Like many other open world games, Square Enix’s Forspoken offers players a multitude of tasks, challenges, and side quests to enjoy.

Considering how massive the game’s map is, there is a good chance players will need help finding some items and materials from time to time.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the nine Poppets available in the game, how to obtain them, and how to use them.

Here’s a guide on how to find all Poppets in Forspoken.

Where to Collect Poppets

Chase the Cat

The Poppets that players can collect in Forspoken all look the same, but that’s fine because they are not meant to be kept. These dolls serve as a secondary currency, much like the Old Coins.

To obtain each Poppet, players must interact with cats they meet in Cipal.

After interacting with one of these cats, players will embark on a short Detour and follow the cat to a location with a Poppet Doll.

Each Poppet can be acquired during specific chapters in the game. See which cat will give you a Poppet in each of the game’s chapters:

  • Chapter 3: “Chase the Calico Cat”
  • Chapter 4: “Chase the Black & White Cat Part 1” & “Chase the Gray Cat Part 1”
  • Chapter 4: “Chase the Black & White Cat Part 2” & “Chase the Gray Cat Part 2” (after completing the previous Detours and visiting the archives)
  • Chapter 7: “Chase the Striped Cat Part 1”
  • Chapter 7: “Chase the Striped Cat Part 2” (immediately after completing the previous Detour)
  • Chapter 13: “Chase the Black Cat Part 1”
  • Chapter 13: “Chase the Black Cat Part 2” (immediately after completing the previous Detour)

To find the Detours, players can simply open the map in Cipal and look for the Detour icon.

Most players will stumble upon these by exploring Cipal. Either way, these side quests are relatively easy to find.

What Should You Use Poppets For?


Players will be able to trade Poppets for more interesting items once they reach Chapter 7. In this chapter, the Poppet trader opens his stall. 

He can be found near the sheep on the city’s upper level. If you’ve taken Pilo’s tour, you’ll have seen it already.

However, note that his stall will move around from time to time in the following chapters. 

Keep an eye on the map and look for the trader’s map icon. It shouldn’t be too hard to find. Here’s what he has to offer in exchange for Poppet:

  • Nugget (1 Poppet): This is the material you need to increase your maximum Healing Draughts at the crafting table.
  • Pelerine (1 Poppet): Frey will regain hit points after a critical strike when using this cloak.
  • Bumbershoot (2 Poppets): This rare crafting material is needed for upgrading necklaces and crafting new gear.
  • Stranith (5 Poppets): With this Cloak, Frey recovers more quickly from debuffs.

What Items Should You Get From the Trader?

You must be very careful when deciding what to get from the Poppets trader. Some of the items he offers can’t be found anywhere else in the game.

However, although Bumbershoot is a valuable item, you can find similar crafting materials by exploring Athia and doing tasks.

Poppets, however, are extremely limited. You will be able to get up to nine Poppets, all from cats, so you should consider getting something more meaningful from the trader.

I recommend that you get the cloaks and spend the rest of the Poppets on Nuggets, but obviously, this is up to you.