With almost a hundred cards to choose from, it might be hard to build a deck on your own because each card will have unique synergies with other cards and innate character skills.

However, there are a lot of cards that should be considered the best cards in Back 4 Blood, and they should be a staple for any character in the game.

This Back 4 Blood tier list will focus on the PvP aspect of the game while including some campaign cards to help you equip yourself against the seasoned players of the game.

There are cards in the game that are genuinely better than the rest. However, some can only be acquired once, and they cannot be stacked, unlike stamina gain, reload speed, ammo capacity, and others.

Card Tier List Table

After around 40 hours of playtesting versus mode and a similar amount of time checking out streamer and content creator opinions, I came up with my own Back 4 Blood card tier list. All cards are ranked below.

For certain synergies, some cards in the C-Tier can go up to B-Tier when paired with the right cards.

For S-Tier cards, the best cards in Back 4 Blood, most can only be gotten once because they would be completely broken when stacked with each other.

BreakoutEvasive ActionCombat MedicFire in the Hole!
Mandatory PTStimulantsMedical ExpertPep In Your Step
Cross TrainersRidden SlayerMarathon RunnerMiraculous Recovery
Hi-Vis SightsReload DrillsIn The ZonePower Swap
Charitable SoulSuperior CardioPoulticeShooting Gloves
Ammo For AllPatient HunterInspiring SacrificeScrewdriver
Marked For DeathExperienced EMTConfident KillerCombat Training
Well FedAntibiotic OintmentTrue GritHunker Down
Two is One and One is NoneEnergy BarBomb SquadMedical Professional
Run and GunScar TissueFace Your FearsFront Sight Focus
Rolling ThunderChemical CourageVitaminsPyro
HellfireAmmo PouchNumbOverwatch
Large Caliber RoundsGroup TherapySecond ChanceDurable
Silver BulletsGrenade PouchGlass CannonAdmin Reload
Avenge the FallenFanny PackSadisticAmmo Stash
Scattergun SkillsFleet of FootSluggerHyper-Focused
Tactical VestMeth HeadWidemouth MagwellKiller’s Instinct
Inspiring SacrificeBrazenMag CouplerSteady Aim
Knowledge is PowerShredderStock PouchTunnel Vision
Batter UpAdrenaline FuelledMag CarrierReckless Strategy
Mean DrunkSpeed DemonGuns OutSmelling Salts
Spiky BitsAmmo MuleCockyPep Talk
BerserkerMotorcycle JacketRousing SpeechMultitool
SunderVanguardOlympic SprinterHeadband Magnifier
Heavy AttackCold Brew CoffeeQuick KillFresh Bandage
Battle LustNatural SprinterTrigger ControlRhythmic Breathing
BroadsidePadded SuitRun Like Hell
Buckshot BruiserMotorcycle HelmetReckless
Shell CarrierEMT BagOn Your Mark
Field SurgeonAmmo Belt
Grenade TrainingOptics Enthusiast
Heavy HitterCombat Knife
Line ‘Em UpMeatgrinder
Canned GoodsNeeds of the Many
Hydration PackDown in Front!
Body ArmorAmped Up
Wooden ArmorAll Scavenger Cards
Controlled Movement
Demolitions Expert
Improvised Explosives
Double Grenade Pouch
Surplus Pouches
Shoulder Bag
Box O’ Bags
Life Insurance
Wounded Animal
Bounty Hunter
Compound Interest
Lucky Pennies
Money Grubber
Share the Wealth

S-Tier Cards

These cards are on a tier of their own. When they show up, you just automatically take them. They have insane utility or give high raw stats that they are impossible to ignore.

Breakout – Utility Card

The first card on this b4b tier list is the Breakout, which gives you the ability to hold “E” to free yourself from grabs.

Breaking out of the hold of Stingers and Crushers is impossible to do alone. With the Breakout card, you will be able to do it yourself.

Why is this important? Well, this is one of the tactical win conditions of the Ridden team. They will single out players who are away from the group.

Even if the cleaners go in groups of 2, the cleaners will have trouble breaking free because you need another teammate to break you out.

They will either have to kill the Crusher or use melee against the Stinger’s spit. Remember, you are dealing with a ton of Riddens while facing player-controlled ones as well.

