Unlike any of the other 9 exploration outpost missions in Grounded, Weed Killed Peak is very different in nature as it will require you to be prepared before you even attempt to complete it. Quite frankly, if you don’t come prepared, you will simply die due to where the marker is located.

Once you make an agreement with the BURG.L robot to complete the quest, he will not really provide you with any sense of direction as to where you need to go, or where the marker is located. But don’t worry, in this blog, we will show you how to successfully complete the Weed Killer Peak marker in Grounded. Furthermore, we will show you what you need to complete the marker, where to go, and in the end, what you will benefit from successfully completing it.

Note: Keep in mind that this expedition outpost is unlike any of the other ones, and so, if you are still very early on in the game, it may be quite difficult for you to get your hands on the ingredients that you will need. But regardless, we will give you the right tips and tricks for when your time comes.

Weed Killer Peak Marker Location

Weed Killer Peak Marker Location

The marker for this particular mission is located in the southwestern part of the garden, in close proximity to the Mysterious Machine. It is all the way at the corner of the map in the dangerous area that is filled with poisonous gas due to the weed killer. If you are yet to explore this area, make sure that you are wearing a gas mask, otherwise, you will quickly suffocate to your death.

Once you enter the area filled with poisonous gas, go deeper into the poisonous zone until you come across four large rocks. On one of them, you will see the nozzle of the weedkiller container. All you need to do is climb up and reach the top of the yellow container.

Note: You can see the yellow weedkiller container before you enter the dangerous zone, and so, make sure that you know where it approximately is before you enter the area. Alternatively, for its exact location, you can take a look at the image above.

How to Complete Weed Killer Peak Quest

How to Complete Weed Killer Peak Quest

Once you are on the top of the yellow container, simply head over to the marker and interact with it. Make sure that you bring with yourself:

  • 2x Sprig
  • 2x Plant Fiber
  • 1x Clover Leaf

If you don’t know where to get any of those, read further to find out.

Sprig: You can find this small green plant pretty much anywhere in the yard, however, it is most popular in green grass areas. You don’t need any tools to collect this ingredient as you can just pick it up by hand.

Plant Fiber: Just like Sprig, this small-sized green plant can too be found in green grass areas and can be easily picked up without the use of any tools.

Clover Leaf: Unlike the two above, to get a Clover Leaf, you need to find a Clover plant and chop it down with an axe. You can find Clovers pretty much everywhere too.

However, for this mission, the requirements don’t end here. In order to safely enter and survive the poisoned zone, you will need to wear a Gas Mask. In order to make one you will need to following ingredients to craft it.

  • 1 Weevil Nose
  • 4 Gnat Fuzz
  • 2 Woven Fiber
  • 1 Stinkbug Part

If you are unsure of where to find some of these parts, we have got you covered right beneath this text.

Weevil Nose: In order to get the Weevil Nose ingredient, you must first find and kill a Weevil. Those creatures don’t reside in any specific locations, and rather, they can be spotted roaming around the whole garden. Once you have the nose, make sure to analyze it in order to unlock the Gas Mask.

Gnat Fuzz: Gnat Fuzz can be obtained by killing Gnats. They are neutral animals and will not attack you if you get close to them. One of the best places to find Gnats is around the region where the Mysterious Machine is.

Woven Fiber: This particular ingredient cannot be found and must be crafted. In order to craft 1x Woven Fiber, you will need 3x Plant Fiber. Plant Fibers can be found pretty much anywhere around the map. They are small, character-sized green plants. You can also get Plant Fiber from chopping down grass.

Stinkbug Part: This item can only be dropped from Stink Bugs, which reside in the western part of the map. Conveniently, they are quite close to the gas zone which you will explore later for the mission.

Once you have all of the above in your arsenal, you are free to go and complete the mission.

Note: Try and avoid fighting any bugs in that region as the last thing you would want to do is get into trouble while on a mission to complete yet another quest given by the robot.

What Do You Get Out of the Weed Killer Peak Quest

Just like the marker at Western Grasslands Ant Hill and marker at Fallen Oak Branch, for this one, you will also receive Raw Science. It can be used for unlocking cool new features within the game as well as upgrading your current tools.

Besides that, once you have the gas mask and have explored the poisoned gas area in more detail, you can see what creatures reside in that area as well as the potential for different loot that you can gather.