Finding out whether there is friendly fire is an important thing when playing any multiplayer FPS game.

If you’re wondering if Back 4 Blood has friendly fire, the answer to that would be both yes and no.

Do you damage teammates by shooting them? Does explosive damage from frag grenades hurt teammates? Do you pick up damage yourself from this?

Since none of this is as simple as a one-word answer, this guide will list and show you exactly when and how you get damaged by teammates and the environment in Back 4 Blood.

Campaign Difficulty

Firstly, you need to be aware of the difficulty you are playing when queuing up for quick play or creating your own run. The amount of damage depends on the difficulty.

When you are playing the lowest difficulty which is Survivor, there will be no friendly fire to worry about. This includes damage from offensive equipment like frag grenades, molotovs, and pipe bombs.

Playing on Veteran difficulty will add 35% friendly fire damage to all your shots and equipment. It is a significant increase since a player’s normal health pool is not that big, to begin with.

For the highest difficulty which is Nightmare, there will be 60% friendly fire damage and you will be dealing with a lot of increased damage from RIddens.

This is a big leap compared to Veteran difficulty which would need a team with proper communication. You can play with your friends so you can challenge yourself and have fun at the same time.

Versus Mode

For Swarm mode or PvP, there will be no friendly fire for this game mode. The same goes for explosives so you can freely throw grenades at Riddens even if you have teammates there.

This is useful for saving your teammates from being grabbed by a Tallboy Crusher. In fact, you mostly save these explosives to save your teammates instantly by throwing explosives at these Tallboys.

For other explosives such as shooting propane and fuel tanks, this does not damage your teammates. You can freely shoot it anytime you want without causes collateral damage to your team.

Playing as a Ridden/Mutation

When playing as a Ridden whether Crusher, Reeker, or Stinger, there will be no friendly fire as well. Exploding as a Reeker near other player-controlled Riddens will not damage them.

For common Ridden, they will also not get damaged by any attacks you do. This is a good thing since it is already hard to keep all the Riddens alive during the fight even with good upgrades.

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