If one teammate is temporarily disabled, you will have to go next to them and melee (Stinger’s spit) to break them out.

Scattergun Skills

+40% reload speed with shotguns

The shotgun’s main problem is its ammo capacity and reload speed. This helps fix that along with other cards below.

Tactical Vest

+30% rifle ammo capacity; +10% damage with assault rifles and LMGs

Two weapon types (AR and LMG) greatly benefit from ammo capacity. The +10% damage is the icing on the cake.

Knowledge is Power

+10% weak spot damage; allows players to see values for the damage they deal and enemy health bars

Showing the health bar allows you to calculate whether you have enough on your magazine to deal with what is in front of you. This is crucial when it comes to higher difficulties or even in PvP. This can go on every deck build too.

Mandatory PT – Mobility Card

Nothing much to say about this. A 10% team stamina boost is a big advantage for a single card. It totals to a 40% stamina increase for the team as a whole, and it gives everyone an extra stamina bar to run around or melee more.

Cross Trainers – Mobility Card

Another card that gives insane raw stats for your own character. With this card, you do not have to increase your stamina anymore as the extra +40% is already enough, so you can focus on other cards already.

It also gives +10 health which is already big as some cards give the same without the 40% additional stamina.

Hi Vis Sights – Offense Card

+40% aim speed is actually your aim down sight speed which is why this is significant. Personally, I do not trust hipfire to dispose of the enemies efficiently. The quicker aim down sight speed you have, the more it will help you deal with all the player-controlled Riddens.

Large Caliber Rounds

+10% damage dealt; +100% bullet penetration; -20% stamina efficiency

Good for PvP. Since you will have to burst down the player-controlled Riddens, kiting will not be an issue. This relies heavily on a build going for damage.

Silver Bullets

+15% damage dealt; +150% bullet penetration; when you kill a mutation, you lose five copper

More and more damage! Copper isn’t that useful when it comes to the campaign. Some buffs/cards are purchasable, but you rarely get to see a good one show up in the shop.

All you have to prioritize is buying ammo from the shop.

Avenge the Fallen

Team effect – when you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates gain 30% damage, 20% reload speed, and unlimited ammo for 10 seconds

This will help you recover when an ally goes down. With all the crazy buffs active for 10 seconds, it gives you time to clear the area with unlimited ammo and go crazy. You can either clear the area or try to save your downed ally first.

Charitable Soul – Defense Card

Charitable Soul increases your healing efficiency by 100% as long as you heal someone else to heal yourself. You will be near each other most of the time, so it will be easy to pull this off consistently throughout the battle. You can read more on how to heal so you can find out all the useful items to synergize with this card.

Batter Up

+50% melee damage; +5 health

In combination with all the melee cards, this will greatly increase the build’s effectiveness because of the raw bonuses.

Spiky Bits

+25% melee damage; +10% damage resistance while using a melee weapon; -20% ammo capacity

Who needs ammo when you are going for the melee build. Another great card for the raw bonuses.

Mean Drunk

+75% melee damage; your melee attacks cause cleave through enemies dealing damage in a large area; disables sprinting

The Mean Drunk card is the best card you can get for the melee build. However, it disables sprinting. This is a big sacrifice to make just for the cleave damage. It will slow you down significantly, but you will need this on higher difficulties in the campaign.


Gain 10% melee damage, 10% melee speed, and 5% movement speed for each melee kill in the last four seconds

Another big boost for the melee build. The Berserker card is another staple for the melee deck.

Heavy Attacks

Grants charge ability – Alt fire button to charge forward with melee weapons; charge attacks deal 100% increased damage

Good for dealing with special Ridden. With the melee build, these special Ridden are your biggest challenge.

Battle Lust

Melee kills heal two health

Greatly increases your survivability being on the frontline as a melee player.


Hits cause the target to take 20% increased damage for five seconds

This greatly emphasizes all the other great melee cards mentioned.

Ammo for All – Offense Card

Ammo For All

How to get more ammo in PvP? This should give a big boost to your team’s firepower by giving everyone +10% more ammo each. You will only be able to get this once as it never shows up after picking it up for the first time.

Inspiring Sacrifice

Team effect: when you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates heal for 25 health over ten seconds

Extremely useful for PvP. It gives your team a chance to survive a few more seconds after being overwhelmed.

