The Ogre is one of many bosses you will encounter in the Back 4 Blood campaign. They are the size of a Kaiju that is tough and can hurl projectiles too.

Bosses that spawn are indicated with an extensive health bar on top of your screen. Once the Ogre appears, you will see it immediately.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to beat the Ogre in Back 4 Blood as you will encounter it multiple times throughout the playthrough, regardless of the difficulty level.

What Are Ogres?

Ogres are tall mutated Riddens that you will encounter through the first stages of the campaign. They are extremely dangerous when they are close to cleaners. Their melee strikes deal a ton of damage per hit.

On the bright side, they are extremely slow. It will be easy to kite the Ogre once you get used to its movement behavior.

Most of the players compare the Ogre to the Tank in Left 4 Dead. As both Back 4 Blood and Left 4 Dead had the same creators, it is easy to make that connection. However, Back 4 Blood shows a lot more bosses to challenge the players.

There is one more boss that is more similar to the Tank once you progress more through the campaign.

Ogre Fight Strategy

If you are playing on the lowest difficulty (Recruit), the boss fight strategy is simple. You unload all your bullets on the Ogre’s vulnerable parts (glowing pores around its huge body) and run away when it gets near you.

With a group of 4 cleaners, it is wise to split up so none of you will take collateral damage. Once it starts chasing someone, the other three cleaners can unload freely.

However, special Riddens can also spawn during the fight. Tallboys and Stingers will be your main priority every time they show up.

Since they can temporarily incapacitate teammates, you should always watch these two special Riddens and take them out immediately.

Take note of the Ogre’s movements. Once it stops and staggers for a little bit, it will try to do its projectile attack where it hurls infectious vomit on a specific player.

It will be easy to dodge, but it would be safer to run until it attacks.

The fastest way to beat an Ogre is by throwing all of your offensive equipment on it. Frag grenades and molotovs would be ideal. Since pipe bombs do not explode instantly, they will most likely miss unless you can kite the Ogre around a thrown pipe bomb on the ground.

There are a lot of player cards that can boost the damage of your offensive equipment. The most valuable one is always the grenade pouch since you will be able to hold more than one offensive equipment at a time.

Once you deal enough damage to push the Ogre’s health points to at least 50%, it will burrow or run away. It will show up again at the same stage you encountered the Ogre in the campaign. The Ogre can also heal itself during the fight but, it does not affect the 50% threshold to make it run away.

On a higher difficulty, this fight can take forever. I highly recommend playing it a little safer. There will be friendly fire, and all the incoming damage will be increased.

It would be best if you tried to heal yourself before the encounter. Since the health system introduced Trauma (lowers your max health points), your maximum health will become lower and lower every time you get hit.

Using a bandage or a medkit will slowly remove the Trauma from your health bar. With regards to finding more ammo, it will be severely limited on higher difficulties. It would help if you tried to save your ammo leading up to the Ogre fight.

Does the Ogre Drop Loot?

Unfortunately, beating the Ogre does not give you anything. It is just a difficult challenge you need to overcome while progressing through the campaign. You will always need to pay attention to your resources.

If you end up using all of your remaining ammo for the boss fights, the rest of the run will become harder. Like in all survival games, resource management is vital since you will not replenish anything after beating the Ogre.

Final Thoughts

You will encounter the Ogre more than once. It spawns in multiple stages throughout the campaign. You should get used to the fight to try harder difficulty playthroughs when you play with your friends.

The boss fights are pretty enjoyable, and unlike Left 4 Dead, there is more variety in Back 4 Blood. You will encounter different bosses and more special Riddens along the way.