In Forspoken, Mana is a resource players use to unlock new spells. But how do you find more Mana points?

Acquiring Mana points is crucial for players who wish to fully experience Forspoken’s combat system. With enough of it, players can access more abilities and turn Frey into an even more powerful mage.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to get more Mana in Forspoken.

How to Find More Mana

Find Mana

The easiest way to gather Mana is by walking through the many Mana fissures that can be found throughout the land of Athia.

These fissures emit a striking blue light and can be located both indoors and outdoors. Each time you pass over one, you’ll be granted a single Mana point.

Keep an eye on your Magic tab in the menu to track your progress.

Alternatively, check the number that pops up every time you walk through a Mana fissure. The game shows your current Mana every time you collect some.

Mana Count

These Mana fissures give the game an old-school feeling. Many old games involve running around to collect coins or rings. Forspoken has you collecting small amounts of Mana, which incentivizes you to explore the world of Athia and see more of its massive open-world map.

This is not the fastest way to gather Mana, but it is fun and simple enough to do.

Level Up

Level Up

Another reliable way to earn Mana is by leveling up your character. You’ll receive a healthy dose of Mana points each time you level up.

To level up, focus on defeating enemy packs, progressing through the game’s chapters, conquering labyrinths, and completing side quests known as “Detours.”

There are ways to level up fast in Forspoken, and you should try them whenever you need a lot of Mana Points quickly to unlock a specific spell.


There are flashback activities that you can find around the map.

They will give you a time limit to finish a task and reward you with Mana if you manage to finish it quickly. The quicker the time, the more Mana you’ll get.

It’s important to make sure that you do activities that line up with how powerful you are.

If you are just starting, stay close to Cipal or do the tasks in Praenost.

If these areas start becoming way too easy, move along to Avoalet.

When even Avoalet gets easy and you complete everything, it’s time to check everything within Visoria.

Finally, when even that region gets easy, you might wanna go to Junoon and do the tasks there.

The Fastest Way to Gather Mana

Among all the methods in this post, going into shadowed areas and collecting all the Mana you can find is probably the fastest way. However, it becomes even faster if you can combine all the methods mentioned above.

For instance, you can go to an area of Praenost, tag the closest Belfry you haven’t visited yet, and go there, collecting all the Mana on the way. Then, use Cuff Scan when at the Belfry to reveal all nearby flashback tasks. Mark them.

As you run toward them to get the tasks cleared, you will be collecting Mana on the way.

Repeat this process until you’ve cleared a region and move to the next one. As mentioned above, once you’ve collected all the Mana in Praenost, move to Avoalet.

How to Use Mana

Once you’ve accumulated a sufficient amount of Mana, you’ll be able to visit Frey’s spell tree in the Magic tab of her status screen.

You can get to this tab by pressing your Dual Sense’s touchpad.

There, you can spend Mana to unlock new spells as long as they are adjacent to those you already possess in the skill tree.

Other Kinds of Magic

Fire Magic

Frey starts with Purple Magic only, also known as Frey’s magic, but she will grow as a spell caster. Eventually, she will have access to much more than her Earth-based spells, giving players access to an ever-growing arsenal of magic skills.

This means that her skill tree will become much larger, and there will often be new things for her to learn or upgrade. The more spells you have, the easier it is to fight stronger enemies.

This means you have better chances of getting better grades after a fight. Better grades mean more experience points and even more overpowered spell combos.

In other words, continue gathering Mana even if you mastered a Spell Tree. Frey will have plenty of tricks to unlock and keep you busy looking for Mana fissures and good sources of experience points.