Fortifying the library takes place in the “Book Worms” stage in Act 1, after beating the Ogre. The objective is as simple as grabbing reinforced planks to fortify the windows, but it can be confusing at times.

Since the objectives are not highlighted and the library having at least three floors, it can be challenging to locate the windows you need to fortify.

In this guide, you will learn how to fortify the library in Back 4 Blood and progress through the story by exiting the library and rescuing the rest of the survivors.

Book Worms – Quick Recap

This stage starts after finishing the Clean Sweep stage. You have already begun rescuing survivors back to Fort Hope. Once you complete the Clean Sweep, you end up in the library looking for more survivors.

Before starting the rescue mission again, the library will need some fortification. The abandoned place is a complete mess, and you would need to fortify it to clear the objective and proceed.

How to Fortify the Windows

As you explore through the library, you will see some interactable reinforced fortification boards on the floor. There are multiple spawns where you can get these fortification boards and, they are always close to the window you need to fortify.

As the Book Worms stage starts, you will exit the saferoom and enter the library from the ground floor. You will see a staircase immediately on your right, but clear the ground floor first and progress floor by floor.

Be aware of the Sleepers on the wall. It will lunge at you once they have a direct line-of-sight on a player. This will render the player incapacitated, like how the Stingers lunge at cleaners.

It might be terrifying for other players since the place is quite dark. You can proceed by walking slowly if you do not want to avoid jump-scares.

Window 1

1st Fortify

After clearing the ground floor, hug the right side of the library with the staircases. Instead of going up, keep proceeding forward until you see a doorway on the right. There will be 4 Sleepers (2 in the stairs) to clear first.

Since most of the doors are locked, you can immediately see the open window with some fortification boards on the side. Grab one and fortify the window. You will have to do this three times for each window to reinforce it.

If you are playing with friends, you can work together in reinforcing the windows to finish the run faster. Just be aware when you split up. The place is filled with Sleepers and your friends might get caught.

Window 2

2nd Fortify

For the next window, go back to the staircase near the saferoom from where the stage started. Go up and turn right. You will see the exit sign, which will be the next objective once you finish fortifying all the windows.

Before the exit door, there will be a small window next to it. The fortification boards are behind the shelves next to it. Reinforce it again three times. You can also get ammo around this area to replenish your supply.

Window 3

3rd Fortify

On the same floor, proceed to the middle, where you see the main desk. Jump over it, and you will see some fortification boards. Look to the right, and the third window should be here.

After fortifying the window, you will see a yellow ladder going to the third floor. You can take this ladder to get a few items.

There is a supply crate on top with a few weapon mods. You will also find some random weapons with attachments, medical supplies, and more ammo.

There is also a locked room where you need a toolkit to open. This will contain more supply for your group. Since the special Ridden will consistently spawn in this area, you might end up being low on supply if you are having trouble finding the windows to reinforce.

Window 4

4th Fortify

From the main desk on the second floor, go to the kid’s section, which should be at the northwest section of the library. There are fortification boards on the right side of the window behind the shelves. Fortify the window, and you should be able to complete the objective.

You will get the order to leave the library and rescue the remaining survivors in the area. The exit from the library can be found near the second window you reinforced if you followed the guide.

Completing Book Worms

For the sake of completing the stage, go immediately to the hotel at the end of the town. There will be a timer for the horde that is about to come. The path is quite linear, even if the area is wide open.

Once you locate the hotel, look to the side, and there will be a staircase going down to the basement of the hotel. There will be a lot of propane tanks, and you will need to shoot them to clear the path.

Clear the Riddens in the area and proceed up the hotel to find and rescue the remaining survivors. Once you have met with the survivors, you can open each room and find some weapons, weapon mods, supplies, and ammo.

Go down the fire exit from the top floor. The safe room should be marked at this point. Proceed to it before the horde comes, and the Book Worms stage should be finished.

Up next, you’ll need to know how to beat the Breaker in Back 4 Blood.