Marked for Death – Utility Card

This might be the most underrated card in the game. I rarely see other players use the ping button to tag player-controlled Riddens. With this card, you will be able to highlight these players and deal 10% more damage to them with just a ping. Just a ping! If you want to know how to ping, just press Q.

Well Fed – Defense Card

Another big boost to your team’s survivability. It adds 10 health to each teammate but, it reduces your stamina regen by 20%. 20% is big, but it only works on the player who took the card. Overall, it is still a gigantic boost to your team.

Two is One and One is None – Offense Card

Equipping two primary weapons is essentially doubling your ammo capacity. Carrying two guns of different types will give you twice as much firepower in terms of capacity, and you can easily switch weapons.

You can even combine cards such as Admin Reload and Shooting Gloves for a fun little combo. These two cards mentioned will go up a tier when combined with this one.

Run and Gun – Mobility Card

You will be able to shoot while sprinting when you take the Run and Gun card. It gives insane utility and mobility at the same time.

Perfect for getting away from those pesky Reekers and those slow Tallboys. Combined with more movement speed cards, you can abuse the hell out of player-controlled Riddens without any melee Stingers.

Rolling Thunder

+50% movement speed while firing with shotguns; +10% damage with shotguns

A staple card for shotgun builds. The movement speed increase is ridiculous. It also increases your damage by 10% with shotguns.


+50% movement speed while firing with SMGs; +10% damage with SMGs

Same as the previous card but for SMGs. You can also add the Speed Demon card for more movement speed.

A-Tier Cards

These A-Tier cards are good, but some are used in niche situations while offering some decent bonuses to stats.

Evasive Action – Mobility Card

Evasive Action gives you the ability to gain 20% move speed for 3 seconds every time you take a hit for 10 or more damage—another underrated skill to have.

I found this useful when trying to get out of sticky situations after the first round. Eventually, good Ridden players will upgrade their common Riddens to increase the number of the horde, and they might deal more damage.

You can get that 20% move speed bonus without any damage resistance every time you get hit. It is highly situational but, it is almost broken when you start to make it work.

Ammo Mule

+75% ammo capacity; disable support accessories

Big capacity increase. Great for AR users who can clear Riddens fast with good damage. You will have to rely on teammates to heal you, though.

Speed Demon

+12% movement speed while using an SMG

+12% is a big bonus, and it is great paired with SMGs and shotguns.

Adrenaline Fuelled

+100% stamina; -75% stamina regeneration; when you kill an enemy, gain ten stamina instantly and an additional ten stamina over five seconds

The crazy boost to your stamina capacity is big. However, this will alter your gameplay as your stamina regeneration is essentially worthless. This is great for speedrunning stages as you will basically have unlimited stamina if you know what you are doing.

Stimulants – Mobility Cards

Stimulants give a ton of important but temporary bonuses like +10% move speed, +10% reload speed, and +10% weapon swap speed for 30 seconds. This card is borderline A-Tier and could be down to B-Tier since it relies heavily on a Pain Med spawn.

As I play a Mom main, stacking up on Pain Meds with a ton of healing cards paired with them gives your team a staggering amount of healing and health bonuses.

Fleet of Foot

+10% movement speed -5% damage resistance

Sacrificing some damage resistance for movement speed is also great. The 10% movement speed increase is significant enough to help you avoid more damage. This requires you to become more active to maximize the card.


+5% movement speed

Like the previous card, this one allows you to kite the Riddens better without sacrificing any stats in return.

Cold Brew Coffee

+40% stamina regeneration; -10% stamina efficiency

Great in PvP. The current pace allows you to recover in between fights faster.

Natural Sprinter

+100% stamina regeneration; -50% maximum stamina

Great for min-maxing your stamina in PvP.

Ridden Slayer – Offense Card

Good offense card for precision killing. It is good for dealing with Tallboys insanely fast, and you could potentially 1 or 2-shot Stingers with this card.

A lot of potential combinations, such as the Marked for Death card mentioned before.


Each bullet hit causes the target to take 1% increased damage for three seconds (stacks to 50%)

This card does insane damage to bosses. However, it is higher up the list than cards with +weak spot damage because this can be used consistently against Tallboys and other special Riddens. With an SMG, you can capitalize on the buff with rapid fire.


