Getting to Gutanbac Shrine can be somewhat of a challenge in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s located in a very cold and icy area of the map, with dangerous waters and steep cliffs.

Beating Gutanbac Shrine will add the Ascend ability to your arsenal. It’s one of the most useful abilities in the game, allowing Link to travel directly upwards and through solid objects like platforms, mountains, and bridges.

Here’s a quick guide on how to beat Gutanbac Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Finish Gutanbac Shrine

There isn’t a particular order that you have to do the Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom, although most people tend to start with Ukouh and go straight to Gutanbac or In-isa.

I’d suggest completing both Ukouh and In-isa before taking on Gutanbac, as having the Fuse and Ultra Hand abilities can be quite handy while navigating the icy area around the Shrine.

To begin, interact with the Shrine.

The introductory sequence will show you how to use the Ascend ability.

As a reminder, stand under the surface that you want to Ascend through and hold down L to select the ability. Line it up correctly (the indicator will turn red if you cannot go through a surface) and release to go through.

The first thing you’ll need to do is enter the first room and Ascend through the platform directly in front of you.

Then, you’ll end up in a room with two platforms on the side wall.

Ascending through the shorter platform will let you reach a treasure chest with a Stone Axe inside it. Take it, jump back down, then Ascend through the taller platform.

There is a Soldier Construct waiting for you at the top of this platform. I’d recommend using a bow and arrow to take it down, specifically with Fire Arrows or another enhanced arrow.

From there, look to the side wall with crates at the bottom of it. Pushing the crates into the wall further will open up a small gap, which will allow you to Ascend through the platform and get your hands on a Construct Bow.

Jump back down and proceed to the bridge being held up by wires.

You’ll need to use a sharp weapon to break these wires. This could be a regular arrow, a sword, or an axe, for example, which is why the Stone Axe from earlier is so useful.

Once you’ve broken the wires, Ascend through the flattened platform and continue.

The final challenge is to Ascend through the moving blue platform. This isn’t too hard, as the platform stops for a few seconds each side.

Ascend through the next platform when you’re on the blue one, then you can head to the Shrine exit and finish up.

If you’ve completed the In-isa and Ukouh Shrines, you’ll now be able to progress with the story at a much quicker rate.

What to Do Next

By this point, you will have consumed a lot of hot and spicy dishes in order to battle the cold climate. Fire and comfortable armor are both useful for staying warm in the game, but hot dishes are the most efficient tool.

Why not read up on the other recipes in the game?

There are lots of other benefits that you can get from cooking meals in TotK, including resistances to certain kinds of attack, attack buffs in specific climates, and improved stamina.