Koraidon is the box legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet, and it plays a huge part in the main storyline of the game. You meet it pretty early on in the game, which is quite unusual for a Pokemon game as they usually introduce the legendaries very late.

Once you have Koraidon, you might be curious as to why it isn’t available for battles immediately. Can you use Koraidon in battles at any point in the game? The answer is yes, but it will take a long time to get to that point in the game.

Here is how to use Koraidon in battles in Pokemon Scarlet.

Please note that this article contains spoilers.

When Do You Get Koraidon?

You get Koraidon pretty early in Pokemon Scarlet. After finishing the initial story that takes you through the Academy, you will find Koraidon injured on the shore and end up giving the legendary Pokemon a sandwich.

Keep going through the story and Koraidon will eventually follow you. At the start, you can use Koraidon as a mount to move around faster in the Paldea region.

Finish the Path of Legends (fighting the five Titans), and you will get Koraidon’s full set of abilities. The Titans give Koraidon the ability to surf on water, climb on walls, glide in the air, jump higher, and move even faster.

How Use Koraidon in Battles

As you may know, the main story in Pokemon has three paths. They include:

  • Victory Road. This is all about getting all the gym badges to face the Elite Four and become a Champion.
  • Path of Legends. This path focuses on fighting all the Titans and helping Koraidon regain its full powers.
  • Starfall Team. This part requires you to defeat all of the Team Star crews and leaders.

After completing each path, there will be a final objective for each one as well.

The Victory Road leads to the Elite Four and facing the Chairman Geeta.

Path of Legends leads to a story about Arven and the mysteries within the lab in the Paldea region.

Starfall Team leads to a fight with the leader, Penny, and helping Penny and her team find their way back.

After finishing the final objective for each path, Arven will tell you to grab your closest and strongest friends to accompany you to Area Zero.

Nemona and Penny will assist you and Arven in Area Zero. Finish the objectives given to you by the professor. After reaching all four research labs in Area Zero, you will end up seeing another version of Koraidon causing havoc.

AI Sada

There are ancient Pokemon breaching the Paldea region and you will have to stop them. You will have a lot of challenging fights in Area Zero, but they will all lead to a final fight with the other Koraidon.

In this fight, you will only be able to use Koraidon. It’s a mirror match, and you should use your Dragon attack as it will be super effective.

Koraidon Battle

After beating the Koraidon, you will finish this part of the story.

At this point, you can go out in Area Zero. Go to the slope near the final battle and you will find the Koraidon you just beat. You will be able to battle it again and capture it. Yes, you can have two Koraidons.

If you didn’t capture the second Koraidon, you can go to your Pokemon lineup and leave an extra spot.

Koraidon Battle Form

You can change Koraidon’s form using the section below your team in the menu. However, you won’t be able to use Koraidon in the overworld as a mount if it is in battle form.

It is best if you capture the second Koraidon so you don’t have to swap between the two forms.

At this point, the remaining story will take you back to the gyms and get you to battle them again. After this, you will go through the Ace tournament courtesy of Nemona.

This is the only part in the story where you can use your legendary Pokemon, Koraidon in battle.