Feathers are important materials in Forspoken’s crafting and upgrading system. Finding them is not as simple as gathering Mana, but thankfully it isn’t too complex either.

These special crafting items are used to increase the Materials Pouch, with the cost starting at 1 feather per upgrade and increasing to 2 after several boosts. Sadly, they are a scarce resource, and you might quickly see yourself without any.

Don’t worry, though. In this post, we’ll look at where to find feathers in Forspoken. Let’s dive in and see how to quickly upgrade your Materials Pouch, too.

How to Craft and Upgrade Items

Crafting in Forspoken

Forspoken’s crafting and upgrading systems are pretty straightforward. If you have the necessary materials, you can use them to craft an item or upgrade your gear.

That being said, in order to take full advantage of it, players need to gather various crafting components. Some of these materials are easier to find than others.

Still, feathers and nuggets are usually the first rare resources players need to acquire early in the game.

Please note that we are talking about upgrading gear only. There is also a way to upgrade your spells, but that’s an entirely different system.

How to Obtain Feathers

Chest Forspoken 2

There are a few ways to obtain feathers in Forspoken, including opening chests, defeating high-level enemies, and completing certain Detours.

Make sure to focus on opening chests since they are everywhere on the map. Finding and opening them is way easier than completing a bunch of tasks and talking to NPCs

Also, defeating enemies with a high score has multiple benefits, including better drops.

On the other hand, completing Detours will often give you nothing but 50 experience points. You can get that much from taking out a few breakzombies.

Find Chests

Chest Dots

When exploring the world, you will constantly bump into chests. They are everywhere. Open the map and check for purple dots. Each of those is a chest, which might contain a crafting item.

When roaming around, remember to press Up on the D-Pad to use a Cuff scan. From time to time, it’ll reveal a chest nearby, and you might find a feather in it.

Defeat Mutated Enemies

Mutated enemies can be found all over Athia and offer a chance at feathers. Open your map and look for the triangle items. There should be one of them in each area.

However, make sure that you feel powerful and ready to tackle these foes. They are challenging to defeat since they deal massive damage and have large health pools.

If you are not near the final chapters of the game, you might want to wait and farm experience points for a while before facing them. Make sure to level up a bit and turn Frey into a powerhouse before going for these open-world bosses.

Find Nuggets

Like feathers, Nuggets are important items for crafting that players should be looking for in Forspoken.

Luckily, the way you find them is not that different. Sometimes you will find Nuggets in chests, so the very fact of looking for Old Coins can award you other good items.

On top of that, you can also get Nuggets from Detours.

Many characters will often give you an item after you listen to what they have to say. Although it can be annoying at times, going on a Detour might reveal interesting things about the game’s plot and sometimes an NPC will give you an item or material.

Finally, you can also get Nuggets from the Poppets Trader. You must know how and where to find Poppets, and then offer him some in exchange for this item.

What To Do After Gathering Feathers

Unlock Shimmy

Forspoken is more than just gathering feathers. It’s also about the thrill of fighting through the breakstorm, looking for secret bosses, and finding creative ways to use all of your spells.

This game is all about being a mighty sorceress, zooming across vast landscapes, and spamming spells. It gives you dozens of spells and then gives you excuses to use them all.

So once you’ve gathered your feathers, you might want to go for Nuggets. The game also has many hidden bosses, secret locations, and rare capes for you to find.