Forspoken has a rich and intricate magic system with dozens of unique spells that can be learned and upgraded.

The more you play, the more spells you unlock and the more elements Frey controls. Sometimes, it can take a lot of work to keep track of what each spell does.

If you want to know about all the Forspoken abilities, what they do, and how to use them, stick around. Here’s a guide to all spells and abilities in Forspoken.

How Spells Work


There are three kinds of spells.

You have your parkour or movement spells, then you have your attack or lethal spells, and finally, your support spells.

The attack spells are the most straightforward forms of damage. Most of them are pretty simple. You point, shoot, and deal damage.

Parkour Spells

These are the spells that increase Frey’s mobility, and most of them are locked behind special fountains that you find by exploring the game.

Attack Spells

These are your go-to spells when it comes to damage. They range from simple rock-throwing to complex electrical attacks.

Support Spells

Support spells can help you with everything, from extra damage to protection.

They can range from a Maelstrom that can block projectiles to illusions that drag enemies away from you.

It’s fair to say that most support spells are alternative attacks with a cooldown system attached to them. For instance, Charge and Bombardier are basically attack spells. However, one knocks enemies down, and the other causes an explosion in a large area.

Some other spells deal damage when used on enemies, but their main function might be the pushback caused or the protection against projectiles.

Either way, the major differences between your attack spells and support spells that deal damage are the cooldown and the extra effect the spell has.

Frey’s Magic

Frey Magic

Frey’s Purple Magic, also called Earth Magic by many players, is your first spell-set and is very balanced. You have good offensive tools, AOE damage, and traps. Some of Frey’s basic movement spells are also tied to her Purple Magic.

Shot. Frey’s Magic has a really simple but effective basic attack. She launches stones toward the enemy. The last stone deals a little more damage than the others.

Burst Shot. You fire an explosive rock toward your opponent. This is a ranged spell, but it doesn’t reach very far. The higher the level, the bigger the explosion. This one’s a reliable choice for taking down enemies and knocking them down. It’s also good to use against shielded enemies.

Shield Shot. Frey conjures a stone shield that explodes like a shotgun blast when you release the attack button. The shield also explodes if an enemy tries to attack you when you have it up. This spell is situational but extremely effective if you know when to use it.

Scatter Shot. This spell works a lot like an automatic gun. By holding down the button, Frey fires a bunch of successful rocks toward the crosshead. A single stone doesn’t deal much damage, but as you level it up, the rocks speed up and make it worth using.

Also, it’s one of the few spells with a really long range. This makes it ideal for taking out enemies that are hard to reach. However, note that it can be a bit hard to aim. As you fire quick rocks, the spell charges. Releasing the attack button launches a large stone projectile.

Bind. With this spell, Frey ties up enemies, making them vulnerable and keeping them out of the fight for a while. Upgrading this spell to increase its duration can become pretty handy for isolating enemies causing you trouble.

Disperse. This highly effective spell creates a turret that is accurate and useful against flying enemies. Although it doesn’t last long, it’s an indispensable tool in combat.

Screen. This spell temporarily improves Frey’s defense, providing protection from enemy attacks. Although it may not be as noticeable as other defensive spells, it proves valuable in challenging battles.

Tendril. Frey strikes surrounding enemies with a long vine whip. It deals damage in an area-of-effect that also heals Frey based on the damage dealt.

Implant. This deals damage over time, making it a straightforward and effective option against larger enemies.

Prime. Prime sets a trap that explodes when triggered by an enemy. It has a large blast radius, making it a useful tool for luring enemies into it. Just be aware that enemies can avoid it.

Burrow. This collects items within a certain radius, saving you time and effort. This spell even reaches items vertically, making it a great choice for easily clearing out dungeons.

Flow. This is your basic parkour spell. It is automatically acquired when you receive Frey’s spell-set and serves as your primary mode of travel.

Leap. It might not seem like much, but this is an essential aspect of Frey’s parkour since it allows you to leap forwards and keep moving upward.

Shimmy. This stylish spell makes Frey jump forward quickly and increases the speed of other jumps as long as they are well-timed. Shimmy provides an efficient means to cover a greater distance with increased speed. It improves when you upgrade it.

Cut and Run. One of the most important spells for those who want to make the most out of the combat system, Cut and Run can be used even when Frey has other spell-sets on. When you use it, Frey immediately switches to Purple Magic after a backflip and leaves a magic landmine on the ground.

Sila’s Magic

Fire Magic

Sila is the Tanta of Strength and the most feared Tanta in times of war. For that reason, it makes sense that she possesses the most destructive element.

Sila’s magic is mentioned by many players as Fire Magic, but it is much more than that. Most of the spells here are flaming materializations of weapons.

Slice. The Red Magic basic attack is a succession of slices made with a sword made of fire. At the end of the combo, Frey can use one of her attack spells at full charge.

