‘In Tanta We Trust’ is Forspoken’s first DLC and is both a sequel and a prequel to the game.

So, if you loaded the game and looked for a new quest to play the DLC, I don’t blame you. I did the same.

In Tanta We Trust is an independent DLC that works almost like a different game. Check below how to play Forspoken’s DLC: In Tanta We Trust.

How to Start In Tanta We Trust

Check the menu when you load the game.

Instead of hitting continue as always, check the options. You will see there’s a new one available called “Add-On Content.”

All you need to do to play the DLC is choose that option and then start a new game.

Do You Need to Beat the Game First?

No, you don’t.

If you were wondering if you need to beat Forspoken in order to play the DLC, rest assured you can play it even without a save file.

While it makes little sense to start the DLC without having played the main story, some players might have lost their progress or deleted it altogether after beating the game.

The game does ask you if you’re sure about starting the DLC, but it doesn’t prevent you from doing so.

Is In Tanta We Trust Tied to the Main Quest?

Although the DLC’s story starts after the main events of the game, it works as an independent story.

You won’t be using your upgraded Frey, so don’t farm mana and upgrade spells in preparation for the DLC.

It really doesn’t matter what you’ve done during the main story. The DLC presents new abilities, regions, and gameplay elements.

What To Expect From Forspoken’s DLC

This new content takes players on a journey into the past of Athia, revealing the event that set the original adventure in motion.

As Frey arrives in the past, she finds herself injured and surrounded by a land at war.

This is the Purge of the Rheddig, a legendary battle that devastated Athia and drove the Tantas to madness. In addition to the chaos around her, Frey also uncovers a grim truth about herself.

Joined by Tanta Cinta, a powerful ally and armed with new magical abilities, Frey embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind these events, save Athia, and perhaps find her own redemption.

How Is It Different From the Original Game?

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust introduces a range of exciting features and gameplay elements that enhance the player’s experience. Here are some notable additions:

  1. New Abilities: Players will have access to a fresh set of abilities. These powers include Skewer, a support spell that fires a beam of magic capable of crystallizing enemies, and Shock, which unleashes a wave of magical energy with the potential to crystallize foes.
  2.  Allied Strike: Teaming up with Tanta Cinta, players can execute devastating attacks by unleashing a volley of piercing bullets on enemies. This cooperative attack provides a powerful advantage during battles.
  3.  Enhanced Companion Support: Tanta Cinta, Frey’s trusted companion, offers invaluable support in combat. When Frey’s health is low, Cinta summons a shield and engages enemies with formidable attacks. Combining Frey’s abilities with Cinta’s skills allows for devastating follow-up strikes, creating a dynamic and strategic combat experience.

Other Changes

In Tanta We Trust came with the 1.2 update for Forspoken. It significantly enhances the gameplay experience of the original campaign.

This update introduces new challenges, improving immersion, and offering increased playability.

  1. Tantas Familiars: These magical felines now accompany the protagonist, Frey, outside of Pilgrim’s Refuges, assisting in locating resources and mana during gameplay.
  2.  Challenging Additions: Players seeking an extra challenge can utilize the new consumable “Stormshard” to summon Breakstorms and engage in battles against formidable Giant Nightmares. A “Very Hard” difficulty setting is now available, offering a locked set of options for those seeking a more demanding gameplay experience.
  3.  New Actions: Frey’s parkour abilities have been expanded with a midair jump, increasing maneuverability. Another new action called “Cuff Crush” allows Frey to execute a powerful attack when leaping over enemies, dealing significant damage and potentially knocking them down.
  4.  Revivifier: The introduction of the “Revivifier” consumable enables Frey to be resurrected when her health reaches zero, offering a valuable lifeline, particularly in the challenging “Very Hard” difficulty mode.
  5.  Curiosity Shop and Adjustments: The Curiosity Shop now serves as a fast travel location, expanding exploration possibilities. The update also addresses repetitive dialogue issues and enhances the pacing of earlier chapters, improving overall immersion.
  6.  Improved Playability: Various settings have been added to enhance the game’s overall playability. Players can now customize camera controls, adjusting rotation speed, acceleration, and stick response curve to suit their preferences. Additionally, spell-switching has been streamlined, allowing for quicker and more flexible gameplay.