Being one of the biggest survival titles of 2020, Obsidian’s Grounded is set in someone’s back garden where you, as a shrunk down character to the size of an ant will be challenged to survive against a series of bugs that will be after you and your loot when you least expect it.

So, regardless of whether you are looking for more details regarding a particular bug or are completely new to the game and are looking at what you are about to encounter, you will find this guide article very helpful.

It will cover the complete list of bugs within Grounded as well as the little details about each one like the loot that they drop, their weak points, how to fight them, as well as where you can find them on the map.

Types of Bugs in Grounded

Before we dig deeper into the details of each bug, it is important to address the different types of bugs there are within the game. There are:

  • Passive bugs – These creatures are often small and very fearful. They will often flee when they sense danger or will attempt to do so if you attack them while others are completely helpless and can be killed for materials and food.
  • Neutral Bugs – This kind of bug will not attack you if you get close, however, if you decide to attack them, they will not hesitate to fight back. As a side note, when attacking neutral bugs, be aware as sometimes they will team up on you.
  • Aggressive Bugs – These are the kind of bugs that you would want to stay away from if you don’t want to be attacked and potentially killed. They will attack you with no hesitation, and while some are quite easy to kill, others are much tougher. In case you do come across aggressive bugs, it’s worth learning how to heal and setting a respawn point for yourself in case you do get eliminated.

All Passive Bugs

BugBug InformationLocation
AphidLadybugs’ favorite Aphids are rather quick and difficult to catch. In order to capture them, break the grass stalk that they are on, and they will fall down to you.

Loot – Raw Aphid Meat & Honeydew
Grass Stalks
GrubGrubs can be found digging around the underground and can be extracted by using a shovel. In order to spot them, look at the ground, and see if you notice any movement.

Loot – Raw Grub Meat, Grub Hide, Grub Goop
WeevilWeevils fragile creatures that will always attempt to flee when you hit them. They are also often attacked by all other creatures because of their inability to defend themselves.

Loot – Weevil Nose and Raw Weevil Meat

All Neutral Bugs

BugBug InformationLocation
LadybugLadybugs can be seen knocking down grass stems and eating on aphids. They can be quite aggressive if you put them to the test, and are known to be quite difficult to defeat due to their sheer size and protective shell.Everywhere
Worker AntWorked ants can often be seen attacking other insects for food, and farming honeydew. They are great for getting your first set of armor and will not attack you unless you cause them trouble.

Loot: Ant Parts and Ant Mandibles

All Aggressive Bugs

BugBug InformationLocation
MiteMites are small creatures that can cause you some real trouble. They are very easy to eliminate and often like to team up when fighting.

Loot – Mite Fuzz
Near Big Log
Infected MiteUnlike their red relative, the infected mites are much more powerful. They can cause poisonous wounds if they bite you.Haze Zone
GnatGnats are one of the more annoying creatures that buzz and get in the way. One of the better ways to fight them is if you go into the water where they will get stuck, making them an easy target. Then, hit them a couple of times, and they will easily go down.

Loot – Gnat eat, Gnat Fuzz
Infected WeevilInfected Weevils are particularly dangerous as if they explode, they can deal great damage to you due to the acids that are being released. They aren’t particularly hard to kill.Haze Zone
LarvaeLarvae’s are similar in size to ants and can be very aggressive and team up on you particularly if you are near their nest. If you don’t have armor, stay away.

Loot – Pincers & Acid Glands
Wolf SpiderThese huge spiders are certainly a big challenge. The community believes that they are the toughest opponent you can face within the game. They are very aggressive, have a lot of health, and deadly attack power.Everywhere
Orb Weaver SpiderThese spiders can be identified by their yellow abdomen. They are often in groups so be careful when attacking them. If they spot you, they can be quite hostile. Around Garden
Bombadier BeetleWhen attacking this creature, it’s best to attack it from the side while moving. It’s acid also has quite a long range so you should definitely not stay still. They are quite rare to find, but are definitely worth it.Around Garden
StinkbugQuite easy to defeat, but be sure to always run after hitting it in order to avoid getting damaged by the gas it releases. Those creatures can also spawn in groups, so do be careful as you don’t want to be fighting a few of these at a time.Edge of Garden
SpiderlingThese small spiders are quite easy to defeat, however, beware as they attack in groups and can certainly cause you some trouble.Spidern Dens
Soldier AntThis type of ant is significantly bigger than the rest and are also far more powerful than the Worker Ant. When fighting these types of ants, make sure you have your armor equipped. You will need it.Spidern Dens

As a whole, all creatures have their use within the game so it is always worth it to learn how to fight each of the bugs. You will find that you will need to kill most in order to obtain parts from their loot in order to upgrade your tools, armor, and builds.