Blast Slice. This spell shoots a spear that explodes after a few seconds, damaging all enemies in the blast radius. It is ideal for dealing with groups of enemies from a safe distance.

You can’t use the spear in the air or during parkour. Using Blast Slice in the air makes Frey jump forward and attack all enemies around her with fire lances that come out of the ground.

Arc Slice. This spell is a wide sword slash attack that is effective against groups of enemies but requires getting closer to the enemy.

Rage Slice. This spell is a powerful melee combo attack that ends with a large explosion. It’s a very cool-looking, highly damaging sequence of attacks, but it’s very short-range. It’s pretty good for knocking down enemies, too.

Charge. This spell makes Frey rush forward, pushing back enemies and knocking them down. It is useful for combos and traversal, but it’s also a decent extra source of damage.

Fusillade. Frey summons flying swords that fly into an enemy as soon as Frey uses an attack spell. Unlike many other spells, it can be cast in the air without interrupting Frey’s action.

Legion. As the name suggests, Legion summons two fiery soldiers who attack enemies on their own, serving as distractions in a fight and an extra source of fire damage.

Aegis. This spell heals debuffs on attack and defense, and if you upgrade it through Spellcraft, it also debuffs enemies.

Crucible. When players use Crucible, Frey summons a huge wall of fire that damages enemies and increases your power. Crucible is useful for controlling the battlefield, separating bosses from smaller enemies, dealing damage on an area-of-effect, and even creating combos.

Bombardier. Frey kicks an enemy, knocking them away from her and making them explode when they hit the ground. This is a really cool-looking spell that is very useful in combos.

Firetrap. This spell creates a sudden fire eruption at a chosen point, usually where your target is standing. It deals hits to larger creatures when positioned well and is a great instant way to deal burst damage.

Beacon. This spell increases stamina regeneration. This is a very powerful spell to use in battles that require you to make the most out of dodges and Frey’s magic parkour. I find it especially useful when fighting enemies within the Breakstorm.

Zip. This spell is crucial for movement and should be learned as soon as possible. Frey throws a fire whip forward, allowing her to pull herself to a location. When used in certain spots of the map, like stones or spikes, she will either launch herself upward or swing forward, covering a great distance.

Soar. This spell makes steep climbs easier since it adds one more step to Frey’s wall run. It is necessary for some tasks and to reach some locations.

Rush. This spell provides a speed boost when you press the parkour button at the end of a dash. Although Shimmy might be more reliable, the upgraded version of Rush regenerates all your stamina when used correctly. This is extremely powerful and can be a life-saver.

Drag and Drop. This spell uses Frey’s fire whip. She pulls enemies towards her, dealing damage and leaving them in the perfect range to use Blast Slice.

Amplify. This is one of those spells that works more like a skill. It allows you to upgrade your cloak’s magic stats when you are at a crafting table as long as you have the materials.

Prav’s Magic

Water Spell

Prav’s Blue Magic, also known by players as Water Magic, is characterized by a predominantly range-based defensive style. It is advantageous to maintain distance when utilizing its powers, which is why some of the spells actively help you keep enemies away.

This is also a great school of magic to control the battlefield by providing tools that help you move your enemies to where you want them.

Bolt. This spell fires spheres of water at foes that stick until released with a charged shot, resulting in heightened damage inflicted.

Fan Bolt. This spell unleashes a bunch of water arrows in a fan formation. Up close, it can deal huge amounts of damage. From afar, the higher the level, the greater the area that Fan Bolt covers and, therefore, the more enemies it hits.

Chain Bolt. One of Prav’s strongest and most reliable spells. It can only target one enemy at a time but deals a lot of damage. It also has incredible range and speed, making it a good choice for flying enemies. This spell fires two arrows that deal bonus damage if both hit the same target.

Cluster Bolt. A single arrow is fired into the air that breaks into multiple arrows, raining down upon a broad area and damaging all foes within range.

Glide. This spell allows Frey to surf across water. It conjures a water surfboard that moves Frey forward as if she is riding a never-stopping wave. Although Frey must spend stamina to glide over rivers, the cost is reduced to zero once Glide is upgraded with Spellcraft.

Naedre. A poisonous water snake is sent toward enemies, poisoning anyone who comes in contact with it. Naedre is surprisingly useful and cool-looking. It dances toward the target and moves around, causing a decent amount of damage over time.

Maelstrom. When Frey uses this spell, a column of water is summoned to protect her from ranged attacks. Maelstrom stops any projectiles but also deals great damage against enemies that take a few hits from it. However, the offensive use of Maelstrom demands knowledge of specific spell combinations since it knocks enemies back, too.

Brume.  A spray of water clouds the enemy’s vision, making it harder for them to see and target Frey. Brume deals damage when it explodes, although it’s not super powerful. Still, it’s pretty decent as an extra burst of damage in a large area.

