The lost supplies are tricky to find. The objectives are clear; however, the location of the lost supplies is not spoon-fed to you in the game.

You will have to search for it in a stage where the area is quite open. Without knowing the exact location of the lost supplies, you might end up wasting a few minutes circling the town finding it.

In this guide, you will learn where to get the lost supplies in Back 4 Blood and deliver them to the saferoom as fast as possible.

Campaign Recap

The objective to get the lost supplies starts with the Special Delivery stage. Before that, you should have already encountered and beaten the Breaker, which you will have to beat again in this stage.

The Special Delivery stage starts right after finishing the Bar Room Blitz stage, where you need to defend Keel’s bar to let the survivors escape on the buses.

How to Get the Lost Supplies

Beating the Breaker

Immediately after starting the stage, you will need to head into the town and open the gate. Right after opening the gate, the Breaker boss will greet you in kind. This stage will test your ammo management, especially when you are playing on a higher difficulty.

The Breaker fight starts immediately, and you will not have time to clear the area of Riddens before fighting the boss. A Snitcher will be roaming around the site if you decide to kite the Breaker near the gas station.

The best strategy is to lure the Breaker behind the gate first and deal with the special Ridden as they spawn. It will be much safer and more manageable this way.

However, if you end up alerting the Snitcher, you can deal with the horde with a few offensive equipments. Try to throw the grenades near the horde while hitting the Breaker at the same time.

Finding the Lost Supplies

After dealing with the Breaker, follow the road ahead until you see a house with an open door on the left side. There will be a weapon crate in the middle if you want to look for an excellent weapon to swap to.

Clear the house and loot the supplies inside before exiting on the other side. Try to avoid Reekers and Tallboys while inside enclosed areas. They will do a lot of damage, and Reekers can summon a horde if they explode near you.

Once you exit the small house, you will see a straight road. On the left side of the road, there will be a warehouse you can enter. You can resupply here with a few medical spawns on the table and ammo on the shelves and the ground. There are a lot of coins scattered inside the warehouse as well.

On the right side of the road, you will see a metal staircase. This will lead you to the lost supplies you need to find and acquire. Go up the metal staircase, and there will be an unlocked door.

Open it, and you will see the lost supplies on the floor. Once you grab the lost supplies, you will not be able to shoot as you will be carrying the orange box to the saferoom.

Delivering the Lost Supplies to the Saferoom

This should be easy since the saferoom is already nearby. If you get into trouble, you can drop it and switch to your weapons. The lost supplies should be dropped from where you swapped to your weapon.

It can be carried by your other teammates too. Once you get the lost supplies, you can go back to the road and head straight.

You will see a red flare on the left side, which should lead you to the saferoom entrance. There are a few supplies you can get before delivering the lost supplies to the saferoom. There are frag grenades and coins inside the lot where the saferoom is located.

If you have not checked the warehouse yet, you can still go back and grab some supplies there. You can deliver the lost supplies to the saferoom and drop them there first.

As long as you do not close the saferoom, you should still be able to go back and get some supplies. Once you are ready, you can go back to the saferoom and finish the Special Delivery stage.

Final Thoughts

This stage is faster than most of the stages in the game. Mainly because it involves a boss fight with the Breaker; once you deal with the Breaker, you can finish this stage in under a minute once you know where to get the lost supplies.

You can notice the similarity with the other stages that resemble a puzzle. Like the Special Delivery stage, they are extremely short once you know where to find the lost supplies.