Using the ping feature is crucial to your team’s success especially when playing competitively or playing harder difficulties in the campaign mode.

Even with active voice communication with your team, it is still good to ping the exact location of what you are trying to communicate so that the information can be relayed instantly.

This guide will show you how to ping in Back 4 Blood and how to use pings most effectively for your team’s success.

Using the Ping Wheel

Ping Wheel

To use the ping wheel, you just need to press and hold C and it will show up. Make sure to hold it until you have decided which command to use. Use the mouse to hover over the commands on the wheel.

Once you have decided on what to use, release the C button to ping the command to where you are looking. It is worth noting that you can still move while doing this.

While there is a VOIP or voice communication feature available in the game, this is still useful for players who just want to casually play without talking on their microphones.

The group up command is one of the most useful ones to command your team in PvP mode. This is because it is important to stick with each other in a good area where you can help each other out.

While there might be players who do not listen to commands or fail to communicate, it is still worth trying to work together to win the PvP match.

For the campaign, it is also important to ping objectives for your team especially if they do not know what they are doing.

You can ping for your teammates to show them where to find the nest nodes.

Or, you could ping the 150MM Rounds in order to load the howitzer and destroy the mine entrance.

Fast Ping

To use a quick or fast ping, you can press Q while looking at the exact location of where or what you want to ping. This will show up on everyone’s screen wherever they are on the map.

This feature is generally useful for all types of first-person shooter games. When you are playing PvP, it is wise to use this fast ping to alert your teammates where the special Riddens are.

Pinging annoying Stingers will help your team either avoid them when alone or deal with them immediately. These enemies are strong against individuals who are far away from their teammates.

They can get disabled or lunged at because these Stingers are the most mobile special Riddens in the game.

Players often forget to ping player-controlled Riddens when playing PvP. This is important for your team’s success.

Although, you will not be able to ping what kind of Ridden you are pinging. You could communicate by using the chat feature or your own headset.

Even if you have voice communications playing with your friends, this is still important to pinpoint exactly what you are talking about. Callouts such as “Reekers on the roof” and pinging that exact roof will help inform your teammates instantly on what to look out for.

How to Ping Items

For healing items, weapons, attachments, and ammo, you can also press Q to ping the items. However, you should be looking directly at them to have it pinged like the image above.

This will also prompt your character to automatically say “sniper rifle over here” or “healing over here”. They will be able to see the icon on the map to see where it is exactly located. After around 10 seconds, the ping will disappear from the player’s screen.

Make sure you see the item’s description before pressing Q as you might just randomly ping the area without pinging the exact item you want your teammates to know.

In PvP mode, this is important when it is at scavenging time. The cleaners do not have enough time to grab all the loot in the area before the first swarm arrives.

It is important to split up with the team to scavenge each area for items, weapons, equipment, and healing items.

With better awareness, players will be able to remember where these items are when things get a little chaotic. They can circle back to grab healing items, restock equipment, and refill some ammo.

Since there is a limited amount of items for each stage, make sure the players with the specific deck build utilize most of the items. For example, Mom will know how to heal better with a good support deck.

Holly and Evangelo can grab more offensive items such as grenades, molotovs, and pipe bombs since they can hold more slots and get more buffs from using them.

It is a good idea to ping these items for your teammates and be aware of what your character’s strengths are.

Best Tip for PvP

When you are playing PvP, there are only two ways on how to get more ammo. They are found in crates and Ammo Pouches. For crates filled with ammo, ping them and let your team remember this exact location.

Players usually run out of ammo when you reach the end of the 2nd swarm. Your team can restock on ammo only when they are about to run out.

Since most of the players use one weapon for the whole round, make sure to only take the ammo of the gun you are using.

You can be running a shotgun and end up taking all the rifle ammo which will leave none for your teammates to restock on.

Since you will not be able to use the ping feature to ask for ammo, you will have to use voice communication to ask for ammo and have teammates drop ammo for you.