How to Survive the Gauntlet in Back 4 Blood

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You are probably here because you just went through an endless wave of horde without finishing the “Survive the Gauntlet” objective. It may seem weird because the text could be misleading.

The first idea would probably just be to withstand the horde – but there is a trigger that must happen.

After three grueling runs, I will share with you what I found out on how to survive the Gauntlet in Back 4 Blood, which is the 7th stage of Act 1 called Abandoned.

Act 1 – Abandoned

As a recap, you will go through the start until you reach the road with multiple cars and birds on the road. Keep going through until you see the broken fence and you will see a house with a blockade in the backyard.

You will operate the truck to remove the hanging car blocking the way and this will prompt the next objective which is continuing through the Blue Dog Village.

This will trigger a horde of Riddens constantly spawning 24/7. Once you go through the blockade and reach the long road, you will see the new objective turn to “Survive the Gauntlet”.

It will lead you to believe that you should survive this endless wave of Riddens. At first, I tried to survive the endless wave by opening the locked door behind the truck. I camped that small cabin with a ton of equipment inside.

I even put multiple Razor Wires near the entrance and smashed all the Riddens coming through the door with my melee weapon to save ammo.

Fight through the horde

After 10 minutes, the “Gauntlet” never stopped. It turns out, you need to run through the horde and escape to the house at the end of the road. This will prompt the next objective which is to ascend through the Old Blue Dog Mine Trail.

You can also find more ammo in here if you have a toolkit to open the door.

Ascend to the mountain

Just to finish the stage, all you need to do is go through the log bridge and up the hill which should be pretty straightforward. You will see mine entrances that pour out Riddens. You need to deal with them or shoot the fire barrel to close the entrance completely.

If you are running on high difficulty, you can actually just use Pain Meds and ignore everything. Just have your team run up the trail as you only need to reach the saferoom at this point. You can learn more on how to heal so you can efficiently do this trick.

At the top of the mine, you will end up seeing a saferoom which should complete the stage. Just make sure everyone is with you to close the door.

There are times where the bots bug out and get stuck behind the truck. You will need to fetch them if it happens as it happened a few times in different stages.


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