Tears of the Kingdom has an incredibly vast crafting system. Players have absolute freedom to create their own vehicles and customize their weapons.

One of the most important things to be aware of in the game is Zonai Devices.

These Devices can fill a variety of roles, ranging from cooking pots to fans that you can attach to the back of boats. They can often be found around the world in convenient locations for different quests and tasks, but they can also be found in dispensers, too.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Zonai Device dispensers in Tears of the Kingdom, and a reminder on how to use Zonai Device Capsules as well.

How to Use Zonai Device Dispensers

The first time you encounter a Zonai Device dispenser in Tears of the Kingdom will be on the Great Sky Island, although they can be found all throughout the game.

If it’s your first time using one, a Maker Construct will give you a brief overview of what the machine does if you speak to them.

Using a Zonai Device dispenser is quite similar to using a Cooking Pot.

You’ll need to be standing in front of the dispenser’s dish to start. Open up your inventory and pick the items that you want to exchange for Zonai Devices.

These could be Construct materials or Zonai Charges. I’d recommend putting in 5 items at a time, as this leads to a higher number of Zonai Devices being dispensed.

The types of items that you put in do not appear to impact which Zonai Devices that you get.

Once you’ve selected which items you want to put into the machine, make sure that Link is holding them and then exit your inventory.

You will now be able to hit the A button to put the materials into the Zonai Device dispenser.

A small animation will then play and the Zonai Device Capsules will roll out of the machine.

You will then be able to pick them up and add them to your inventory.

While the items you put into the Zonai Device dispenser does not appear to impact which Zonai Device Capsules you’ll get, the location certainly does.

You can check which items a dispenser contains by checking it out on your map.

How to Use Zonai Device Capsules

Once you’ve got the Zonai Device capsules that you want, you can use them at any point during the game.

They can be found in the Zonai Devices tab of your inventory.

When you want to use a Zonai Device Capsule, simply open up your inventory and select the item that you want.

Hit ‘take out device’ in the drop-down menu and select the item.

Then, exit your inventory. The Zonai Device will be out in the world for you to move around and use as you see fit.

What to Do Next

Now that you know how to use Zonai Device dispensers, make sure to brush up on using your Scope so you can track down the machines more easily. The Scope map pins make traveling and staying on track of objectives much easier.

In my opinion, the Portable Pot is the most useful Zonai Device. It makes cooking a breeze and you can use it to save yourself from challenging climates if need be.

If you’re unsure about what recipes you can cook to save yourself from difficult environments, take a look at the different recipes in the game. The cooking system in Tears of the Kingdom is almost as vast as the crafting system.