At some point, you will face enemies in Forspoken that are so powerful that Cuff will tell you to run away. They are annoying, powerful, and relatively common in Athia.

Although it isn’t impossible to defeat those creatures, being stronger certainly makes the task much more manageable.

By learning how to level up fast in Forspoken, you can ensure that Frey will be ready to face fierce corrupted animals and other enemies on her adventures.

Complete Detours

EXP 50

Detours are the game’s equivalent to side quests.

However, these are specifically tied to NPCs or Labyrinths. Most Detours are mostly about talking to people and, for some reason, chasing cats. These are the ones that award the least amount of experience.

Although they may seem silly at times, these Detours often provide some valuable information about the world of Athia. Completing them will help you understand its people and how Cipal became what it is during the events of the game.

Since many Detours are just conversations to be had, you might get a few levels just by finding NPCs and listening to what they have to say.

Remember, you can always skip the dialogue lines if you don’t care about the story. This will make the whole process much faster.

The most important Detours are also known as Locked Labyrinths, and they are tasks in the open world. These so-called Locked Labyrinths are small dungeons with many fights to win and potentially huge rewards at the end.

Each Labyrinth has a boss battle in the end, which is a great way to earn more experience.

Win Battles Without Getting Hit

Forspoken Combat

Fighting will always grant you rewards, from experience points to a number of different items. The better you fight, the better your reward.

Getting a grade higher than an A ensures that you will have a much greater chance of getting an item from the defeated creatures. The amount of experience you get is also influenced by your grade.

Generally speaking, higher grades mean better loot and more experience.

Change the Gameplay Settings

This one works like a charm, which is why it might feel a bit like cheating. The game has settings that allow you to tweak your gameplay experience. The one you want to change in order to farm experience points is the Auto-Evasion one.

With the Auto-Evasion turned on, chances are you will barely get hit. Depending on the kind of gamer you are, that can take away a lot from the overall experience.

On top of that, fewer hits mean a higher combat grade, which means more rewards. This will make life much easier when fighting giants or numerous monsters.

Finally, consider modifying the support spell configuration by enabling the auto-switch option. With that on, the game will automatically switch to a different spell when the current one is on cooldown.

Lower the Game’s Difficulty

This one definitely feels like cheating, but it does work.

By lowering the game’s difficulty, you are lowering its challenge. It can ruin the fun for some people, but it has its uses.

By dealing less damage, attacking less often, and having far less HP, the monsters of a lower difficulty setting won’t offer much of a challenge. 

Since that is the case, Frey will always get more experience and rewards from combat encounters. After all, easier battles also mean higher combat greats and better rewards.

Make Sure To Collect Mana

Find Mana

Leveling Up is not the only way to become stronger. Frey needs Mana to unlock her spells and traversal abilities.

Although leveling up is one way of getting more Mana, there are other ways to get it that don’t demand gathering experience points.