With so many spells and so many upgrades, Forspoken makes Frey’s potential feel almost limitless.

In order to tap into her maximum power, players must complete Spellcraft Challenge to receive special upgrades to spells and stats.

Unfortunately, doing these challenges can get old after a while. Luckily, there are ways to make it happen much faster than usual.

This guide will teach you the fastest way to complete Spellcraft Challenges in Forspoken.

Identify the Type of Challenge


Finding the best way to complete a Spellcraft Challenge in Forspoken really depends on what specific kind of challenge it is.

For instance, if you need to cast spells on knocked-down enemies, you need the target to survive the spell that knocks them down.

If you want to hit many targets at once, you might want to find an area with dozens of breakzombies.

By identifying the kind of challenge, you will be able to find a way to complete them quickly.

Parkour Challenges

The Parkour Challenges are always best solved in large, open areas with rivers running through them. That way, you can shimmy, run, and surf as much as you need.

The initial areas of Praenost are perfect for most Parkour Challenges. They have plenty of open space for you to run, tall cliffs, and a small river where you can use magic for traversal.

Combat Challenges

As mentioned above, Challenges are much easier to complete if you find the right areas.

Most of them are about using a spell on many targets at once or ending the fight with a specific spell. Some are about using specific magic types on enemies that are vulnerable to it.

So, to be as effective as possible, you should find at least two locations where you can do that easily. You can also look for a region that has both kinds of enemies near one another.

Hit Multiple Enemies

Breakzombies in Praenost

If you are early in the game, Praenost is your best bet.

It has areas with many breakzombies roaming around. If you are further in the game, Visoria’s open fields have areas with dozens of breakzombies waiting for you to farm them.

Visorian breakzombies

That being said, it can be a difficult strategy if you lure enemies from one area to another. Besides, these areas are more common in late game areas.

Hit Enemies Vulnerable to Your Spells

Vulnerable Enemies

You will also need to find a spot for each kind of magic in case you are looking for enemies that are vulnerable to the spell you are trying to upgrade.

Since enemies have different resistances and vulnerabilities to your magic types, there is no way you can count on a single place to do all the Challenges in the game.

Enemies Vulnerable to Frey’s Purple Magic

You can find enemies that are vulnerable to Purple Magic in Praenost. Some are fairly easy to defeat, which will make it easier for you to upgrade some spells.

Look for the goat-looking enemies called Synthera. You can find them in Middle Praenost, to the south of Middle Praenost Belfry.

Enemies Vulnerable to Sila’s Red Magic

Look for a type of creature called Kelaino. They can be easily found near Cipal.

Since they are in the starting area, they aren’t very tough, and that can be useful for completing Challenges.

Unfortunately, these enemies might be a bit too spread out if you want to finish the Challenges quickly. However, you should find quite a few enemies in Avoalet who are vulnerable to fire attacks.

Enemies Vulnerable to Prav’s Blue Magic

The Gruagach are some of the primary enemies in the game and can be found near Cipal when you first leave the city.

There are many of them roaming the initial areas, especially the region where you first contact Breakbob.

These enemies are weak and hunt in groups, making them great targets to use your spells on and quickly complete certain Challenges.

Enemies Vulnerable to Ola’s Green Magic

Ogre in Forspoken

Ogres are nomadic in nature and can be found all over Athia.

If you just need an easier target to do a single Challenge, head to the Brass Caverns in Praenost and fight the ogres there.

There are spawn points, specifically in Avoalet, where you can find Ogres and fight them over and over again if needed.

What Happens When You Upgrade All Spells?

Frey is powerful, and reaching her maximum potential is about so much more than leveling her up or gathering Mana.

Certain spell upgrades grant you significant buffs, such as instant stamina recovery, making a massive difference in how you behave in fights or parkour sessions.

However, before you can get to that point, you will probably have to unlock all the spells first and then make sure that you upgrade your gear to make all your magic sets equally powerful.