Not everything is about power in the world of Athia. Cuteness is also present in this dangerous world, and the Tantas have a bunch of familiars to prove it.

These adorable creatures can be found throughout the world, and there’s even an achievement for finding them all.

If you want to know where to look, you found the right guide. This guide contains the location of all Tanta’s familiars in Forspoken.

How to Find All Familiars

Advik Familiar Butterfly Kitty

Firstly, you have to find all of Tanta’s Familiar Monuments. There are a few ways you can go about it. The least effective but fun way is to roam around and check the map from time to time.

Look for a place with a cat’s paw as an icon. There are many spread all over the map. All familiars are cats with a few aspects of other animals.

The other way to do it is by looking for Belfry Towers, which can be used for fast traveling. Once you find one of those and use Cuff’s Radar, all the nearby structures will be revealed to you, including Tanta’s Familiar Monuments.

Then, open your map, locate the paw icon, mark it, and go there.

Don’t worry about going too far from your main objective. Since Belfry Towers can be used for fast traveling, you can be back where you were in a few seconds.

How to Befriend a Tanta’s Familiar

Befriend Familiar

Usually, familiars can be found near a Tanta’s Familiar Monument. Once you find one of these monuments, interact with it to reveal the familiar’s location.

Sometimes the familiar might spawn in an area that is not that close to a monument. For instance, it can show up on a nearby mountain across a river. However, you should be able to see the glow that reveals its location by looking around.

Then, approach the familiar carefully. All that you need to do is to crouch and approach slowly. On the PS5, you can crouch by pressing L2.

As you approach, you might see an exclamation mark on the familiar’s head. It means that it noticed you. Stop moving immediately. Once the exclamation mark disappears, approach again.

It’s that simple.

Once you get close enough, you can finally caress the mystical, adorable creature. This means that you have successfully befriended the familiar. It might visit you from time to time when you are in a refuge.

The Location of Each Familiar

Location of Familiars

If you don’t want to search for them aimlessly, here’s the location of each familiar.


Find Mana

You won’t have access to this area until later in the game.

You can find the first familiar soon, but only that one. The others will have to wait. Most of them will appear right behind Frey once you interact with their Tanta’s Familiar Monument.

  • There’s a monument in Somewhere Near Cipal. Head to the Blind Peaks, where you will find a Tanta’s Familiar Monument. This familiar will be easy to find. It’ll spawn right behind you.
  • In the Cipalian Way, there is a monument near a lake between the castle and a Belfry Tower. The familiar will show up to your left, on the other side of the bridge.
  • Still in the Cipalian Way, you will find another Tanta’s Familiar Monument north of Junoon’s Castle.
  • The Wolfwoods is an area to the west of Junoon. In it, there is an enormous chasm. On its left side, you will find a Tanta’s Familiar Monument to the south of a cave. This one is a bit annoying to find, so look for Belfry Towers to make it easier.
  • The Blossomwoods is an area to the south of Junoon’s Castle. If you found the Locked Labyrinth to the south of the lake mentioned above, head southwest to find this Tanta’s Familiar Monument.


Tanta Familiar Monument

Praenost has five Tanta’s Familiar Monuments. All familiars show up near the monument. Most of the time, you just have to turn around to see where they spawn.

  • In Middle Praenost, you will find a Middle Praenost to the south of Northern Belfry.
  • There’s a Familiar in Diathus Wood, near the Dianthus Wood Belfry, which is a fast travel location.
  • There’s another one in Brass Hollow to the west of a Photo Spot.
  • Head to Opal Hills. There is a Tanta’s Familiar Monument to the west of a Photo Spot.
  • This one is a bit hard to find. It is a bit hidden to the far south of Fields of the Fallen, to the southeast of Praenost Castle.



The five familiars of Avoalet are a bit trickier to find than the ones in Praenost. They won’t always show up directly behind you once you interact with a Tanta’s Familiar Monument.

  • Locate the colossal stone bridge that goes across the river in The Water Garden. There’s a Tanta’s Familiar Monument to the southeast of it, on a cliff. Once you interact with it, the familiar will appear right behind you.
  • When you find The Moulderings, head east. You should find the monument on the highest point of the cliffs there. Just go north from the Photo Spot and the local Belfry Tower. You will be able to see the Praenost mountains from there. This familiar is also pretty easy to locate since it’ll show up right behind you like usual.
  • This one is much trickier. You will find a monument near the chasm in The Water Garden. It’s to the west of the Belfry Tower on a cliff. You must jump across the river and get to the other cliff when you activate this Tanta’s Familiar Monument. Don’t turn around. Activate the monument, run, jump, and use the fire slingshot to reach the surface. You don’t want to fall here. Once you reach the other side, you will see the familiar to your left.
  • There’s a Tanta’s Familiar Monument to the south of the Golden Hills’ Belfry Tower. This familiar will show up behind you on the same usual type of surface where they appear. Still, it is a bit further than usual.
  • Once you find the Untrodden Forest Refuge, go east. You should find the Familiar Monument nearby, among many flying stones. Once you interact with it, turn left. You should see the familiar all the way down the hill.



Although this is the latest area of the game, the familiars do not appear in tricky locations here. In fact, they all appear directly behind their monuments, except for one.

  • When you find the Windy Hills, look for the Tanta’s Familiar Monument to the south of the local Pilgrim’s Refuge. It is also northeast of a ruined village near the edge of the cliff.
  • The one in Homestead Hills is very isolated. Find the local Belfry Tower and head west. You will find it near a structure that looks somewhat similar to Stone Range.
  • The Tanta’s Familiar Monument of Academy Hills is fairly easy to find. Once you find the local Belfry Tower, head straight north. It’ll be right in the middle of the area, among a Belfry Tower, a cave, a fortress, and a Monument.
  • The one in Inner Visoria is located southwest of the local Belfry Tower, near a Photo Spot, and to the Northwest of a Guild building.
  • The Tanta’s Familiar Monument in Tanta’s Demesne is really hard to miss. It is in the huge crater. There is a gigantic structure in the middle of this area, and the spot you are looking for is to the southeast of it. Once you interact with this monument, look to your right. You should see the familiar’s spawning platform there.

What Happens When You Find All Familiars?

Familiar 2

Familiars are collectibles. They are an excuse to make you roam around.

Unfortunately, they do not provide any bonuses or buffs. These magic cats are nothing but cute companions that will show up from time to time once you find a Pilgrim’s Refuge.

However, if you find them all, you will unlock a Trophy or an achievement called “Cat Person.”

So, in other words, they are here as extra content for completionists and cat lovers. If you are looking for more power, there are better ways to get more mana.