You likely came across this article because you found yourself lost in Holland Farm doing the Bad Seeds chapter in Act 1 of Back 4 Blood. Don’t worry, I was stuck there too.

This short article will show you where to find the nest nodes in Back 4 Blood as there can be different spawns for it in every match in Bad Seeds.

While there are other stages where you find nests to destroy as objectives, this will focus on the Back 4 Blood Bad Seeds stage.

Bad Seeds Act 1

After progressing through the ferry, you will end up in the Blue Dog Hollow where you will find the Holland Farm. You will eventually reach a broken bridge where you will need to destroy 2 nest nodes around the farm.

Where to Find the Nest Nodes

It is worth noting that there are multiple Back 4 Blood nest nodes locations. While you only need to destroy 2 of them, they can spawn randomly so you can check each of the spots to determine if they spawned there or not.

Nest Nodes 2

Even without reaching the objective yet, you can actually start shooting these red eggs sacks (bad seeds nest nodes) if you want to speed things up. It will automatically trigger a horde once shot so make sure you are prepared for that.

You can learn how to play with friends to finish the campaign more easily as the bots here are pretty annoying.

Be careful of special Riddens as getting caught can automatically disable you until you are dead since the bots are awful teammates.

Nest Nodes 3 1

After destroying the nests here and dealing with the horde, follow the infected ground and it will lead you to the next one which is located inside a broken barn.

If only one of them spawned in these locations, you can continue to follow the infected trail on the ground even further. It will eventually lead you to the first picture in this article.

You will be able to see it just when you enter the Holland Farm. This is why you can immediately start the horde by destroying it immediately even without reaching the bridge.

It is safer to clear the area first before starting to destroy these nest nodes.

How to Destroy the Nest Nodes

Each spot has 3 nests you need to destroy. They can be shot multiple times but if you’re looking for all the Back 4 Blood nest weak spots, I highly suggest using your melee attack (press V) to destroy them in one strike.

If there is a horde following you, you can just shoot these nests from afar when you have the chance.

You can split the team into two groups to make this faster as fighting the horde is easily skippable when you destroy the bridge and reach the boat. By splitting and finding the nest nodes separately, you can destroy all of them at the same time and just run to the next objective. Piece of cake.

As a side note, you can also check the house in the middle of the farm for supplies. It is where you can find ammo refills and other resources to help you finish the stage.