This is only a short guide on how to finish this particular quest from Burg.L. This will shortly explain how to complete the marker at Rake Rock Point in Grounded. The backyard is a quite large but the location of Rake Rock Point is easy to locate and there will also be a few resources you can get near the area.

Rake Rock Point Location

The Rake Rock Point location is near the lake-like body of water at the lower left part of the map. You might even say it looks like a rake from the picture in the map. It is easy to locate because these markers are meant to be set as landmarks for easier navigation throughout the playthrough.

The resources near the Rake Rock Point landmark are Weed Stems, Dry Grass Chunks, Plant Fibers, Sprigs and Pebbles. You can even farm some of the materials for the marker but you will have to look for Clovers somewhere else. There are also a few Lawn Mites you can farm around the area which is useful if you have high amounts of it as it is used for creating ammo for your bows.

How to Complete Rake Rock Point Quest

There is literally a rake near a huge stone and the marker is just on top of the stone. Make sure you have your materials ready to make the marker before going here. You might have built your base far away from the location and it will be counterproductive to forget it.

Go towards the left side of the rake and you will find the huge stone where it will be climbable from. Check your inventory before setting out and keep in mind the have the following items to craft and place the marker.

  • x2 Sprig
  • x2 Plant Fiber
  • x1 Clover Leaf

You can also carry more of these materials and finish all the other complete marker quests you have such as Great Oak Beacon Quest and the Bird Bath Bluff Quest. You can only have a few quests active and you will have to wait until Burg.L gives you new quests to finish and complete all the other markers in the game right now.

What Do You Get Out of the Rack Rock Point Quest

The best way to grab a consistent source of Raw Science is by completing Burg.L’s daily quests such as markers. Raw Science are used for unlocking other structures in the game such as Fortified Bases. Fortified Bases cost as much as 5,000 Raw Science points and you will definitely need to complete more than a few cycles of daily quests from Burg.L.

Completing the marker also gives you another waypoint you can use to navigate your way through the backyard. It is the main point of these marker quests and it will help you and your friends gauge the distance of each area in the game without looking at the map. It will be useful when you are trying to kite strong enemies such as Spiders and Bombardier Beetles.

These quests are just side quests to get Raw Science and to somehow help Burg.L be useful. If you have other things to do like exploring the Hedge Lab to learn more about the lore, you can go do them first. You will reach a point where there will not be anything left to buy with Raw Science from Burg.L and you should save yourself from the grind and work more on your base.

Quests like these are simple and once you finish all the markers, you can get other easy daily quests from Burg.L such as killing Gnats.