The Rotom Phone is quickly becoming a staple in modern Pokemon games and it’s a huge part of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. In these games, your Rotom Phone contains everything from your Pokedex to your map.

It’s a valuable tool, and almost every character that you come across in the game will have one. If you’re a fan of this quirky feature, you’ll be happy to know that you can customize it and add some flair to your phone.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to change your phone case in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, including advice on how to unlock secret Rotom Phone cases with save data from other Pokemon games.

Where to Buy Rotom Phone Cases

There are multiple ways to get Rotom Phone cases in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet. The simplest way to get your hands on some is to go to the Delibird Presents store.

There are three Delibird Presents stores in total. There is one in Mesagoza, one in Cascafarra, and one in Levincia. They’ve all got different items for sale, so it’s worth visiting all three as you explore the world and take on different Gyms and Titans.

Head to your nearest Delibird Presents store to start. If you’re unsure how to get there, open up your map by hitting the Y button and use the magnifying glass to find the correct store. You’ll be able to set a waypoint and travel there easily.

Once you’re at the store, head inside and open up the Rotom Phone cases section in the store menu. Here, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of phone cases, including some inspired by the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter Pokemon.

You can choose to equip your purchases in the store, but don’t worry if you change your mind as it’s easy to change your phone case later on.

How to Change Your Phone Case in Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

The Rotom Phone customization options are found with your outfits and accessories. To open up the menu to change these elements, hit the left button on your D-Pad. This will open up the outfit menu, showing all the cosmetic items you’ve bought and collected so far.

Then, tab over to the very last section.

Here, you’ll be able to pick out any of the phone cases that you’ve purchased or unlocked during the game.

Make sure to save any changes before exiting this menu, or your phone case will revert back to the original one that you were using.

How to Unlock Secret Save Data Phone Cases

There are various secret Rotom Phone cases in the game that you can unlock simply by having save data from other Pokemon games on your Switch.

To unlock these phone cases, you’ll need to go to Mesagoza. Go to the huge set of stairs in the middle of the city that lead up to the main plaza.

On these stairs, there will be a character in sunglasses and a blue and pink outfit. Speak to her, and she’ll tell you about a practice called Rotometry where she will ‘peer into the past lives you’ve lived’ by looking at your Rotom Phone.

You’ll then get a list of the different regions that previous games have taken place in. As a quick reminder, they are:

  • Kanto (Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee)
  • Hisui (Pokemon Legends: Arceus)
  • Galar (Pokemon Sword and Shield)
  • Sinnoh (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl)

You will only see the options come up that are relevant to the games that you’ve played on your Switch. If you’ve never played Pokemon Sword and Shield, for example, Galar won’t show up in the list for you.

All four of the phone cases you can get from this Rotometry NPC have a unique design that ties to the game that they focus on.

Choosing Hisui from the list will get you a Rotom Phone case that looks exactly like the Arceus themed phone that your character used during Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The Kanto option will get you a light green phone case with both Pikachu and Eevee on the back of it, looking as if they’re about to have a battle.

Selecting Galar will get you the ‘Ball Guy’ phone case, inspired by the NPC of the same name in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It’s a nice red, white, and black phone case that looks like a Pokeball, with a red shirt and neat haircut for the Rotom Phone.

The Sinnoh option is my favorite one. This phone case looks exactly like the Poketech device that you can get in the original Diamond and Pearl games, as well as the remakes.

To equip these phone cases, simply open up the clothes and accessories menu with the left button on your D-Pad as if you’re equipping one of the regular Rotom Phone cases from the Delibird Presents store.

What to Do Next

If you’re hoping to expand your phone case collection further (and buy other collectibles and trinkets, too) it’s worth looking at the ways that you can earn money quickly in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. You may notice that it’s easy to run out of money in this game when trying to collect all the cute items, so it’s good to have a few methods under your belt.

There are other ways to express yourself and customize your game, too. You can change your appearance in the game almost entirely, and there’s plenty of interesting outfits and accessories to collect as well.