Like any survival game, Grounded too offers its players a wide range of tools and armor sets that they can use in order to survive the night and win battles when they get into combat with in-game monsters.

In today’s article, we will provide you with an introduction as well as a comparison between all of the available armors in Grounded.

If you have played the game before, you probably already have some sort of knowleadge regarding what is already out there or may have even crafted a set of armour yourself. However, our goal here today is to educate you on the full details about each armor set starting with the Acorn Armor and finishing it off with the Rotten Bee Armor.

At the end, we will provide you with a comparison of all and let you know our opinion on which the best armour is. Alternatively, with all of the information, you can draw your own conclusions before you jump into your next fight with all the bugs residing in the back garden.

Acorn Armor

Acorn Armor

Once you have the complete set of the Acorn armor, you will get the Uncrackable bonus. It is still not exactly clear what the full set bonus can do for you but many players speculate that the armor cannot break if it is completely damaged. Another theory that is discussed is that you can’t get killed with a single shot by an enemy. The more pieces of the armor that you manage to obtain, the more health you will have. Eventually, once you have the complete set, you will have a lot more HP, meaning that you can survive after more damage is dealt to you by bugs.

  • To craft the Acorn Face Mask, you will need 1 Acorn Shell, 5 Mite Fuzz, and 3 Woven Fiber.
  • In order to get the Acorn Chestplate, you need 4 Woven Fiber, 6 Clover Leaf, and 3 Acorn Shell.
  • And finally, for the Acorn Leg Plates, you will need 4 Sap, 4 Woven Fiber, and 2 Acorn Shell.

In order to get Acorn, you can go to the large oak tree to the north of the map. For Mite Fuzz, you need to loot Lawn Mites, which reside all over the garden. If you have completed the objectives of the Mysterious Machine quest, you can find Lawn Mites in that area too.

Ant Armor

Ant Armor

If you get your hands on the complete Ant armor set, you will get two very interesting bonuses. Firstly, you will get extra Hauling Strength, which gives you the ability to hold more Grass Planks and Weed Stem. If you are after collecting a lot of resources, to fill the chests which you may now have learned to stack, it will be pretty handy. Furthermore, the full armor set gives you the HumAnt trait bonus, which basically makes any of the ant bugs completely neutral unless you attack them first. So, if you want to get into Ant Hills safely for some ant eggs, pop the ant armor set on and you are free to go.

  • If you want to get the Ant Helmet, you will need to get 1 Ant Head, 5 Mite Fuzz, and 3 Ant Parts.
  • To get the Ant Arm Guards, you need 5 Ant Parts, 2 Acid Glands, and 2 Mite Fuzz.
  • Finally, for the Ant Knee Guards, you need to get 6 Ant Parts, 2 Woven Fiber, and 4 Mite Fuzz.

The best place on the map for getting ingredients for the ant armor is near the Ant Hill area which is situated quite close to the first Field Station. You can get the Acid Glands from the big Soldier Ants which can be found inside the cave at the Ant Hill.

Note: Be careful when you enter the cave and start fighting as you could easily begin a fight with a single ant and have to deal with a group of them. This is often because there are quite a lot of them in the area situated in close proximity to each other.

Clover Armor

Clover Armor

Clover is deemed by the community as the easiest armor to get in the game as you can get it quite early on without much struggle. Each piece of the Clover Armor will give you the Fuller perk bonus. This means you will get hungrier at a much slower pace. If you have all three parts of the armor, you will be awarded the Moist bonus, which will reduce your need to drink water to stay alive.

  • For Clover Hood, you will need 4 Clover Leaf, and 1 Woven Fiber.
  • To craft the Clover Poncho, you need 6 Clover Leaf, and 3 Woven Fiber.
  • And finally, for the Clover Shin Guards, you need 3 Clover Leaf, 2 Woven Fiber, and 2 Sprig.

You can get Clover Leaf from the top of a Clover. Spring can be found in green grass areas, and for Woven Fiber, look for tiny green plants which are pretty much everywhere around the garden.

Grub Armor

Grub Armor

The Grub Armor is renowned in the community as being the best armor for additional maximum stamina that you can get. The Plum & Juicy bonus that you get after crafting the complete Grub armor set can help you especially if you are quite an explorer that likes to climb up trees and other locations high above the ground. This is because it is claimed that the bonus can reduce the fall damage quite significantly.

  • To craft the Grub Goggles, you will need 3 Grub Hides, and 1 Raw Weevil Meat.
  • In order to get the second piece of the armor, the Grub Vest, you will need 5 Grub Hide, 2 Grub Goob, and 4 Dry Grass Chunks.
  • For the Grub Leggings, you will need 4 Dry Grass Chunks, 2 Mite Fuzz, and 4 Grub Hide.

You can obtain Grub and Grub hide from quite a few places on the map, but it can be mostly found in dark and muddy locations. One of the most reliable spots is the oak tree in the north. Weevil Meat can be obtained from Weevils that can too be found everywhere across the map. Just look for grassy regions and you should find one quite quickly. Lastly, in order to find Mite Fuzz, you should eliminate and loot some Lawn Mites, which can be found everywhere, but especially in their individual cave near the Mysterious Machine.

