The Disease History quest from Therapist is a new quest that is added in patch 12.11. This article will teach you how to finish the Disease History quest in Escape from Tarkov including all the required materials.

Required Keys for the Quest

You will need the RB-KSM key and the RB-SMP key to finish the Disease History quest. The RB-KSM key will be used to get the Medical Journal No. 1 and the RB-SMP key will be used to get the Medical Journal No. 2.

I would suggest going to Reserve purely for the quest because it will be 10 times easier. If you want to stack other quests with this one, it might turn out bad. This is because Reserve is the hardest map to extract out of.

There are too many conditions for good extractions and raiders also spawn frequently. The place is littered with Player-Scavs just because they can get loot from farming raiders and other unlooted areas.

I highly suggest doing this kind of quest solo with no bag just because of the location of the quest which will be talked about later.

Medical Building – White Bishop Building

Disease History White Bishop Building

Head inside the medical building from the road leading up to the Scav Lands extract (PMC and Scav extract). Once you reach 1 floor up (2nd floor), go to the left and right side of the floor. Each Medical Journal will be on the same floor and you just need both the keys (RB-KSM and RB-SMP) to open them.

Disease History Door 1

The first medical journal (RB-KSM key room) will be located between two bookshelves on the right side of the room from where you entered the door. This room spawns medical supplies and it also has one sports bag. Nothing too special.

Disease History Door 2

The second medical journal (RB-SMP key room) is located on the left side of the room under the shelves. This room has an Ophthalmoscope spawn and a lot of medical supply spawn which should have better loot than the RB-KSM room.

Extraction – Safest Way

Go outside the White Bishop Building and you will see the White King Building on the other side of the road. This is opposite from the Scav Lands Extraction so you might confuse it for the Black Bishop Building which is also beside your building.

Hug the outside of the White King Building and run straight until you see the camping tents. Turn right and follow the tents just to avoid the fences because you will be going straight to the Sewer Manhole Extraction.

This extraction does require you to throw your bag away so this is why it was mentioned earlier to not bring a bag and just focus on other quests.

If you have read our guide on how to finish the Surplus Goods quest, it is basically the same strategy as both of these locations are close to the Sewer Manhole Extraction point.

Also, if you have a friend playing with you, you can ask him/her to accompany you as a Scav so you can take the Scav Lands extraction which is close as well. This is a good way of increasing your reputation with Fence and get additional rewards from Fence through the messenger as well.

Rewards for the Quest

You will get the following rewards after completing the Disease History quest from the Therapist.

  • 7,200 experience points and +0.03 reputation points with Therapist
  • Grizzly First Aid Kit
  • Ibuprofen Painkillers
  • 5 Calok-B Hemostatic
  • 30,000 Roubles

Final Thoughts

After finishing the quest, these areas are not that good when it comes to farming money. On the bright side, this area might not be as hot as other areas in Reserve which can be effective if you have a bad spawn or just having a bad day in Tarkov.

Buying the keys for more than 100k Roubles is highly not recommended unless you are rushing all the quests you can do to get levels. This is only for players who are playing more than 10 hours a day during the early days of a wipe.

If you do not have that much time to spare, these prices will drop fast and you can capitalize on that instead.