of Gu’Tanoth to the south, and the Tree Gnome Village is nearby. 

Some of Yanille’s noteworthy features include the Wizard’s Guild, which requires 66 Magic to enter, a bank, a store for Hunter supplies, a Player owned House portal, and a sandpit for the Crafting skill. You can also find the Nightmare Zone minigame right outside the city’s gates. 

There is also a nearby mine, an Agility Dungeon, a Cooking supply shop, and a few anvils. These anvils are very close to the bank, so many players like to Smith here. In order for you to access all these locations and resources, I’ll show you how to get to Yanille in OSRS. 


Getting to Yanille in Old School RuneScape can be done in a variety of ways, and each of these methods has a number of different requirements. 

You should note that Yanille does not have any special requirements, such as quests or certain skill levels, to unlock. It is simply part of the overworld. As such, one of the easiest ways to get to Yanille is simply to walk south from Ardougne, Port Khazard, or the nearby Monastery. 

Ardougne Monastery

In fact, you can teleport right to the Ardougne Monastery with any version of the Ardougne Cloak. The Cloak is a reward from the Ardougne Achievement Diary, and finishing any tier allows an unlimited number of teleports to the Monastery. 


The Monastery teleport is incredibly useful, especially for earlier levels, since it is very close to both a Spirit Tree and a Fairy Ring. I would recommend completing the Easy tier of the Achievement Diary as early as possible into a fresh account. 

Port Khazard

There are also many ways to get to Port Khazard, but the easiest would probably be to use the Charter Ships. They will take you to any of the game’s many port cities, for a fee based on the ingame distance you would be sailing. 

East Ardougne

Ardougne itself can be reached through its teleport spell in the Standard Spellbook, which requires 51 Magic and completion of the quest “Plague City.” Alternatively, an NPC named Captain Barnaby can sail you there from Rimmington or Brimhaven for 30 coins. 

Minigame Teleports

A second way of getting to Yanille in OSRS involves using the minigame teleport system to the Nightmare Zone. Get into the grouping tab of the clan options icon of your interface. There will be a dropdown list of the game’s various minigame activities. 

Scroll through this list until you reach “Nightmare Zone.” Select it, and you will be given options to join other players playing the minigame, or teleport straight there. Of course, choose the teleport option.


These teleports are similar to the Home teleports, in that they have a long animation time and are on a thirty minute cooldown. 

Castle Wars

Another method of getting to Yanille in Old School RuneScape is to head to Castle Wars, then walk east to Yanille. There are a number of methods of getting to Castle Wars, including the aforementioned minigame teleports. 

However, most players use a Ring of Dueling to quickly get to Castle Wars. You can buy these Rings on the Grand Exchange, or make them yourself.


To make a Ring of Dueling, you need to make an emerald ring with a ring mould, gold bar, emerald, and 27 Crafting. Then, enchant it with the Lvl-2 Enchant spell, requiring 27 Magic. 

Watchtower Teleport

You can also get to Yanille in OSRS by teleporting to the Watchtower, located just northwest of the city. Watchtower Teleport is a spell in the Standard Spellbook that requires 57 Magic, and the completion of the quest “Watchtower.” 


“Watchtower” can be started by talking to the Watchtower Wizard, located inside the Watchtower. You will need to climb the nearby trellis to get in for the first time. For the “Watchtower” quest, you need 14 Magic, 15 Thieving, 25 Agility, 14 Herblore, and 40 Mining. 

Spirit Trees

The Tree Gnome Village north of Yanille provides another method of getting there. You can use the Spirit Tree network to teleport to the Village, then follow Elkoy out of the surrounding maze. This requires completion of the quest “Tree Gnome Village.” 


The only requirement for “Tree Gnome Village” is the ability to defeat a level 112 enemy, and it is a very short quest. With the quest complete, you can use the Spirit Trees to teleport between the Village, the Grand Exchange, the Gnome Stronghold, and the Khazard Battlefield. After following Elkoy out of the maze, simply walk south and you will reach Yanille. 

Fairy Rings

The next method of getting to Yanille in Old School RuneScape is to utilize the Fairy Ring system, since there are a number of nearby Fairy Rings. First, access to the Fairy RIng network must be unlocked by reaching a certain point within the quest “Fairy Tale Part II: Cure a Queen.” 

The quest has a number of requirements, but none of them besides the previous quest, “Fairy Tale Part I: Growing Pains” are required to unlock the Fairy Rings. Once unlocked, code CIQ takes you northwest of Yanille, and code CLS will take you east of Yanille. 

FairyRing 2

The utility provided by the Fairy Ring system cannot be understated, as it allows access to many parts of the game that would be difficult to reach conventionally, such as Canifis and Miscellania.

Player-Owned Houses

The final method of getting to Yanille in OSRS involves using the Player owned house portal. This one is pretty straightforward; if your house is in Yanille, you can simply use the Teleport to House spell in the Standard Spellbook, or a tablet. Using the spell requires 40 Magic. 


Of course, teleporting to your house puts you inside your house, simply exit the portal and you will be in Yanille. You can change the location of your house by speaking to the Estate Agents in Varrock, Falador, Seer’s Village, East Ardougne, Hosidius, or Prifddinas, and paying a fee. 

Alternatively, you can purchase scrolls of redirection from the Nightmare Zone rewards shop. Then, you can use the scrolls on House Teleport tablets to redirect their destination to anywhere there is a house portal, regardless of where your house actually is. 

Final Thoughts

Getting to Yanille in OSRS can be done in a variety of methods. For example, you can walk south from Ardougne or Port Khazard. Alternatively, you can use the Watchtower teleport, Nightmare Zone minigame teleport, Spirit Trees, Fairy Rings, or scrolls of redirection.