If you’re looking for a powerful Water and Psychic type Pokemon to add to your team, you can’t go wrong with a Slowking. This Pokemon is, unsurprisingly, quite slow in battles but it can really pack a punch if you pick the right moves and battle strategy.

There are multiple ways to get a Slowking in Pokemon, involving both regular catching methods and unique evolution mechanics. Whatever your preference is, we’ve got it covered in this quick and easy guide.

Here’s how to get Slowking in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

What is a Slowking?

Slowpoke Index

The first Pokemon in Slowking’s evolutionary chain is Slowpoke, which is an iconic Pokemon from the original first generation. It can be found very early on in Pokemon Violet & Scarlet.

Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro at level 37 without any special requirements. Slowbro is another punchy but slow Pokemon which offers some decent moves but fails to stand out from the crowd as a strong Water Pokemon with a dual type.

Slowking is an alternative evolution that has been added to the Slowpoke evolutionary chain. It evolves from Slowpoke (not Slowbro) and has some unique requirements.

Where to Get Slowpoke

Slowpokes usually spawn in lakes, rivers, and the beach. If you go near bodies of water when you start the game, you will usually run into a Slowpoke.

If you want to see a lot of Slowpokes, there are a lot of Slowpokes spawning near Casseroya Lake.

Other areas include South Province Area Five, East Province Areas One and Two, and West Province Area Two.

The time of day does not matter.

You can also see some Slowpokes spawn in Tera Raid battles. The evolved version can also spawn, but it is extremely random since almost every Pokemon can be in a Tera Raid Battle.

How to Evolve Slowpoke to Slowking

Slowpoke Evolving

You need to trade a Slowpoke holding a King’s Rock to trigger the evolution. Once the trade has been put into motion, the receiver of the Slowpoke will get the evolved animation and get the Slowking.

You can play with a friend to make the trade so that you can actually get the Slowking back. You will need two trades for it unless you are both trading Slowpokes together to get Slowkings.

The King’s Rock is a useful item that gives the holder an increased chance to make the opponent flinch when the holder inflicts damage.

You will not lose the item as it will still be held by Slowking once it has evolved.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet made King’s Rock more accessible than previous games as it is available for purchase at the Delibird Presents Store for 10,000 Pokedollars. Once the player has achieved at least four gym badges, the Delibird Presents Store will be available.

Slowpoke enthusiasts who wish to obtain Slowking can rush through the story and get the four gym badges just to unlock the purchase of the King’s Rock.

You will also receive a King’s Rock by progressing through the story, but it will be near the end of the game. I won’t go into that any further as it’s somewhat of a spoiler.

It is important to note that Slowpoke cannot level beyond 37 as it will evolve to Slowbro. You cannot give a King’s Rock to Slowbro in an attempt to evolve it into Slowking. The evolution is triggered by the item and the trade.

Players who wish to avoid trading can check Tera-Raid Battles via the Poke Portal to see if Slowking is available there. You can grind through Tera Raid Battles since it is also one of the best ways to level up fast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

What to Do After Getting Slowking

After getting Slowking, it’s worth checking the IVs of your new Pokemon to get to know it better. Individual Values can indicate a lot about a Pokemon and it’s good to have a decent understanding of this if you want to play competitively.

If you want to expand your team even further, why not look into how breeding works in the game and get yourself a Ditto? Ditto is another popular Pokemon that’s worth tracking down and it can be especially valuable for people who want to get a specific Pokemon egg.