How to Get Slowking in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Slowpoke is a water/psychic-type Pokemon that was part of the original 151 Pokemon. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gives players the option to catch Slowpoke as early as the player can see any body of water.

Slowpoke was originally introduced with one evolution in Generation 1 as it evolves to Slowbro at level 37.

In Generation 2, however, they introduced a new evolution which is Slowking. The alternate evolution requires special requirements for it to be triggered.

The same requirements are applied. We will show you how to get Slowking in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet either through special evolution mechanics or just outright catching a Slowking.

What is a Slowking?

Slowking is also a water/psychic-type Pokemon, just like Slowpoke. However, it has decent HP and great special attack and special defense stats.

Slowking is an extremely slow Pokemon, living up to the name, and it is quite hard to use if you are always the second one to play.

Slowking evolves from Slowpoke, but it is unique in a way because there is another evolution for Slowpoke, which is Slowbro.

Where to Get Slowpoke

Slowpokes usually spawn in lakes, rivers, and the beach. As long as you go to bodies of water, you can see a Slowpoke spawning there.

If you want to see a lot of Slowpokes, there are a lot of Slowpokes spawning at Casseroya Lake.

Other areas include South Province – Area Five, East Province – Area One and Two, and West Province – Area Two.

The time of day does not matter.

You can also see some Slowpokes spawn in Tera raid battles. The evolved version can also spawn, but it is extremely random since almost every Pokemon can be in a Tera raid battle.

How to Evolve Slowpoke to Slowking

A Slowpoke holding a King’s Rock needs to be traded for the evolution to be triggered. Once the trade has been sent, the receiver of the Slowpoke will get the evolved animation and get the Slowking.

You can play with a friend to make the trade so that you can actually get the Slowking back. You will need two trades for it unless you are both trading Slowpokes together to get Slowkings.

The King’s Rock is a useful item that gives the holder an increased chance to make the opponent flinch when the holder inflicts damage.

You will not lose the item as it will still be held by Slowking once it has evolved.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet made King’s Rock more available as it is available for purchase at the Delibird Presents Store for 10,000 Pokedollars. Once the player has achieved at least four gym badges, the Delibird Presents Store will be available.

Slowpoke enthusiasts who wish to obtain Slowking would rush through the story and get the four gym badges just to unlock the purchase of the King’s Rock.

You will also receive a King’s Rock by progressing through the story, but it will be near the end. I will just say that it will be given by Geeta near the end to avoid spoilers.

It is important to note that Slowpoke cannot level beyond 37 as it will evolve to Slowbro. King’s rock cannot be given to Slowbro in an attempt to evolve it into Slowking.

Players who wish to avoid trading can check Tera-Raid Battles via the Poke Portal to see if Slowking is available there. You can grind through Tera raid battles since it is also one of the best ways to level up fast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


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