Being as small as ants in a survival game is a disadvantage in itself as you are easily going to be vulnerable to all bugs in the game from the get go. Besides that, being so little also doesn’t help with climbing tall places or reaching new heights as if you wall, you can easily hurt yourself or even die.

Whilst there is the Grub Armor that you can unlock as you play the game, which will give you the ability to jump from higher place without taking any damage, it is quite often not enough if you are truly an explorer and want to reach new heights.

So, in this article, we will show you how to make a parachute, how to use the parachute, and the range of difference advantages of carrying one throughout your journey in Grounded.

Getting the Parachute

How to Make a Parachute in Grounded

Now that you are convinced that you need this essential piece of equipment in your explorer inventory, let’s get into how to actually get your hands on a parachute.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have a level one axe as it will be required to chop down a Dandelion plant. It very much looks like Dry Grass, however, it has a much darker and thicker stem.

Dandelion can be found pretty much anywhere on the map, especially in regions of where Dry Grass naturally grows, however, they are quite rare so you really need to keep your eyes peeled when looking out for one. They can most easily be spotted from distance as they have tuft on the top of them.

Once you find a Dandelion, chop down the plant with your level 1 axe. You will notice that the plant will drop a bunch of loot such as weed stems, however, what you are going to be looking for is Dandelion Tuft. Watch where the plant falls and go over to the top side of the fallen plant. There, you will notice that it has dropped a few tuft.

This Dandelion Tuft will be your parachute, so, you don’t actually need to craft anything, rather, you can it from the Dandelion plants’ loot.

Using the Parachute

Once you get your hands on the Dandelion Tuft, open up your inventory and drag it over to the ‘Parachute’ slot which is located between your weapon and armor slots.

Then, once you equip the parachute and jump off from a high location, you can hold or click the sprint button. This will automatically activate the parachute and set you up for a safe descend to the ground.

Note: If you are trying to escape a heated fight with your enemies, parachuting away may not always the best option as it is extremely slow.

Advantages of Carrying a Parachute

Having a parachute that you can use at your disposal at any given time is always a great idea as it can get you out of sudden death or a big brawl with enemy bugs. Below, are some of the advantages of carrying a Dandelion Tuft with you at all times.

1) Safely Climbing High Locations

One of the biggest advantages of carrying a parachute with you is that you can safely climb high locations with ease while guaranteeing your safety if you fall by accident. For example, if you want to climb on top of the big house in the yard, you will most definitely need a parachute as the building process is long and one little slip can lead to your death. Moreover, if you get to the top, and want to explore inside, as it is not yet designed by the developers, if you try to walk on the roof, you will fall through. So, having a parachute in this case will prove very beneficial.

Carrying a parachute will also make your exploration missions such as the Bird Bath Bluff much safer as you will often be required to climb to high locations.

2) Descending From Height Quicker

Whether you are exploring for fun or are completing missions such as the Great Oak Beacon for Raw Science, you are often likely to end up in places that are high above the ground. If you have safely managed to climb up, when you don’t have a parachute, you will have to take the same dangerous path in order to safely get to the ground.

However, when you have a parachute, once you reach the top and finish your mission or have enjoyed the views, you can just jump off and safely and quickly descend to the ground.

3) Escaping From Enemies

Fighting enemies while on high ground is never really the best of ideas, however, if you pressed against the edge, you should always take the fight. If you have advanced quite far into the game, you can easily take on most of the bugs in the game, but there are times where they will push you to the edge and put you to your limit.

In such heated situations, you can use the parachute to dip out of the fight and safely travel down to safety.

4) It’s Fun

At the end of the day, playing survival games is meant to be a fun experience, and parachutes being the only real medium of transportation in the game so far, having one and using it for a range of different scenarios can be quite a fun experience.