+10% melee speed; melee kills grant one temporary health to nearby teammates

Great for melee builds. It is also a fun idea to explore having the whole team going for the same build.

Reload Drills – Offense Card

+30% reload speed is a big bonus for the later stages of the round. When things are already chaotic, this will help the team clear the horde faster by unloading all those stored ammo.

Meth Head

+40 melee attack speed; +40% melee stamina efficiency melee attacks no longer stick in tough enemies; disables ADS

For melee builds, this card is the staple on each melee deck you can build. The +40% melee stamina efficiency is a crazy buff that allows you to swing relentlessly without overly boosting your overall stamina with card buffs.

Combined with the melee attack speed, this card will turn you into a deranged Ridden killer. The gameplay for this build is fun but a little exhausting because of its fast-paced playstyle.


+30 melee efficiency; +30 melee attack speed; -5% damage resistance

The Brazen card is the same as the Meth Head except for the negatives. Damage resistance is crucial for melee builds, and sacrificing a small portion of it is already significant. However, you will retain your ADS for weapons.

Superior Cardio – Mobility Card

Another good card for just raw stats. This is essentially for builds that allow you to sprint forever during a match.

Buckshot Bruiser

+15% damage resistance while using a shotgun

Adds more survivability on the powerful shotgun build.

Patient Hunter – Offense Card

This is really good for dealing with Tallboys. You can literally spot them from afar and just be aware of their distance before dashing in. Hold your sights before then, and you will shred them in an instant. You just need to be aware that you have this card.


Precision kills have a 20% chance to cause Ridden to explode, dealing 15 damage to other Ridden within four meters

Great way to boost your horde clearing abilities. It will save you some ammo too.

Experienced EMT – Defense Card

Experienced EMT is good, but only when you play a support deck to combine other cards with it.

Shell Carrier

+30% shotgun ammo capacity; +10% damage with shotguns

While the shotgun ammo capacity is minimal, the damage is still a must-have for shotgun builds. You will tear through special Riddens with a couple of shots.

Antibiotic Ointment – Defense Card

Antibiotic Ointment

Another good support card for overall healing.

Energy Bar – Mobility Card

It gives +60% stamina regeneration which should be more than enough for your stamina needs. Pair this with the Cross Trainers, and you are already good to go on stamina.

Scar Tissue – Defense Card

The Back 4 Blood scar tissue is another underrated card to increase your overall survivability.

Chemical Courage – Offense Card

Again, this is why I believe the Pain Meds are the best healing items in the game. While this may seem situational and the +25% damage is only decent, the 60 seconds buff is long. It will stack up with all the other damage buffs you have, and you will have an insane damage output during that long window.

Ammo Pouch – Offense Card

Ammo Pouch 1

Any additional ammo is good for surviving longer in Swarm mode. The problem is always the ammo, so this would be a staple for most decks when playing with randoms.

Group Therapy – Defense Card

Good overall healing for your team. In most situations, everyone will be taking damage, so this will be an efficient card for support decks.

Grenade Pouch – Offense Card

For cleaner teams, the additional offensive inventory will help players set up easily. There are a ton of Razor Wires, and it will be hard to go back and forth to get them.

You will be able to set up during the whole scavenge time and also pick up two of the same equipment at a time.

Fanny Pack – Defense Card

Just like the card above, this will let you hold more healing items of the same kind. It will save you time from going to crates and getting caught. Using Mom will put it up to 3 support items.

Motorcycle Jacket

+10% damage resistance

Great for increasing damage resistance. Since some of the great cards lower this attribute a lot, you can negate it by adding this card.

B-Tier Cards

Since the deck takes 15 cards, most of these cards will also be in your deck. These cards are all decent and should be combined with most of the cards mentioned above.

Combat Medic – Defense Card

I contemplated on putting this card on C-Tier, but during most of my games, the extra 20 health is somehow useful. When players go down, you usually end up reviving them only after dealing with most of the horde.

The extra health ends up helping them recover a little more and escape.

Glass Cannon

+50% weak spot damage; -30 health

Another card that could fit a speedrunning deck. The usage of the Glass Cannon card is rare. It can only benefit short runs where you can exploit the weak spot damage enough.


+40% weak spot damage; -10% damage

This has the same reason as the previous card.

