The Bar Room Blitz is personally my favorite stage in Back 4 Blood. This stage starts after beating the Breaker and fortifying the library in the Book Worm stage.

You will enter a Keel’s bar after crossing the road and jumping on the fence with the blue tarp. From this point forward, the whole stage will be finished inside Keel’s bar.

In this guide, you will learn how to finish the Bar Room Blitz in Back 4 Blood, including tips for defending the bar, fixing the jukebox, and your descent into madness.

What is the Bar Room Blitz?

Bar Fight

The whole Bar Room Blitz stage is a blast. Your goal is to fortify or defend Keel’s bar and draw the horde to it. This will give the survivors you rescued time to get to the buses and escape.

However, you will need something to draw the horde inside the bar and redirect its attention from the buses. Luckily, there is a jukebox inside.

Preparing the Defenses

Since the endless swarm of Ridden will obviously attack once you start the jukebox, you will need to prepare first.

Keel’s bar is completely loaded with supplies. There is an ammo crate on the left side of the entrance. On the side entrance of the kitchen, there will be a weapon crate. The weapons inside are entirely random, though.

On the bar, there will be a couple of weapons sitting on top of it. Choose your weapons wisely. The fights will mostly be close-quarter combat. SMGs and shotguns will be the ideal choices, as well as melee weapons to save some ammo.

Load up on offensive equipment. There will be frag grenades, molotovs, pipe bombs, and razor wires scattered around the bar.

The medical supply crate is inside the bathroom. Pain meds will be the best healing item for this stage. You barely have enough time to use medkits and bandages when an endless wave of Riddens coming at you.

If you can get some razor wires, you can use them on windows too. Special Riddens can climb windows and get inside.

Starting the Jukebox

The jukebox is located in the middle of the bar near the entrance of the bathroom. Start it, and the horde will start running in your direction.

The objective is clear. You need to hold out until the survivors escape on the buses. There will be a total of 3 buses to fill up with survivors.

The progression can be seen on top of your screen. Each bus will take six survivors, and they will go in one by one.

Hold off the endless horde until all buses are packed and ready.

Defending Against the Horde

The best strategy here is to have each Cleaner hold different angles from each other. It would be best to cover the side entrance, the main entrance, the bathroom window, and the back area.

You will also want to have a clear vision of your teammates if they need help from a Tallboy, Stalker, or Stinger.

A good tip is to always have someone looking out for Tallboys before they enter the bar. Once they get in, all hell breaks loose. Try to deal with them before they get inside.

The normal Riddens are easy to deal with, and you can unload as much ammo as you want. To be efficient, you might want to have different types of weapons for each Cleaner.

If everyone is using the same ammo type, you will run out of ammo fast. This is quickly done if you are playing with your friends.

It is also worth noting that the target of these Riddens and special Riddens is the jukebox. Their goal is to destroy it.

However, it is not possible to destroy the jukebox. If they ever break it, you can have one Cleaner repair it. You will need to cover the one fixing it, and it will just delay your progress with the objectives.

After the survivors are ready to escape on the buses, a Humvee will help the Cleaners escape. Go to it, and it will trigger a cutscene finishing the mission.