Spade Gulch is the is one of the ten exploration outposts in Grounded. As you probably already know, map markers are an absolutely key to your survival in Grounded, and finding as many of them will make your time in the back garden much more enjoyable.

After claiming the Spade Gulch quest from the BURG.L robot, you are not really going to receive any additional information in regards to where to find the exploration marker on the map. You are left all alone to explore the whole map until you figure it our alone.

However, this is where we step in, and if you have been struggling with finding this one out, continue reading as we will show you exactly where to find it, what you need to complete it, and the benefits of completing the quest.

Spade Gulch Marker Location

Spade Gulch Marker Location

The Spade Gulch marker is located in the north-eastern part of the yard. It is quite Far East from the Mysterious Machine. Unlike some of the other markers such as the Bird Bath Bluff or the Great Oak Beacon, which require a lot of climbing, this marker is actually in a ditch.

This probably makes the job of finding the exact location much harder, but in order to help you, please refer to the image above which will show you exactly where you need to go.

Furthermore, once you are at the exact location, make sure that you are looking to the east as that is where the marker should be. If that doesn’t help, try and climb somewhere high so you can see from a birds eye and just parachute down once you spot it.

How to Complete Spade Gulch Quest

Once you find the exact location of the marker, head over to it and interact with it. However, before you can successfully complete the mission, you will need need certain ingredients. Those are:

  • 2x Sprig
  • 2x Plant Fiber
  • 1x Clover Leaf

If you don’t already have those ingredients, don’t worry. Below, we will show you where and how to get each one of them.

Sprig: Sprig is a green plant about the same size as your character. This ingredient is most popular in green grass areas, and no tools are needed to get it.

Plant Fiber: This is a common small green plant which can be found mainly in green grass areas around the map. No tools are needed to acquire it.

Clover Leaf: A Clover Leaf can be obtained by chopping down a Clover plant. They are most popular in green grass areas, however, it is not uncommon to see them throughout the yard. You will need an axe in order to break down the plant.

What Do You Get Out of the Spade Gulch Quest

The main advantage of these missions is that you will be rewarded Raw Science upon the successful completion of each of the exploration quests. As you probably already know, Raw Science can be used for unlocking new features within the game such as improving your equipment and unlocking new recipes. This will make your battle against all the bugs in Grounded much easier and more satisfying.

Furthermore, by exploring the surrounding area of this quest, you will get the chance to pick up some additional ingredients that are popular in this region of the yard such as Acorn Bits. Despite this, it’s a great journey from your base in quite a unique location so even if you weren’t to complete the quest, it is still quite a place that you must visit during your playthrough.