Medical Expert – Defense Card

With only a slight bonus to healing efficiency, the 15 seconds of +15% move speed is decent as well.

Stock Pouch

+30% sniper ammo capacity; +10% damage with sniper rifles

Good for sniper builds especially since it does not sacrifice anything for two slight buffs. +30% is not that big when it comes to sniper ammo capacity since the capacity isn’t that big, to begin with.


+5 health; +10 melee efficiency; +20% melee attack speed

Great for a melee build as it does not sacrifice anything in return for a slight buff across the board.

Marathon Runner – Mobility Card

The move speed bonus is lackluster, but the removal of the movement penalty is quite decent. You will be able to dodge common Riddens more easily since getting hit will slow you down.

Mag Coupler

+50% reload speed; disables ADS

A staple for any shotgun users out there.

Widemouth Magwell

+30% reload speed; -5% damage resistance

The reload speed is great without sacrificing the ADS feature. This gives you more options on weapons like SMGs and ARs.

In The Zone – Offense Card

Decent card for surviving the last few seconds of the stage. You need to have enough ammo at the end to maximize this, though.

Mag Carrier

+30% pistol/SMG ammo capacity; +10% damage with pistols and SMGs

Another great boost for pistols and SMG builds. You can only benefit from this with a pistol as your secondary.

Guns Out

+50% weapon swap speed; -5% damage resistance

Weapon swap speed is only minimal. Although there is a niche build that can benefit from it (Two is One and Power Swap), other great choices increase your weapon swap speed without sacrificing too much.


+75% weapon swap speed; when you take damage, your accuracy is reduced by 20% for 3 seconds

This is the same as the previous card. However, you can blast through a stage with the Two is One and Power Swap combo with a great run and gun build. On higher difficulty stages, it will be hard not to get hit though.

Poultice – Defense Card

A good additional heal for supporting your team. Good for support decks. This also adds healing to Pain Meds which only gives you temporary health.

Hydration Pack

+25 health; -20% ammo capacity

Great for melee build who do not rely on ammo. The health greatly synergizes with the build too.

Canned Goods

+40 health; -30% stamina

More health in exchange for less stamina. This is not what you are looking for if you are playing a melee build. This is better for support or healers.

Rousing Speech

+150% revive speed; +50% reduced revive trauma; disables offensive accessories

Great for a support PvP build. The revive trauma is criminally underrated as survival depends on a lot of reviving during the last minutes in PvP.

Inspiring Sacrifice – Defense Card

It is a weird condition, but it is decent for your team when one guy is placing all the propane, fuel tanks, and other setups while fighting. When your whole team is on the brink of losing, it might help that last player push for a few more seconds.

Padded Suit

+15% damage resistance; -20% stamina efficiency

Good for bruiser builds. You have to compensate for the reduced stamina efficiency though.

Motorcycle Helmet

+25% damage resistance; disables ADS

There are a lot of cards that disables ADS. Most of them give you great bonuses. You can use this card as a filler since +25% damage resistance is a big number.

Confident Killer – Offense Card

On average, mutation kills only add up to around 15-20 kills. If you kill more, clearly, there is something wrong with the enemy.

Body Armor

+25% trauma resistance; -20% ammo capacity

A great defensive buffer for the melee build.

Wooden Armor

+40% trauma resistance; -100% fire,acid, and explosion resistances

Trauma resistance is great to have. It prolongs your effective HP significantly. However, the acid resistance is also big. Reekers will have a field day against you. You can easily avoid them if you are careful enough.


+45% healing efficiency; -20% stamina efficiency

The increased healing is insanely big. This should be good for support decks with a lot of trauma healing bonuses.

Field Surgeon

+75% healing efficiency; -25% use speed

While it slows down your healing, it greatly buffs your heals for your teammates. Healing a recently downed teammate will practically give them a full health bar.

True Grit – Defense Card

It will be hard to push for this card if you have a ton of damage resistance.

Grenade Training

+25% accessory damage

Good damage boost with no negative effects.

Bomb Squad – Offense Card

This actually helps you one-shot Tallboys with pipe bombs and frag grenades.

Face Your Fears – Defense Card

Another decent card but also niche. It requires you to be within melee range but, it works on common Riddens. It would be an A-Tier card if you specifically use it on a melee build.

