The Revision quest is a new task added from Peacekeeper in patch 12.11. It all sounds so complicated as there are multiple objectives and the objectives are all scattered around the whole Reserve map.

This article will show you how to finish the Revision quest in Escape from Tarkov and get more loyalty points/reputation with Peacekeeper as well as experience points.

Required Keys for the Quest

The key needed for this quest is the same one you used in finishing the Surplus Goods quest. You will need the RB-ST key which will be incredibly expensive because this whole workshop has around 3 different quests inside including high-value loot spawns like Military Batteries and Phased Array Elements.

You can buy this key from the Flea Market once you unlock it. Make sure to check the price constantly and try to buy it as cheap as you can possibly go. It will be expensive as everyone rushing to level will be looking for this one.

It also has the Military Battery spawn which you will also need for another quest and it needs to be “found in raid” status. You will also need 5 MS2000 Markers which are purchased from Prapor or the Flea Market.


White Knight Building

Marker 3

This one is easy to spot and quite safe to do as well. The BMP-2 tank is easily seen in the middle and you can hear anyone coming inside the building. There are a lot of covers available to you can hide to secure your objective.

Long Garage beside White Knight – RB-ST Key

Marker 2

The location for the workshop is inside the long garage at the end. The whole garage is beside the White Knight building and you will need to cross the broken wall on the side to go to the garage from the White Knight building.

After going inside the long garage, go to the end and you will find a locked metal door. Use the RB-ST key and go inside the workshop. You will find a lot of weapon boxes, ammo boxes, loose loot, and rare military loot inside. At the end of the workshop, you will see a BMP-2 tank and mark it.

Near the Checkpoint Fence Scav Extraction

Marker 5

This one is also easy to get to and relatively safe even if it is in an open area. Nobody goes here and it is near the edge of the map. The only problems you might encounter are Player-Scavs going to this extraction (very rare to see as a PMC) and PMCs doing the “Shooter Born in Heaven” quest from the Dome.

All of the first three locations mentioned are near each other so make sure to do all 3 before going to another area.

Bunker Hermetic Door Hill

Marker 4

This is near the bunker hermetic door but on the top of the bunker hill instead of inside it. This is also where you find the food storage from the quest “Reserv” and a lot of different quests. Gluhar can also be around this area so be careful but he should be inside or by the K-buildings.

If you spawn near this area, you need to be careful as there are two spawn points near this area.

Beside Scav Lands – T-90

Marker 1

This T-90 tank is closer to the Pawn buildings side and you have to cross the broken wall near the Scav Lands extract on the side. There is a spawn point near this area and you should be careful at the start of the raid.

In front of Scav Lands by the road

Non Marker Objective

This one is clearly visible from the Scav Lands and it is directly in front of it if you follow the road. You do not need to mark this one as you only need to mark 5 out of the 7 objectives here. This is way out in the open and you should just run to this spot and immediately head for cover after hearing the subtask completion notification.

Between Scav Lands and Heating Pipes

Non Marker Objective 2

This is the last BMP-2 tank you need. All of the last 3 locations are close to each other and this one is just to the right of Scav Lands. It is near a watchtower so that would be a more distinct sign that you are near. There are spawns near this one as well.


For extraction, it all depends on what you did last. Since you do not need to survive and extract for this quest, the level of difficulty is quite easy since you just need to mark objectives.

If you have a Red Rebel, this might be the easiest extraction as you would be familiar with which parts are dangerous since you are already running everywhere on the map. If you are unscathed throughout without seeing any enemies, they might be underground.

Bring a Paracord and an armored rig. If you are wearing an armored vest, you can just hide it somewhere and use the extract at the dome.

Without the Red Rebel, you can either wait for the armored train at the train station or go underground and take the D-2 extraction.

Rewards for the Quest

The rewards you get from completing the Revision task are the following.

  • 7,300 experience points and +0.03 Peacekeeper reputation points
  • 15 boxes of 5.56×45 Warmageddon (20 pieces per box)
  • $800

Final Thoughts

This is a long but easy task just because you can go to multiple raids and finish each marker one by one. The Revision quest leads to an even easier quest called “Experience Exchange” which will also be on Reserve.

If you know how to finish the Disease History quest, you can do both at the same raid. The same goes for the Inventory Check quest, Documents task, and other quests you might have in Reserve.