Koi Fish Armor

The Koi Fish armor can be found if you use commands to unlock every in-game recipe. At the moment, you will not be able to get any of the ingredients that are required to craft the Koi Fish armor, however, it is quite clear that a lot of new things will be getting added into the game in the near future, which will for sure allow you to make this amazing kit set.

Unlike the rest of the armor pieces, for this kit, only two out of the three will give you a bonus. The Koi Scale Helmet will give you +Veteran Diver while the Koi Scale Greaves will give you +Swim Speed.

  • The first piece of the Koi Fish armor is the Koi Scale Helmet. To craft it, you will need 2 Koi Fish Scale, 2 Eelgrass Strand, 1 Diving Mask, 3 Diving Bell Spider Silk, and 2 Lilypad Wax.
  • In second place, we have the Koi Scale Chestplate, which requires 5 Koi Fish Scale, 3 Eelgrass Strand, 3 Cattail Fluff, 3 Lilypad Wax, and 2 Bones.
  • Finally, for the Koi Scale Greaves, the ingredients you will need are 3 Koi Fish Scale, 2 Cattail Fluff, 2 Eelgrass Strand, 2 Lilypad Wax, and 1 Flipper.

Ladybug Armor

Ladybug Armor

Being one of the strongest of bugs that you will encounter right at the start of your Grounded journey, Ladybugs can supply you with some ingredients that can craft you a pretty solid set of armor. The Ladybug armor is especially good if you are planning on attacking the bigger bugs in the game. Once you manage to get all three pieces of the Ladybug armor set, you will get the Scarlet Embrace bonus which will regenerate your health with faster over time.

  • For the Ladybug Faceplate, you will need 1 Ladybug Head, 2 Ladybug Parts, and 3 Berry Leather.
  • The ingredients you need for the Ladybug Chestplate are 2 Flower Petals, 4 Ladybug Parts, and 4 Berry Leather.
  • And finally, for the Ladybug Shin Guards, you need 5 Ladybug Parts, 4 Flower Petals, and 4 Berry Leather.

Ladybugs can be spotted pretty much all over the map. Just listen out for them and the specific noise they make. Otherwise, if you look out for them, they are pretty hard to miss due to their sheer size. The Flower Petals can be obtained from flowers near the banks of the river/pond in the northern side of the map.

Spider Armor

Spider Armor

In the Grounded community, the spider armor is known to be one of the hardest sets to obtain in the whole game quite simply because you will need to battle against powerful and aggressive bugs in order to obtain the ingredients needed to craft the individual pieces. Each piece of the spider armor will give you the Hyperstamina bonus which makes your stamina regenerate much faster after it’s being used.

if you manage to get your hands on enough ingredients to craft the whole three pieces for the set, you will receive the bonus called Hunter’s Prowess. It is still unclear as to exactly what the effects of it are, however, there are theories amongst the community that it makes your running faster or even allows you to sneak around much easier with little chance of being seen as often.

  • In order to craft the Spider Hood, you will need 2 Spider Fangs, 3 Spider Chunks, 2 Berry Leather.
  • The ingredients you need for the Spider Shoulder Guard are 5 Spider Chunks, 3 Berry Leather, and 4 Spider Silk.
  • Finally, for the Spider Knee Pads, you will need 4 Spider Chunks, 4 Spider Silk, and 2 Berry Leather.

As spiders are pretty much all over the map, you can easily find Wolf Spiders close to the oak tree. Furthermore, the Orb Weaver Spiders can be located in the north side of the first Field Station as well as the Ice Caps Mint Container. There also are a ton of spiders near the berry bush which is where you need to go in order to get Berry Leather.

Rotten Bee Armor

Rotten Bee Armor

When it comes to the Rotten Bee Armor, you do not need anything to craft it. You can find each piece of it inside of the Ant Hill. Each piece of this armor will give you +Sprint Distance, which will allow you to run for much longer than normal. So, if you are an explorer and want to cover more distance quicker, this is the armor for you.

Note: In order to get into the Ant Hill safely, we would advise you to wear a complete set of the Ant Armor, which will give you the full protection when exploring the Ant Hill from its aggressive residents.

Final Thoughts

If after all of this information you are confused as to which armor you should use during your game play, try and ask yourself what do you spend the most time doing or what do you enjoy doing in the game the most? If it’s exploring, perhaps you should use the Grub Armor due to its nature in reducing your fall damage or the Rotten Bee Armor so you can cover more distance quicker. However, if you enjoy spending time fighting bugs, then the Ladybug Armor will prove more beneficial.

Regardless, having a set of each armor will give you the flexibility to take advantage of it all on demand. If you are having trouble storing all of the loot you have for making these armor sets, then check out the guide we made on how to stack chests in Grounded, which will help you to make the most out of the space in your base.

And finally, our favorite armor is the Spider Armor. Why? We like the challenge that it is to obtain it. Then, the bonus that it gives come pretty handy when we duel against all sorts of bugs in the back garden of Grounded.