Ammo is always scarce when dealing with endless hordes of common and special Riddens.

You will consume lots of ammo to deal with these enemies, especially on higher difficulty levels.

This guide will show you how to get more ammo in Back 4 Blood as you play along normally. It is a good idea to keep these things in mind when progressing through the stages of the campaign.

Types of Ammo

The first thing you should know first is that there are different ammo types in the game. They are classified as Shotgun, Pistol & SMG, Sniper, and Rifle ammo. You should pay attention to this when you are trying out different guns.

All the ammo drops in the game are completely random so if you are using a rifle, you will still find non-rifle ammo drops.

How to Get Ammo

There are many ways on how to get more ammo. This section will show you each way you can get them so you can be more aware every time you are running out of ammo.

Random drop from Riddens

Eliminating Riddens (common ones) will give you a small chance to drop some ammo. There are some occasions that it drops more frequently when you have less ammo but it might be a coincidence.

This is a good way to get ammo and it is a good idea to use different ammo types from your other party members. Your team will be much more efficient and you will be able to utilize any kind of ammo drop that comes.

Ammo Pouches

Ammo Pouch

You can also find Ammo Pouches to replenish your ammo instantly. It will take up an equipment slot (number 5 slot) and you can purchase this from the shop before starting the run.

It is used as an emergency when you are low on ammo while dealing with hordes of Riddens combined with special Riddens. If you are just progressing normally and you have no more ammo, you can still use your secondary to save up.

Buying from the shop

You will have access to the shop every time you enter a saferoom (when you start a new run/game). Ammo will be available for purchase and will be highlighted at the top according to the type of weapon you are currently using.

These are cheap just because Copper is easy to get. The only expensive items are epic upgrades and card upgrades which will take the bulk of your Copper. Other than that, healing items and ammo should always be prioritized.

Ammo crates

There are small orange crates you might come across when finishing the campaign. The small square crate will be the one that contains a ton of ammo inside. The longer rectangular crate will contain weapons.

When you find these, it will give you the most ammo resupply out of any other method while progressing in a run. It is crucial to find these items especially when you are running low on ammo playing at high difficulty.

Loose loot

As you might have noticed already, there are a lot of loose loots around the area. Items could spawn on shelves, ledges, floor, or almost anywhere around the map.

Since it might be hard to narrow down all the exact locations for potential spawns, a good tip is to always look at your surroundings. These items get highlighted when you are near them so you can see them clearly.

Once you are near an item, you will be able to spot them easily if you just look around.