Cannonballs in OSRS are incredibly useful for fast Ranged and Slayer experience as ammo for the Dwarf Multicannon. In fact, many players see the Multicannon and its ammunition as one of the most important upgrades to any account. 

Since it’s such an important upgrade, the Dwarf Multicannon is often rushed early into a new account’s life. I would recommend unlocking the Multicannon as early in your account as possible, so you can maximize its benefits. 

However, the Cannon itself is locked behind a quest, and costs a hefty amount of resources to use continuously. That being said, the insane experience rates the Cannon provides is one of the best uses for these resources. In this guide, I’ll show how to make cannonballs in OSRS. 

“Dwarf Cannon” Quest

As mentioned above, making Cannonballs in OSRS can be done in several simple steps. The first step is to complete the quest “Dwarf Cannon.” It’s a very simple, easy quest with no requirements, so fresh accounts can complete this easily. 

Queststart 1

You can start the “Dwarf Cannon” quest by talking to Captain Lawgof, who is fenced off in a little military position south of the Coal Trucks, one of the best places to mine coal in OSRS, and North of the Fishing Guild. Simply play through the quest, which can be completed more quickly with stamina potions and teleport jewelry. 

Purchasing the Cannon

Once you have completed “Dwarf Cannon,” you can purchase the Multicannon from Nulodion, a character whom you will be introduced to during the quest. He is located at the Dwarven Outpost North of Falador. He is not far from where you can get the Ice Gloves.

Nulodion Location

Nulodion will sell you the four pieces of the multicannon for 200,265 gold pieces each. Alternatively, he will sell you the full set for 750,000 gold pieces. I’d recommend buying the full set, since this is a roughly 50,000 GP discount. 


You can also buy the cannon parts from the Grand Exchange, after the quest, but those prices tend to fluctuate. They may be cheaper than from Nulodion, or they might not. If you want to do this, check the prices beforehand.

Making Cannonballs

To make the cannonballs, you can purchase an ammo mould from Nulodion as well. He sells them for 5 coins each. The quest will also provide you with one, but a few spares are worth the five coins each. 

Simply bring the ammo mould and steel bars to any smelting furnace in the game. Most players use the Edgeville furnace to make cannonballs in Old School RuneScape, since it’s one of the closest to a bank in the whole game. 

Furnace 1

As mentioned before, you can make cannonballs from steel bars. Each steel bar used will become four cannonballs. You need to have at least 35 Smithing to make the cannonballs from steel bars. 

You can smelt the bars yourself, or buy them from the Grand Exchange. Since you get four cannonballs per bar, buying steel bars and smelting them into cannonballs can also be a great moneymaker. 

The opposite also works. You can save a lot of GP by buying steel bars and smelting them into cannonballs yourself, instead of buying straight cannonballs. 

I would recommend using your cannonballs in places where there are a lot of monsters confined to a small area, such as the Stronghold Slayer Cave, Slayer Tower, and Ape Atoll.

Final Thoughts

Making cannonballs in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. First, you need to do the quest “Dwarf Cannon.” Then, you can buy the cannon parts and ammo mould from Nulodion. From there, you can smelt steel bars into cannonballs with the mould at any furnace.