The marker at Stepping Stone Summit in Grounded is one of the easiest markers to complete from the lot. It will require you to be good with the controls in the game though, but nevertheless, you shouldn’t really have any struggles.

Besides that, we will show you exactly what you need to do in order to complete the quest properly and get yourself some more valuable in-game rewards.

Stepping Stone Summit Marker Location

Stepping Stone Summit Marker Location

The Stepping Stone Summit marker is located at the very top of the map. To be exact, in the very to northwest side of the garden, beyond the Mysterious Machine and the Field Station. For better understanding of its exact location, use the image above as a visual guideline.

Once you are in close proximity to the marker, you should see a couple of big rocks that extend into the pond. Jump on the very first one, and go deeper into the pond. You will notice that the rocks that you are supposed to go on in order to reach the exploration marker are connected with brown leaves.

In order to progress into the next step, you need to do some parkour. On the very second leaf that you get on, you must go to the end, and climb the spiky part of the leaf in order to get on the next rock.

After you successfully do that, continue going forward and cross the last leaf that connects the two final rocks. Then, keep moving ahead, and you should soon be able to see the exploration marker.

Note: It is located on the edge of the final rock.

How to Complete Stepping Stone Summit Quest

After you manage to reach the marker, make sure you get close to it and interact with it. This will complete the quest for you. Great thing is that if you have a parachute, you won’t need to head back the same way you came up. Rather, you can just jump off and glide down to the ground.

However, before you head for completing the mission given by the friendly robot, make sure that you have the following resources in your inventory.

  • 2x Sprig
  • 2x Plant Fiber
  • 1x Clover Leaf

If you are missing any of the ingredients above, refer to the content below as it will show you exactly where you can get it from.

Sprig: To get Sprig, look out for a small green plant and simply pick it up from the ground. You won’t need any tools to do that, and you can find the plant mainly in green grass areas, however, it’s not uncommon to see it throughout the yard.

Plant Fiber: This character-sized plant is quite common and it shouldn’t take you long to find it. It is green in color, and can easily be picked by hand.

Clover Leaf: This ingredient can be obtained from a Clover plant. Unlike the rest, you can’t pick this one up by hand. You will need to chop it down with an axe. Clover plants are quite common and can too be found everywhere in the back garden.

What Do You Get Out of the Stepping Stone Summit Quest

From the Stepping Stone Summit exploration quest, you will get some Raw Science, which can be used to unlock new and better tools as well as recipes that you can use in order to progress in the game. Not only that, you will become a bigger challenge to all of the bugs in Grounded.

Besides earning some more valuable Raw Science, the area is also pretty cool and offers some great views that you can certainly enjoy.