Eagre. Frey creates a dome-shaped water barrier that grows and pushes enemies away from her. This is one of the coolest-looking water spells in the game and works greatly defensively. It can give you enough time to run away, cast another spell, or plan your next move.

Ablution. Rain is summoned to cure Frey by removing any status that slows down your stamina recovery.

Inundation. This spell increases Frey’s critical hit rate and is great for crit builds.

Oubliette. This spell has a primary effect and then a secondary one.

First, Frey summons a slow-moving water bubble that traps all enemies that touch it. This gives you a breather by taking a group of enemies out of the fight for a while. However, you can strike the bubble to make it explode.

If you make sure to hit the bubble with an area-of-effect spell, such as Purple Magic’s Burst Shot, the results are devastating.

Cataract. This is a surge spell that summons a water vortex. It draws enemies in a large area to its center and deals damage to them.

At level 2, Cataract also explodes, damaging all enemies near the center of the vortex.

At level 3, the explosion is frozen. Ice spikes come out from the center of the spell, dealing even more damage.

Up and Away. This spell works both as a dodge and an automatic switch. When you use it, Frey jumps high and switches to Blue Magic. You can use Up and Away even when using a different spell-set.

Alb. This spell significantly reduces the damage caused by a single piercing or unblockable attack. Alb is useful during boss fights, especially when you are fighting open-world bosses like the mutants you find in Athia.

Float. Frey uses Prav’s gravity powers to create a bubble that significantly slows down her fall speed. Although it spends a lot of Mana, Float is an extremely useful spell. Using it right before hitting the ground is enough to prevent all fall damage and have more momentum after dropping from a high cliff.

Fortify. This is another spell that works more like a crafting skill. Fortify allows you to increase the defense stats of cloaks and necklaces at crafting tables.

Olas’s Magic

Green Magic

The final spell-set you’ll acquire in Forspoken is Olas’s Magic, which is themed around thunder and lightning. There are lots of spells based around gaining control of the battlefield and running circles around your foes.

Dart. Frey fires very weak but very fast green darts. These darts attach themselves to enemies so you can guide the electricity of charged spells into them.

Without the darts, the spells don’t seem to find the target. Having many darts marking a single enemy increases the damage dealt by Green Magic since each dart attracts a lightning bolt.

Pulse Dart. This spell makes lightning move in an arc, going up and then falling to strike any enemies marked with the Green Magic darts. This attack has incredible speed and range.

Storm Dart. Frey releases damaging pulses over a very wide area before shocking that area with a strong attack when the trigger is released. This is one of the best attack moves in the game, thanks to how strong and consistent it is.

Seeker Dart. Lightning starts falling from the sky seeking enemies with darts embedded in them. The more enemies marked with Green Magic darts, the more the Seeker Dart will bounce around, hitting enemies and dealing more damage.

Distortion. Frey throws a green orb forward that explodes and deals damage to all enemies within a large area. Enemies hit become confused and will attack one another.

Aggression. Aggression sends out a small spread of darts, much like a level 1 Fan Bolt attack. This attack is meant to immediately embed enemies with darts. Thanks to the spell combo, Frey’s following spell will be fully charged, making Aggression more effective than it seems.

Projection. This is a fast, explosive projectile in the shape of a crackling spear. When the spear hits the target, it causes damage in an area of effect. This spell is an effective way to hit flying enemies, but it also helps increase your burst damage potential.

Sublimation. This spell allows the player to absorb health from nearby enemies, making it a potentially useful tool in combat.

Compensation. This spell increases the recharge rate of Surge Magic when the player is evading attacks using Flow. It is an essential ability to optimize your damage output. 

Displacement. Upon using displacement, Frey creates a copy of her to distract enemies, making it a useful tool in combat when the player is otherwise defenseless. This can help to provide a momentary respite from enemy attacks, giving the player time to regroup.

Scale. This spell allows the player to get up high. It’s also useful for trivializing platforming challenges when used in conjunction with Float.

Spoof. Frey dodges by disappearing during a backward somersault.

Hide and Seek. This spell damages enemies while allowing the player to quickly move through them, making it a useful tool in combat. However, using this spell effectively requires some practice.

Diversify. After unlocking this ability, Frey is able to add a fourth skill to necklaces. This can help to expand the player’s toolkit and make it easier to adapt to different situations in combat.

Are There Other Abilities to Unlock?

Cuff Helps

The way abilities work in Forspoken is very straightforward. There are some special passive abilities that come from your gear that are worth knowing about too.

For instance, nails and cloaks can provide a stat boost, or extra damage to your critical strikes. Besides that, the spellcrafting system is there to make you grind for upgrades that can significantly change Frey’s spells as mentioned in some of the descriptions.

Make sure to check the book shelf every time you get to a fast travel point in the game. Read what upgrading the spells will give you and start working toward having greater spells that fit your playstyle.