When Frey’s journey starts in Athia, she has access to a few spells. Although the first set of spells you can access are already fun and useful, there are many other abilities for you to unlock in Forspoken.

As Frey’s power grows, you will get access to more elements, support magic, and utility spells that help you with items and traversal.

If you want to know how to unlock new spells in Forspoken and become an unstoppable force in the world of Athia, keep reading. We have everything you need.

How to Get New Spells and Abilities

Flow Spell 1

There are two main ways of unlocking a spell in Forspoken. You can do it either by spending resource points or diving into a magic fountain.

The easiest way is by spending a resource called Mana. You must use your Mana in the Magic tab of your menu. Not the System Menu, but the one in which you have your equipment, magic, and map.

Unfortunately, Mana alone cannot unlock all spells. Some are locked behind a task that you must accomplish in the game. Generally, you will have to find pools of magic in which Frey must dive in to unlock a new spell.

They are called “Founts of Blessing.”

Mulberry Fountain 1

Right at the start of the campaign, you will have to leave the first city and climb a tall wall. In order to do that, you must first unlock a spell called Leap. With that spell, Frey can wall jump when doing her magic parkour.

You can only get this spell from the Mulberry Fount.

You don’t have to worry too much about finding those fountains. In many ways, the game pushes you toward the skills you need and makes you find them at some point. As for all the others, they won’t be so difficult to unlock.

As you play Forspoken Cuff will help you find new places of importance, strong enemies, and special items — and he might constantly brag about it.

Either way, these extra objectives will help you unlock new abilities, gain experience points, and find the game’s collectibles, like special monuments and magic cats.

As long as you can find Mana, finish quests, and dive into Founts of Blessing throughout your playthrough, things will work out. Frey will be much more powerful, and her magic parkour will become significantly more fun.

Look For Mana

Find Mana

As mentioned above, you need Mana to unlock Frey’s spells. Some of the best spells will be locked behind many others in the Spell Tree, while others might just be too expensive.

On top of that, certain spells are both too expensive and are locked behind other spells, significantly increasing the amount of Mana you’ll need to unlock them.

Either way, you will need Mana.

The more you get it, the easier you can handle corrupted creatures when traveling across Athia. There are a few ways to get Mana fast in Forspoken, and you should go for it as soon as possible. Leveling up is one of them.

Once you have unlocked enough spells to handle the most immediate threats, try tweaking the options to automatically switch to Support Spells once one goes on cooldown. This will allow you to use a bunch of Support Spells, one after another when you need to act quickly.

However, it is important to note that this is only useful once you have enough support spells to spam around during a fight.