Heavy Hitter

Melee hits against weak spots deal +20 additional stumble damage

Good against special Riddens and boss fights.

Olympic Sprinter

+30% sprint efficiency; -5% damage resistance

Sprint efficiency for a slight damage resistance reduction. Good for blazing through a stage or kiting.

Vitamins – Defense Card

You have to take your vitamins.

Quick Kill

+50% accuracy; disables ADS

Great accuracy increase for hip-fire. Good for SMG and Shotgun builds that is extremely fast-paced.

Trigger Control

+25% accuracy with assault rifles and sniper rifles

Good for ARs as their accuracy is not that great when it comes to hip-fire.

Numb – Defense Card

Extremely niche card. The damage resistance is not that significant too.

Second Chance – Defense Card

A good filler card for overall survivability.

C-Tier Card or Other Cards

Fire in the Hole! – Mobility Card

You do not really get to throw more than 4 offensive equipment to utilize this card enough.

Killer’s Instinct

+30% weak spot damage; disables ADS

The buff and the negative are just two polar opposites. You will need your ADS to maximize weak spot damage against most enemies. Other than a very niche melee build, this card is unusable as some cards offer more weak spot damage.

Pep in Your Step – Mobility Card

Precision kills are hard to do while running around, and the buff is not that significant as well.

Smelling Salts

+50% revive speed

Revive speed bonus.

Pep Talk

+100% revive speed; -5% damage resistance

More revive speed bonus.

Line ‘Em Up

+100% bullet penetration with assault rifles

Great for shredding down common Riddens in a line without sacrificing any attributes.

Miraculous Recovery – Defense Card

This would be good when stacked, but you are losing many cards to get that 25% chance up. It is almost useless when you think about it.

Wounded Animal

Kills while at critical health recover one health

Too risky to activate or utilize the card.


Melee kills have a 2% chance to spawn ammo

If you average around 100-200 kills per stage, that is still only 3-4 ammo drops of a type you might not be using.


Pistol kills have a 2% chance to spawn ammo

It is the same reason as above, except pistol builds are weaker than melee builds.

Power Swap – Offense Card

This is good for the gun swapping build with the auto-reload, and Two is One card above. Other than that, it is useless.

Money or Copper Cards

  • Bounty Hunter – when you kill a mutation, gain ten copper (up to 300 per level)
  • Compound Interest – gain 10% of your total copper in each safe room
  • Lucky Pennies – whenever your team loots copper, you have a 35% chance to find 35% additional copper
  • Money Grubber – each time your team loots copper, you gain five additional copper, stacking up to 100 additional copper
  • Share the Wealth – each teammate gains 100 bonus copper at the start of each level

This all depends on the player builds. Only a few cards sacrifice copper, and you can negate those by getting one of these.

However, copper is not that useful in the game if you are utilizing the stage efficiently.

Shooting Gloves – Utility Card

Just plain weapon swap speed. 50% is not that big, considering weapon swaps are already fast in general.

Double Grenade Pouch

+2 offensive inventory; -10% damage dealt

Only useful if there is a ton of offensive equipment on the stage.

Surplus Pouches

-10% health; team effect; +1 team offensive inventory

The bonus does not compensate for the lost health. Offensive equipment is minimal.

Shoulder Bag

+2 support inventory; -10% damage dealt

Box O’ Bags

-10% health; team effect +1 team support inventory

Same reason as the offensive equipment above.

Screwdriver – Utility Card

Again, use speed is already fast in general except for Defibrillators and First Aids.

Fresh Bandage

Heal ten trauma damage at the start of each level


Kills from greater than 15 meters grant five temporary health to teammates with ten meters of the target

It is too hard to maximize this card.

Combat Training – Offense Card

Bullet penetration is decent for shotguns and sniper rifles when dealing with a ton of Riddens. The damage is just lackluster.

Demolition Expert

+50 accessory damage; -20% ammo capacity

Builds built around explosives are not sustainable. The ammo capacity will still be needed, and the bonus does not have enough impact. There could be team-based builds with a specific player playing with explosives to deal with bosses quickly.

Improvised Explosives

+75% accessory damage; -25% swap speed

Same as the previous card. However, swap speed is not that important compared to ammo capacity.

Hunker Down – Defense Card

Who crouches for damage resistance? Maybe a tank build where you pretend to be a statue?

Combat Knife

Turns your bash into a knife that counts as a melee weapon

Not that significant, but it can save you some ammo.


Gain 30% movement speed and accuracy while crouched and using an LMG

Good for niche situations like getting overwhelmed by a horde of Riddens.

Medical Professional – Defense Card

Good card since it recovers trauma damage, but how often do you get First Aids and Defibrillators?

Ammo Belt

+50% ammo capacity; -20% stamina efficiency

Reducing stamina efficiency is bad. In PvP, stamina is still effective when kiting around or helping teammates.

Optics Enthusiast

30% accuracy; -20% stamina efficiency

Cons outweigh the pros.

Front Sight Focus – Offense Card

Just practice your aim. Who needs the accuracy buff. You can literally aim down sight with every shot with every split second before shooting.

Life Insurance

+2 extra lives lose 50 copper at the start of each level

Who needs life insurance when you are healthy?


+40 % sprint efficiency; when you take damage while sprinting, you lose all stamina

No point in increasing stamina or stamina efficiency when you lose all your stamina after getting hit. It could be used for professional speedrunning though.

On Your Mark

When you exit a starting safe room, your team gains +15% movement speed for 30 seconds

Great for speedrunning.

Pyro – Offense Card

Shooting fuel tanks and propane will work with this card but is still extremely situational.

Steady Aim

+80% aim speed; -50% ADS move speed

Aim speed is an underwhelming buff to acquire.

Tunnel Vision

+50% aim speed; -5% damage resistance

The same as the previous card.

Overwatch – Defense Card

A sniper build is hard to pull off in certain maps. You are an easy target for Stingers. Not at all decent since the buff is not too big.


+50% weak spot damage; -20% damage

This bonus is specifically used for beating bosses like the Breaker or the Ogre. However, the -20% damage output is too much. You will end up doing less damage throughout the stage with this card.

This has some use in speedrunning short stages that include a boss. It is extremely niche, so that you can disregard this card.

Needs of the Many

-20% health; team effect +1 team extra life

Losing 20% health is just too risky. If you are playing the support role, getting taken out will not merit the buff you receive from the card.

Down in Front!

While crouching, gain 10% damage resistance, and you neither take nor deal friendly fire damage

Why even bother.

All Scavenger Cards

  • Copper Scavenger – you can sense nearby copper; more copper piles spawn
  • Ammo Scavenger – you can sense nearby ammo; more ammo spawns
  • Support Scavenger – you can sense nearby support accessories; more support accessories spawn
  • Weapon Scavenger – you can sense nearby weapons; more weapon spawn
  • Offensive Scavenger – you can sense nearby offensive accessories; more offensive accessories spawn
  • Utility Scavenger – you can sense nearby quick accessories; more quick accessories spaw

All are decent for players who have just started playing the game.

Durable – Defense Card

Good filler card for tanky builds. Removing trauma damage is a good thing with the right support player to help you in the long run.

Reckless Strategy

+30% weak spot damage; -5% damage resistance

Weak spot damage is low on the priority list except for boss stages. You do not want to sacrifice anything for it.


+50% use speed; -5% damage resistance

Amped Up

When you exit a starting safe room, your team gains 50 temporary health

This is not even good for speedrunning.

Admin Reload – Offense Card

Admin Reload

As mentioned before, there is a good build for this with the two primary weapons. The ammo capacity is a big bummer though.

Every time you swap weapons, it instantly reloads. It might be hard to remove that natural itch to stop reloading though.

Headband Magnifier

+75% use speed; when you take damage, you have a chance to be blinded for one second

You do not want to get blinded every time you take damage.

Ammo Stash – Offense Card

Ammo Stash

There might be builds out there to give pistols some love. You will lack a ton of damage compared to primary weapons though.

Controlled Movement

+40% movement speed while aiming down sights with a sniper rifle

A staple for sniper rifle builds to increase mobility.

Rhythmic Breathing

+60% stamina; -20% slow resistance

While the stamina bonus is great, the decreased slow resistance can let the horde trample you quickly.

Run Like Hell

+5 movement speed; when you take damage, your accuracy is reduced by 20% for three seconds

Another bad condition for a good buff.